Apr 102009

I need to put up a Do Not Disturb sign…

  39 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Do Not Disturb”

  1. Zoey, that’s a great idea! We need a Do Not Disturb sign, too!

  2. A Do Not Disturb sign is a great idea Zoey! You have a very pretty smile 🙂

  3. I need one of those as well Zoey!

  4. You have the most beautiful face, Zoey. I’m a bit smitten! A sign is a great idea, especially for when the flashy box is out!

  5. Do Not Disturb signs are available on our blog today, as you Island Cats have already discovered! Hee hee hee!

    Abby & Stygia

  6. We think a do not disturb sign would come in handy when you’re trying to snooze, Zoey!

    You are so purrty!!

  7. We need Do Not Disturb signs too!

    P.S. We used to have those same cat cubes, but we destroyed them (they are in the attic in case of emergency!) Actually, we’ve done a pretty good job wrecking the ones we have now – Tasha is pretty bad about ripping holes in them.

  8. Most definitely! We has that cube too.

  9. I didn’t stop by to disturb you…just came for my Birthday kiss=^Y^=Setzer

  10. we has “DND” signs right on the end of our paws – they is called “shivs”. a headfulla them, an’ even the woofie gets the message!!

  11. What a pretty picture, Zoey!

    We have one of those cat cubes and use it to connect two crinkle tunnels, so that we can room-a-zoom-zoom around in them.

    We’ll leave you to nap now….

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  12. I hope you get to take a nap in there disruption free!

  13. And a NO BOYS ALLOWED, sign too! ~Tristan

  14. Humans would just ignore though… they do that.

  15. The humans might ignore it, but what about your brothers? Would they?

  16. People become illiterate when it comes to stuff the cats want. We could have giant neon signs that flash and throb, and they’d still be all “Huh?”

  17. A ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign would be great except we don’t think the humans would respect it!

  18. They need to build little doors for those cubes!

  19. It’s not fair when you want a bit of peace and quiet, and then the flashy box is there.

  20. pee-ess
    You said we could be Island Cats too. Is it all right to copy your badge from your sidebar so we can put it on ours?

  21. We’ve tried that. Doesnt werk…

  22. Looks like yoo campin’ dis Easter Weekend! Don’t put up a do not disturb sign, invite efurrone in fur a partay! Yippee!

  23. Yea..how dare you get disturbed when you’re not botherin’ anybody!!

  24. Oh Zoey you look so cute in there.

  25. You better just make a sign with “no disturbs, if not people will find you and get you very cute cocker … then you will not rest ^ ^

    Jas & Gi

  26. Sweetie, you look so happy in there!

  27. You look furry happy in yur tent! I love hangin out in my tent, too.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  28. You look so sweet Zoey. We hope you get some quiet time.

  29. Hi Zoey,

    SNAP! Alfie went camping last night too – he decided to sleep in his tent in the lounge (overnight).

    I think your sign is a very good idea and I think I should get a sign too saying: “Alfie, do not disturb me!” ‘Cos my little bruvfur can be a right pest when I’m taking it easy. He’s full of an enthusiastic desire to play 24/7. Sheeeeeesh!

  30. I bet the humans wouldn’t pay attention to it…they are very rude and just come busting in where ever they want!

  31. We need a Do Not Disturb sign too – Only was in his tube today and mom kept pestering him for pictures. You look so pretty and comfy in yours.

  32. Yeah!!! How is a cat supposed to relax with flashy boxes around?????
    You look lovely Zoey 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  33. Zoey, those trespassers are after your cuteness, they won’t care for signs!

  34. much uv da time i don’t wanna be disturbed either.
    let’z make a sign an ware it all da time!

  35. Teehee, I know what you mean!

  36. That is a great idea Zoey! Beans always follow sign instructions!

    You do look very cute in there tho.

  37. That’s right, Zoey… only room for one cat in there on that soft blanket.

  38. That’s a great idea. We need one for our cube too. (We got one from Abby and Stygia’s blog. It’s so funny that they posted their cool signs on the same day that you need one.)

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