Jun 142017

I got to go outside!

Hey guys! Can you guess where I am today? Yeah…I’m OUTSIDE in the yard! My first outside adventure this year…the best way to spend this beautiful, sunny day!

I'm looking for those rude birds

And it’s my chance to look for those rude pooping birds. Maybe they’re hiding in this hemlock tree.

Going in for a closer inspection

I’m going in for a closer look.

Nope…no birds in here. *sniff sniff sniff* But I think there were some bunnies living under here once upon a time. I can still smell them.

Maybe the birds are hiding in this bush

Maybe those rude birds are hiding in this bush.

Hmmmm…nope…none here either…but it smells like they were here not long ago. I’m fast on their tails!

Is that a bird over there?

I’ll just sit right here in the cool  grass and wait for those rude birds to show up again. I know they’ll be back.

I love nomming grass

No reason why I can’t chew on a little grass while I wait, right? *nom nom nom*

The grass is tasty

Mmmmm…this grass is SO tasty! *SLURP*

Wanna see me in action outside? I made a little movie of my adventure. Check it out!

If you can’t see the movie…click HERE to watch it on Youtube.

  51 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. WALLY! I loved it. I wish you would make a movie for us every DAY! You are looking MIGHTY FINE too I might meow! Keep trying. I know you’ll get those birdies!

  2. Wally, you are so handsome in that harness! Looks like you were really enjoying roaming around and eating that nommy grass. We are so jealous.

  3. careful you don’t get pooped on.

  4. That was sure a fun out n’ about Wally and your video was fun!

  5. Wally, what a great adventure. Sorry neither the bunnies or the birds showed up, but it does look as if you had a great time nomming that grass. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  6. The bunnies and birds must have seen you coming and run/flew away! You look great surrounded by green grass in your spiffy harness.

  7. Woohoo!! You are a natural adventure cat, Wally! Welcome to the club! 😀 We look forward to seeing more of your adventures!

  8. We didn’t know you got to go outside. How cool !

  9. It’s Action Wally today! Looking good, big guy!

  10. wow – you are very brave Wally!! enjoy your adventure

  11. Walking about outside is the best! Your movie worked. We love going outside as well.

  12. We’re glad you got to go outside for a little while!

  13. OMCs Wally we had no idea you are so adventurous as to walk outside. Look at you sashaying all about. Hugs madi your bfff

  14. Oh Wally, that is so exciting that you got to go outside. What fun for you. You sure do well in that harness. We tried to put a harness on Two Two but all she did was lie down. So you are doing one great job.
    We can’t wait to see your next adventure.

  15. How fun, Wally! I can see you had a great time.

  16. Wally we didn’t know you go outside. How about Ernie, does he go outside too?

    • I don’t go out very often…but I sure wish I went out more. Ernie never goes out anymore. The one time the mom took him out, all he wanted to do was roll on the patio and he got covered in dirt and dust and made a big mess of himself. Then he got spooked by a loud noise and went running…almost choked himself with the leash. The mom said never again. Zoey never ever shows any interest in wanting to go out. Probably because she lived outside for the first 8-9 months of her life and has had enough of it.

  17. Looking good Wally! I hope you feel as good as you look buddy. Angel Sammy taught me that grass was tasty and I’m enjoying some too. Gotta have your “greens” right?

    Hugs, Teddy

  18. Phoebe is so jealous that you got to indulge in all that grass.

  19. dood…yur moovee rocked…we gived it a paws up….we liked de grazz act shun round de 27 minit marker ☺☺

    N while we iz buzzed happee ya getted ta go out side; inn deed pleez uze al lmannerz oh caushun coz they iz everee …..wear……….

    faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  20. Wally so nice to see you outside having fun and nomming!

  21. Wally, I’m so happy for you that you go to enjoy some outdoor time. I think I’d like to walk on grass. I’ve never done that. We just have a small pot for nomming. I loved your video!

  22. What a fun adventure! We felt like we were right there with you as you were walking in that cool grass. We love your swishy tail!

  23. You’re so lucky, Wally! Mommy would love to leash train me but she’s afraid I’ll run into a neighbor kitty in my yard and go all Mudpie on them (not sure what she means by that…I’m an angel, honest!) –Mudpie

  24. Oh my mouses! Just look at the fun you’re havin’ there.

    Did you ever find those poopy birds? Inquirin’ minds wanna know.


  25. Wally this is the coolest video! We want live action Wally all the time! You are so brave to go out with your supercat collar. Mom wishes I would be brave so I could go places but sadly I am not brave like you. Looks like a great day even if you didn’t find those dastardly dirty burds!

  26. I’m very happy you got to go outside, Wally. Chris and Frankie live for Saturday when they can go out.

  27. Wally, look at you go….what a fun adventure!!

  28. Wow…look at you nomming that grass!!! It looks really tasty!!

    The Florida Furkids

  29. How very adventurous of you, Wally! It looks like your grass adventure was fun all the way around!

  30. What a wonderful day to spend an afternoon! You must have wonderful human gardeners. That grass is so green and luscious. Popoki is protesting because ours is already turning brown and rough. She wants a yard like yours!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  31. What a pawsum day out you had Wally. Looks like lots of fun at your place. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  32. Appaws for a fantabulous movie! That grass is way high like cat grass. Too bad you couldn’t find those caca dropping burds. I’m glad you didn’t step in any of the caca.

  33. Yay for outdoor adventures! This week has been beautiful outside. It looks like you investigated all of the really important parts of the yard. Pawsome adventure, Wally!

  34. Wow, outside! I don’t go outside. Derby used to want to get outside, then he would stop and nom the grass. Then mum could catch him. I guess one time she let him wander a bit in the back yard. I do just fine inside thank you.

  35. You are having a lot of fun. Enjoy your lovely summer!!

  36. the first outdoor adventure of the year is always the most exciting!

  37. I love your bra/harness. It suits you.

  38. That looks so awesome, Wally. We hope you enjoyed that grass!

  39. Wally’s Big Adventure! 😀 how fun! we loved seeing you in action there in your movie, Wally. so…did you yak up the grass on the carpet after you went back inside? 😀

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  40. We didn’t realize you got to go outside for a walk!! You’re one lucky mancat!

  41. We loved the video and to see you live, Wally. Enjoy the outsides and your furresh grass…isn’t that Yummy! Double Pawkiss 🙂 <3

  42. You are so brave!

  43. Wally, you look so happy exploring the great, big, world outside 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  44. You sure had a good outdoor catventure, Wally! And as much grass as you could evfur want to indulge in.
    You might need regular patrols to make sure those rude birds stay away…

  45. With that swishy tail in your video, you look determined to find the rude, poopy birds.

  46. Oh, sweet Wally what beautiful green, weedless grass you have to enjoy eating and walking in. Did those rude birdies ever show up? Hugs and nose kisses

  47. Woo hoo Wally! Look at you outside!!! We didn’t know you go out. I bet TKS would love to go out with Dad P. Maybe when we move

  48. Looks like it was a fun outing. I wish my cats would agree to a harness and leash. I’d love to take them outside. Can you talk to them about that please? Thank you!

  49. I bet the mom has different a different opinion about waiting for birds to show up.

  50. Yay, Wally you’re turming into an adventure car]t!

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