Jul 032017

It's gonna get noisy

It’s gonna get really noisy out there tonight and tomorrow, isn’t it, Wally?

Yep, Ernie…it probably will. You know how much humans like shooting off fireworks. I don’t understand why they like making all that noise.

Me either, Wally. You’d think they could find another way to celebrate the 4th of July. Like having a nice barbecue with lots of food. Now THAT’s the way to celebrate!

Again with the barbecue, Ernie? Every summer holiday that’s all you can think about.

You got a better way to celebrate, Wally?

Yeah…I’ll be celebrating under the bed. I’m gonna go stake out my spot right now.

You better save some room under there for me, Wally.

Only if you bring the barbecue food.

See, Wally! I knew you loved the barbecue, too! How ’bout you guys? Is it getting noisy around your house, too?

  30 Responses to “It’s Gonna Get Noisy”

  1. Yes it is getting noisy, boys. Last night long about 10, some silly people started shooting them off just below our property. We will have to go through this another 5 days.

  2. Hopefully, it will be quiet around here. But glad you are getting your spot all picked out.

  3. We started getting noisy at Memorial Day. Makes me sick. We crank our TV up really, really loud. Cody isn’t bothered by the fireworks but Dakota is. I wish the private displays would be illegal. It all just makes me so angry. Stay safe!

  4. Saturday night, neighbors had lots of loud boomers, but then last night it was totally quiet. We know there are more coming. We usually don’t hide, just stay in the house with the TV on. Hope you all get lots of nommy barbecue. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  5. Bbq under the bed. Sounds like the best 4th ever.

  6. there was some banging last night but we suspect tonight and tomorrow will be the worst. we may join you under the bed

  7. WE, around here, don’t KNOW FROM NOISIES!!! At least not today, but on the 14 of July, oh, yeah!!!
    What is that grey thing outside in the photo that looks like a huge dove pecking at something? Is that a rock? I thought the kitties were ganging up on that THANG.

  8. Our city ordinance says you can shoot off fireworks one day before, the same day as, and the day after the holiday ONLY! But, it’s been banging and popping out there since June 23rd, at least. Last night, The Hubby and I searched the house, looking for Angel. On the third trip around, we finally found her crouching under the dresser, and I lay down on the floor to reassure her. Even with fans blowing around the house noisily, those bursts of noise are frightening. We have celebrated by buying a big organic watermelon, and have been eating it steadily for days! Watermelon, popcorn and pumpkin seeds are some of my favorite eats on the planet, and Angel joins me once in awhile by eating some popcorn with me! Happy Independence Day!

  9. well, our town sets off the loud boomy things in June so our July is mostly quiet. we are glad fireworks are illegal except for the little TNT street ones. they can be noisy enough. hopefully most of our close neighbors won’t set them off. we hope all of you Island Kitties can find a quiet place to hang out (with your bbq 🙂 )

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  10. With fine weather it is going to be especially noisy and frightening. It is like Normandy on D-Day around here. Nothing much to be done about it. No catio time allowed.

  11. Wally, you are a great game changer!
    Turn da bad situation to be da best situation smart !

  12. The fireworks don’t bother Chris and Frankie. Of course, they are not bothered by the vacuum cleaner so pretty much nothing affects them. Floki and Puck however maybe a different story.

  13. We celebrated a few days ago and Kali didn’t care about the noise cause mom read to us. I ran UTB and stayed till the noise stopped. I can do without all the racket when I’m listening to our story.


  14. The noises around here are pretty far away usually. Hope it’s the same this year!

  15. The noise here started last night. Thankfully, just a couple more days and it will be over.

  16. Hope it isn’t too noisy.

  17. Happy Independence Day everyone! It’s been noisy, gonna be more noisy and will stay noisy here for a while.

  18. Food is always good. The noisey things, not so much.

  19. doodz…itz been stoooooooopid sinz fry day. caturday waz inn sane; last nite waz kinda quiet…who noez what two morrow will bring….save uz a spot N we will bring a long sum surf N turf !! ☺☺

  20. Wally, don’t knock the barbecue! It’s yummy meat. We can hear some of the big shows, but normally not the smaller ones individuals do. Thankfully. Hopefully, that won’t change. If it does, save some room under the bed for us!

  21. Not yet, but the big show is tonight in my town! Mudpie was okay last summer…we’ll see how it goes this year!

  22. We’ll be waiting it out under the bed thank you very much.
    No boomies for us…

    Noodle and crew

  23. The noisy stuff doesn’t bother us. It used to really bother our woofie brofurs though. We hope you get yummy BBQ tomorrow.

    The Florida Furkids

  24. Under the bed is a good spot, maybe your Mom can give you snacks under there.

  25. We had our Canada Day on Saturday and there was some noise in the neighbourhood. We all got a little nervous and went down stairs. UTB is good too.

    Stay safe kitties and Happy July 4th to the beans!

  26. Our mom didn’t tell us there could be barbecue involved. We’ve been gypped all these years!

    Mom also said the two of you in front of your door reminded her of our old bros William and Russell, who used to do the same pose!

  27. There were a few fireworks but for the most part it’s been quiet… I’ll keep it that way if I can!

  28. We not only have boom boom to deal with here we have the swooshes of the hot air balloon firepots, and the roaring of overhead jets, from the air show not too far from where we live.

    And last night and Saturday night there were big boomer displays; one in the field right across from us, and one in the park down the street. Goodness knows what tonight will be like.

    Dog-guy will surely be out there barking it to go away, (And those balloons, too), as that is what he does. He will not hide, those noises just make him angry, MOL! He wants to purrtect me and my peeps.

    Hope you have a good holiday:)

  29. We hope it’s not too noisy for you, but if so, that you enjoy your BBQ under the bed!

  30. Swaddling helps them.

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