A Bad Fur Day

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Jul 282017

I'm having a bad fur day

Despite all my efforts to follow my own beauty tips that I shared with all of you a couple of weeks ago, I still have bad fur days. Oh, the curse of being a long-furred kitty. It’s gotta be all the humidity we’ve been having lately.

I hate when that happens, don’t you??

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  1. Zoey, we think maybe you need a day at the spa to get your beautiful furs back into shape.

  2. Oh, Zoey, you are so, so retro PUNK. Who is your coordinator? I could use a little fur out of whack every now and then, just for fun. GREAT photo.

  3. yeah my Mom hates it, I am short furred so I’m ok!

  4. Giulietta feels your pain. She needs a good brushing, but doesn’t really like her belly brushed. Zoey, you are still gorgeous. Enjoy your snooze. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  5. Zoey, Mitalee understands perfectly! But that is the price to pay for having beautiful furs in the first place! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. It’s hard to control our floofy isn’t it Zoey?


  7. Maybe you should try my shaved head look.

  8. My two Persian kitty boys, Andy and Dougy, agree with you! On top of it, they missed their grooming appointment in May, and their hair is the longest it’s been since they were about 16 months old.

    They are fighting mats in their hair like you wouldn’t believe (well, maybe you would!), and can’t wait to get that grooming they will have missed in May and July, finally, at the end of September!

    There’s a groomer shortage in town now and their regular groomer had a hard time rescheduling them even in September.

  9. That’s a cute floof poof sweet Zoey!

  10. Zoey, I have long fur too. Admiral got in a poof like that more than I do. Mom said that looks like her!

  11. Zoey, it is hard to keep one’s long furs all straight. We bet that maybe the Mom will give you a little brushing. Have a great day.

  12. MOL! It may be a bad fur day, but you’re still a beauty.

  13. Zoey the humidity here does a number on my ‘do’ too
    Hugs madi your bfff

  14. We don’t have as much fur as you, but our mom says we shed a lot! Signed, Benny, Ringo, Sadie, and Benny

  15. I understand the problem only too well. And what’s with the Humans, taking these pictures when we are at our worst?? How would *THEY* like that?
    Anyway, sweet Zoey, your adorable little face all a-seeping makes up for any little, um, disorder amongst your lovely furs.

  16. For some reason, our mom finds this hilarious, no offense. We are both short-haired and she always wanted a long-haired kitty.

  17. I hope it is just caused by the weather, and you are not coming down with something.

  18. We noticed your furs seem to have a mind of their own today, but we draw the line at saying it’s a bad fur day. That said, only one of us has long furs and up until last week, our sister Pia’s furs often looked pretty ratty. Mom solved that by getting out the buzzing shaver and going to town! Yikes!

  19. My momma blames da humoridity too.

  20. Boodie’s our bad fur day queen here!

  21. Zoey, come to Eastside Cats and get a spa day with Sweetie!

  22. Did you stick your paw in an electric socket? Just kidding, you still look cute.

  23. You’re every bit as beautiful as always, Zoey! For some reason, in this picture, your tortie-ness really stands out.

  24. Oh man, and your mom posted it ??

  25. Zoey, what on earth happened? You usually look so perfectly beautiful!! 🙂

  26. Oh my! Maybe you hit the nip a little too hard as well?

  27. Are you sure your brothers didn’t try to plug you in or something?

  28. We all have those kinds of days.

  29. I sympathize with you, Zoey. The humidity on the bayou is crazy! I look like the Lion King almost the entire summer! ☺

  30. Aww you’re still looking cute though! You’re making me want to adopt a long hair kittyyy <3

  31. Whoa! That’s some fur ‘fro you got there.

  32. Bad fur day or not, I think you look sweet and pretty, all floofed up like that. The humidity is a bane of Michiganders and of many others too…sigh…

  33. Zoey! Tessa here. Our fur is similar, and I have to tell you that you’re disappointing me. I never look like that! Please get up and do your washing!

  34. We all have a bad hair day……just ask my Mom because she has more of them than anyone I know!

    Hugs, Teddy

  35. Mom seems to like bad fur days because she’ll have a reason to cuddle and brush me all day.

  36. Oh yeah, Zoey. That humidity is a real pain in the tail!

  37. We don’t know, Zoey, we all are short haired, even Claire. We’re sorry for you, but you still look cute. Purrs

  38. We all have bad fur days, Zoey! And understand that being long-furred kitty is particularly hard to keep tidy 🙂 But you are beautiful no matter what!

  39. Mee-you sweet Zoey mee not have this trubbull butt LadyMum doess….thee hue-miditee reelly messes uppy thee furss an hairss….
    LadyMum said to tell you with yur furry furss you look just like her ferst kat Simpson!! Who was purrty (mee saw fotoss’!)
    Hope yur furss settull down soon….
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  40. We think you are stylish with any hairdo, Zoey!

  41. I’m sorry I missed this, Zoey. I think your fur is just adorable. I bet the lady with the yellow hair can help you take care of that (if you let her that is).

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