Apr 262009


Hey…I’m hiding up here cuz if mom finds me she’s gonna put me in the doghouse (which I don’t unnerstand cuz we don’t even have a dog!).  You  see, I did something I wasn’t suppose to.  You know how much I like to chew stuff.  Well, yesterday I was waiting for mom to give me my breakfast and she was taking her sweet ol’ time and I guess I couldn’t wait and I chewed on the cord to the little television that’s in the kitchen.


Yep, that’s it there behind me. Guess I bit the cord a little too hard cuz now it won’t work and mom and dad aren’t happy and dad sez he hopes he can fix it or else he’s gonna hafta get a new cord and mom sez she’s gonna start putting icky stuff on the cords to stop me from chewing cuz she doesn’t want me to fry myself…


You know, I’ve been thinking…I don’t think this is my fault at all cuz if mom had fed me faster, I wouldn’t have wanted to chew on that cord so this is really all mom’s fault!  I’m just a victim of her slowness, so there!  Put her in that doghouse!!!  (Hmmm…I don’t think they’re buying it!)


  41 Responses to “Not So Easy E Sunday”

  1. Oh poor Ernie! I agree with you I don’t think it was your falt!
    Lovely pictures and fantastic story!
    You are sooooo cute!
    Purrs from Brazil
    Luna and mommy Léia

  2. Oh Ernie please be careful – those cords can do nasty things to you.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. Ohhhh ohhhh Ernie, don’t be eating up the electronics buddy, or you will be out living with some stinky dog.

    We hope you get all your meals on time now.

  4. Ernie, we took a vote here and we all voted to puts your Mom in that doghouse. Ernie, chewing on cords is very dangerous. We would not want to see anything horrible happen to you. Please, don’t do that again? Thank you very much.

  5. Ernie, it is SO not your fault. You must have been half crazed with hunger, hollow cheeked and wild eyed to be driven to eat an electical cord. Definitely your mom’s fault. PS…we think they’ll never find you up there on the cupboard…brilliant! If you do end up the d-o-g house, you can count on us to come spring you!

  6. Oh Ernie – don’t chew on cords! Our Chica does that and Mom had to cover all the wires with boxes, tubes and stuff so she wouldn’t hurt the wires or herself. You could get all electric by doing that. Be careful!

  7. Well Ernie: I guess you just don’t have a choice cuz if you stay up there, where it’s safe, then you don’t get fed at all. Guess you’re just going to have to come down & take your medicine. Next time, try doing something cute to get their attention….like in Shrek, where Puss in Boots keeps giving everyone those Big Sad Eyes…I think that would work every time!!

  8. Ernie, please be careful about electrical cords! We know they’re hard to resist, but it’s not a Good Idea to chew on them. We got in big trouble for that when we were kittens, so we don’t do it anymore – but we think they sell things to cover cords for kitties who just can’t stop.

  9. OMG!! We are so glad you didn’t get fried Ernie! Mom’s just have to learn to feed us on time!! Love your picture on top of the cabinets!
    Your FL furiends,

  10. That’s a great place to hide, Ernie! We are so glad you didn’t get your mouth burned or worse!!!!! You have to pull safer tricks when your food is late! =^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  11. Heh. Buddah chews stuff like that, too, but he doesn’t do it cause he’s hungry, he does it cause he’s a butthead. That’s a good place to hide–Buddah does that too!

  12. Oh, Ernie…you look so cute and I’m sure it’s hard to stay mad at you but we don’t want you fried either!

  13. It is clearly your mom’s fault for not feeding you on time, but since she’s already kind of grounded from watching TV on the kitchen TV for a couple of days, I think you should probably cut her some slack.

  14. Ernie, my Momma had to smear Ora Gel on every wire that was the size of a tv cord on down. I stopped nommin them after that, cause that stuf is NAAASTY. It worked tho, i havent nommed a cord since *grumbles*

  15. I think you’re right. She should have fed you sooner.

  16. Uh oh, Ernie! You really shouldn’t be doing that, ‘cos it’s dangerous! We agree though that it was entirely your mom’s fault… Hope they can fix it!

