Apr 142009

It’s a show of the Island Cats toes!

Mine are so pink!
(is it okay for a tough ManCat to have pink toesies??)

Mine look kinda rough!
(maybe a little lotion would help…)

And mine are so furry!
(do my toehawks need trimming??)

  30 Responses to “It’s Toesday!”

  1. You all have lovely toes! Zoey, your toehawks definitely do not need to be trimmed!

  2. Whoa! What wonderful toesies! Mom’s a sucker for furry footsies! She is always touching Grayson’s!

  3. Kiss kiss kiss! Mom loves to kiss kitty paws and yours are awesome. Wally, we love that pink mancat look!

  4. We love all of your toes.Wally, the pink Mancat toes look very handsome,Ernie’s look kissable and Zoey’s look so lovely and floofy.

  5. Wonderful toe photos! Wally, Dobby says to say that he has manly pink toes too.

  6. Our Mom just loves kitty toes and went crazy over yours! Wally I think it is very Mancatly to have pink feets. Ernie your toes are very nibblable, and Zoey I don’t think your toehawks need trimming at all!

  7. Quite the assortment of toes!

    Thank you for dropping by… for all your support; it means so much to all of us.

  8. Great toesies shots! Our silly Mom was kissing themz through the monitor. Geesh!

  9. Wally, I’m a tough mancat and I too have pink toes…it’s ok! ~Ferris~
    Ernie, your toesies look like my toesies. I think a little Curel will do the trick! ~Chevelle~
    Zoey, your toehawks rock! They are waaaay longer than mine. ~Maya~

  10. All of those toesies are just wonderful!

  11. Cool toes! We won’t let Mom get pictures of ours!

  12. Wally, only a real mancat can wear pink toesies like that.
    Zoey, those toehawks are extremely impressive! We think you could probably be in a punk band with those.

  13. You all have marvelous toes!

  14. Nice colection of toes!
    Love both!
    ViVi & AB

  15. Oh Mom just goes weak for toes pictures! And yes, it is OK for a mancat to have pink toe pads.

  16. Great. now you can identified if you’re suspected for mischief…

  17. You three have very nice toesies:) And yes, it’s perfectly fine for a ManCat to have pink jellybeans.

  18. Those close-ups make me want to tickle those toesies!

  19. Great tosie close-ups. Those are three totally different tosies. All are furry nice!

  20. Now, THAT’S what we call a Toesday!

  21. SQUEE! Mama loves kitty toes. And that is a fabulous toe-hawk!

  22. Course mancats can have pink toes Wally. We’ve both got pink toes even if they are a bit rough around the edges.

  23. Wally, you have purrfectly pink soft toesies just like Sunny. Sunny’s Daddy says Sunny has never worked a hard day in his life. What’s wrong with that? 😉

  24. You all have great toes and we love the toehawks!

  25. Never trim a toehawk, and pink toes are always great.

  26. How many toesies are there! I am still learning to count!

  27. Oh, I just loves all the toesies!! Those are wonderfur close ups from that flashy thing.

  28. Oh you all have lovely toes, those fluffy one’s are awesome. Mums like a lot of the others, she loves touching and stroking my toes.

    Thank you for dropping by my page, lovely to meet you all.

    Ginger Jasper xx

  29. Those are great toe shots. I like the toehawks!

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