Apr 272009

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I finally got to go outside!
Ohboyohboyohboyohboy!!!  I was so excited!!


I hadta sniff everything!!!

Yep, there’s been introoders here…


And something’s been living under here…


I nommed some fresh catmint…mmmmmmm!!!


And I told this bee to buzz off…

(See him there??)


And I gave mom the big raspberry
when she told me I hadta go back inside…


 Oh yeah, if you’re wondering…
our neighbor, Walking Guy, came over and helped dad fix
the television cord so Ernie’s out of the doghouse…
at least for now…


  29 Responses to “ManCat in the Yard”

  1. I got to go outside too. We’re glad someone fixed the cord and saved Ernie’s behind.


  2. I is too scared to outside. Theres a HUGE mean doggy across the street that barks all the time. I’m happy being a housecat although it is pwetty out there!

  3. mmmm… catmint…

    That shot in the grass with the bumblebee is awesome! I hope my parents don’t see that TV in the kitchen, they might get ideas. They already have 4 TVs!

    Head-bonks from the Gray Boys!

  4. Wow, you are brave, telling a bee to buzz off!!!

  5. Da bumble bee looks really interesting. We’re glad you enjoyed the garden. Too bad they wudn’t let you stay out longer.

    Snicker … re the TV cable … glad Ernie is outa the dog-house!

  6. You would think with all of this proof that it’s safe to go outside, I would finally be allowed out. I’m so jealous! I’d give anything to have a bee buzz in my face!

  7. It must have been heavenly to get out after such a chilly winter. Did the cat mint taste extra delicious?

  8. Oh wow! Looks like you had a great time outside, Wally!! Catmint…..nom nom nom!

    Glad the tv got fixed!

  9. Wally, you look so handsome in that green grass. We like the raspberry photo. And we’re glad the TV is fixed.

    P.S. We tried to catch a bee inside our house yesterday. We are not sure why the humans made the bee go outside – it was fun!

  10. Looks like you had quite the outside adventure … especially the fresh nip and the bee. I’m glad Ernie isn’t in trouble anymore. We have a TV under the cabinets too, and it has a radio in it and Huggy Bear chewed the radio antenna. Sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

  11. Oh you are brave with that big bee. I love catching bugs but you have to be careful wth bee’s they sting. Glad Ernie is out of the dog house. For now lol

    Hugs GJ xx

  12. It looks like a marvelous day outside. I got to be out for a moment this weekend too but it was not nearly as sunny here.

  13. It is so much fun to go outside. We got to go in the backyard yesterday too and it was wonderful! There must be something going on with those bumbly bees because they were in our yard too!

  14. Ah, the life of an Island Cat! We are so jealous!

    Ernie, you are one lucky dude!

  15. What a fantastic Sunny day!
    We loved that shot with grass with the bumblebee !You are so cute!
    Purrs from Brazil
    Luna and mommy Léia

  16. terrific post. love the buzzoffbee and the rasp. to ya.

  17. It looks like every cat got to go outside yesterday

  18. How exciting. Our catnip is still in the window sill. We can’t wait to get it out in our cat yard.

  19. That looks like fun (especially the Catnip!). We’re glad Ernie is out of the doghouse!

  20. Ernie ………Glad your out of the dog house…..and thanks for the high six….

  21. Try to keep Ernie out of trouble, Wally! He’s a nut!

  22. How fun! It looks like you had the most wonderful day.

  23. That looks like a great walk, and you are very brave to go outside. I would be much too scared.

  24. P.s. We wanted to ask you: Can we become members of The Island Cat Club? We live on the island Sjaelland, does that qualify us?

  25. Hi Wally, I love my walkies too. Looks like you had a purrfect one complete with nommy catnip!!!

  26. Thanks to Walking Guy for getting Ernie out of the dog…oops, I mean cat house! Wally: Glad you got to go outside…that’s my favorite place to be:)

  27. Wally, we just ♥ da raspberry you gibbed ta yer momma! Too sweet!

  28. Spring is here my friends! Enjoy it!

  29. What a great adventure you had, Wally!

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