  17. Poor Ernie, we also think it is not your fault.she schould have better fed you.
    Don´t be worry….it is not to bad in the doghouse…we know that because WE have a Dog…this is not a penalty for us hehehe

  18. OMG! Really good if you hide, because if you broke the TV you are in a trouble = x

    Jas & Gi

  19. Ernie, I used to try to chew on cords, especially in Momma and Daddy’s bedroom, and Momma put some tubing around them. I got over my chewing and I hope you do too, because I don’t want you to be in that (eeek) doghouse!
    Purrs and headbutts,

  20. The dog house .. gosh, is that like kitty jail? I’ve heard of it and it send chills down my spine. Oh Ernie, I hope you don’t have to get in there. Chewing cord is wrong and they should have kept you off the TV counter! I mean, humans sometimes doesn’t agree with things we do but why do they have to tempt us with things laying around in plain sight? And also, your mommy is too slow so it’s not at all your fault. If you ever get into the dog house, I will start a petition to set you free. Tell your humans that!

  21. Not your fault sweet one, she should have fed you faster. You just cant win with the beans sometimes.

    Hugs GJ x

  22. Ernie! HOW did you get up there???? And I don’t get that whole dog house thing either!! Yea, she shoulda fed you sooner–you endured too much hardship and needed to DO something!!

  23. Ernie. When your mom doesn’t feed you fast enough, please don’t chew on electrical cords. I know specifically of a kitten who did that and he got electrocuted! Chew on her shoes! That’s what I used to do. That will really get her (wimmen really like their shoes). And, leather shoes have such a wonderful taste too.

    Aahhhh, when I was young, I used to get on top of the cupboards, on top of the frigerator. But, these days I have enough of a time just trying to get on top of the sofa!

  24. Cord chewer heh?

  25. Oh no, Ernie! You are gonna hurt yourself! Please, please stop chewing on electrical cords. Find the strength, Ernie. Find the strength to stop.

  26. Hey Ernie. I don’t think you would look too good fried up!!!
    Maybe you should find something else to chew on, like your Mom’s purse or something,heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  27. Wowza! You reely waz brave ta do sumpin’ yikes dat! Today all I tried ta eat waz da cord ta da thingie dat makez momma’s cell phone get better.

    We found youz guyz on da web and got all excited thinkin’ dat youz was on Mackinac Island cuz den you’d be close ta uz up here in da Soo. Momma told us youz guys is way down below da bridge. We live on an island, too, but itz tiny, teeny an’ in da middle of da town up here. We iz surrounded by a canal dat waz dredged many, many, many yearz ago.

  28. Ernie! You need to be careful! Those lectric cords can be bad for your health!

  29. Ernie, I don’t think that was your fault at all. The humans are very slow sometimes and it can’t be helped that you were so hungry that you had to eat the cord!

  30. Man, what a day! But seriously, leave the cords alone… could end VERY badly!

  31. Ernie, be careful chewing on those cords. Chew on your mom’s ankle if she doesn’t feed you fast enough. Hee! Hee!

  32. I certainly don’t think that it was your fault at all, Ernie! Mom’s should feed us fast and on time!

    Purrrrrrrs, Willow

  33. We’re glad that you are ok. You have to be careful and not chew on electrical cords, they can hurt you. We like you, and want to see you around.

  34. Them beans is always tryin’ to put blame on da kittehs!

  35. The fault definitely lies with your Mom. You’re totally innocent!

  36. Oh no! Next time demand FASTER and BIGGER meals! 🙂

  37. Do you want me to loan you my attorney-at-claw Ernie? She’s very good.

  38. Ernie, we are on your side! We chew stuff all the time – ‘cos dat’s what kitties do. And if the beans don’t feed you quick enuff, or don’t put cable protectors on, they shud be in the dog-house, not you. Tee hee.

    Be careful though – only chew cables if the equipment is turned off at the wall socket!!!! Otherwise it cud be grim.

  39. Not your fault. How could it be? Late food… Hrmph.

  40. I am sure you did not chew the cords, it is not your fault. Maybe some extra Temptations are in order?

  41. Don’t worry about the icky stuff they threaten you with. . . it wears off after a bit, and the People forget to put it on again.

    Did you try yelling at your mommy? I yell when I’m hungry, and that usually gets my point across!


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