Apr 132009

It’s Wrestlemania!  Island Cats style!!

Watch me whup Ernie’s butt!

No way, Wally!!  You cry like a little kitten!!!

Oh yeah, Ernie?!?  You fight like a girlcat!!

I’ll show you some fighting, Wally!!

C’mon, Ernie!  Bring it!!!

  31 Responses to “ManCats – Wrestlemania!”

  1. That was SOOOO much fun to watch! And to hear too! Wrestle on dudes, wrestle on!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sam and Simon

  2. You guys have some great moves! And it looked like a ton of fun.

  3. Great licks and bunny kicks!! You guys have great wrestling style. Nothing better than wrestling in the sunbeams!

  4. Wow what a fight – you guys really know all the moves!

  5. Pawsome shoe of bunny kicks!

  6. shoe??? WTP?? Ahem SHOW , sorry the typist said she had a brain fart.

  7. Man I should re watch and take notes for fighting with Gemini…

  8. What style. Especially the licks in the middle!

  9. Wow! What a great wrestle match! Me and Grady used to wrestle and run about the house and chase each other. Oh, the furs used to fly in those days! I miss those days and Grady.

  10. Great shadow-boxing! We thought the part where Wally paused a bit to lick Ernie’s head, was sweet:)

  11. Ernie’s got some serious rabbit-kick action going on. I like Wally’s circus-bear whap on the head approach. That’s what I do.

  12. That was a fun video to see. We like Island Cat style wrestlemania.

  13. MOL since when is there head licking in kitty wrestling? My brother Cooter and I bunny kick each others’ head…
    That was a fun video!
    purrs Luke

  14. That was such a cool video! You even have the ring surrounded by darkness! Awesome!

  15. I like the little head lick in the middle! Our boys do that too when they’re wrestling.

  16. Woohoo! And the crowd goes wiiiiiiild!

  17. LOL–I love those bunny-kicking feet!

  18. That was good wrestling. Maybe we could come over for a tag match.

  19. Oh what an interesting bout that was! Ernie looks so funny when he is about to pounce. Lovely kitties 🙂

  20. Yeah!!! I love wrestling!!!

  21. Oh my, that looked awfully fierce, but then there was licking, so mom felt better. I thought she was gonna faint, honestly.

    We wanted to thank you for your kind words after Jill’s passing. They were very much appreciated.

    Roxy, Lucky, Mom, Dad & PlusOne

  22. Ernie, you bunny kicking machine!!! That was awesome! Wally, we love the way you lick Ernie’s head during the battle…always want to wash the spot before you bitey it!!! Ha! That was a move out of my play book!

  23. Ohh…we made popcorn 🙂 Hey that was very artistically videotaped!

  24. we saw some kitty kisses snuck in there you two. we feel the love.

  25. You look great! And almost total silence too. Au hisses and growls when he wrestles; Target is silent fluff. Cats wrestle and nap better than people.

  26. Great video! I thinks you really love each other!

  27. That was some really good wrassling – we loved the bunny kicks and the break for a quick licky wash. In fact … we fink we might go and wrassle right now – ‘cos you’ve inspired us!

  28. Wrasselin in the sun is so much fun! Dudes! Great match!

  29. The cutest video. We love the licking-move.

  30. that was some great scrappin’! we specially likes the bunny-kickin’!!

  31. An the winner is……… Both of you!

    Good wrasslin guys…

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