May 312017

WallyHey guys. Well, another BlogPaws conference has come and gone. This was the fifth one that the mom has attended, and she says that even though she wasn’t there for the entire conference, she still had a great time. That’s because she was able to spend time and catch up with her blogging friends…and make some new ones, too. Sure, there was stuff to learn, some terrific speakers to hear, brand representatives to meet, and lots of swag, but she said the best part about the BlogPaws conference is to be able to be with like-minded, animal loving people. She says it re-energized her…and cod knows we need a re-energized mom to help keep up our blog.

Not only did the mom get to see her human blogging friends, she also got to see many of the “paws” that are the inspiration for the blogs. Today, I wanna share pictures of some of them. You may even recognize a few!

The mom says BlogPaws wouldn’t be the same without kittens. And Miss Jeanne from Random Felines didn’t disappoint this year. She brought these three cuties with her…

Kittens at BlogPaws

Meet Dior, Armani and Gucci…collectively known as the “Designer Kittens.” They were quite entertaining and had all the humans squee’ing. Y’know…I was once that cute, too.

Dior is adorable

Dior was probably the shyest of the three, but after a day or two of being manhandled by all the humans, she basked in being the center of attention.

There were lots of other cats at BlogPaws…probably the most ever. Like this pretty girl. Do you recognize her?

Sophie from Kitty Cat Chronicles

Yep, that’s Sophie from Kitty Cat Chronicles. This was her second BlogPaws and this year she brought along her brothers Kylo Ren and Caster. Can you believe the mom didn’t get photos of them?? Sheesh. Sophie has cerebellar hypoplasia which makes her kinda wobble when she walks, but it didn’t stop her one bit from exploring everything and everywhere. This was one of the rare occasions she was in her stroller. Most of the time she was walking all over the place making lots of friends.

This is Samson

Samson was attending his second BlogPaws, too. He was just a kitten when he was in Phoenix last year. He’s all grown up now…and rocking that cowboy hat.

This is Bug

This is Bug. The mom met her for the first time this year. Bug’s human is veterinarian Ken Lambrecht who has taken Bug traveling all over the world. What a lucky cat!

Coco was the best dressed at BlogPaws

BlogPaws wouldn’t be complete without the famous Coco, the Couture Cat. She was by far the best dressed at BlogPaws…out of both human and animal. The mom says the dress she wore to the Nose-to-Nose Awards dinner…pictured above…was spectacular! I just wish the mom would have gotten a better photo of it. Sheesh.

Snotface the Ferret

Some unconventional pets made the trip to BlogPaws, too…like Snotface the ferret. The mom first met him in Nashville and was happy to see him again this year.

Of course, there were lots of dogs at the conference. They well-outnumbered the cats.

Dot the Great Dane

This is Dot…a beautiful Great Dane. Wow…she’s got some loonnngggg legs!

Dogs in strollers

Strike up the band! These guys look like they’re ready for a stroller parade.

The best dog is a sleeping dog

This is my favorite kind of dog…the sleeping kind.

Little dogs on the red carpet

The little dogs were out in full force walking the red carpet at the Nose-to-Nose awards. Check out those fancy outfits they’re wearing. Waydaminit…what’s that in the middle there??

This cat thinks she's a dog

Hey! Someone forgot to tell that cat she’s not a dog!

The mom says there were more “paws” than ever this year at BlogPaws. But even so, I don’t think I would ever wanna go. I’d much rather stay home and not have to put up with all those barking dogs.

How ’bout you? Have you been to a BlogPaws conference? If not, would you wanna go?

Hey…make sure you stop by this Friday. We’ll be having our BlogPaws swag giveaway.

  48 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Mommy sure would like to go but not me. XX

  2. the kittens really did seem to have a good time and mom was thrilled to see more and more cats attending!!

  3. I would love to go and meet all my fellow bloggers but getting time off is difficult. I think Chris and Frankie would love to go too but they probably would not like the car ride.

  4. snotface?

  5. Such fun to meet all the pawtendees.

  6. Thanks for all those great pictures. Sure looks like a fun time for everyone including all the animals. Those kittens are the cutest of all. We won’t be attending any Blog paws. Too many animals here to leave.
    Have a great day.

  7. There sure were lots of critters there and most of them seemed to be having fun. I wouldn’t be too keen on going, I’d probably be afraid of all the noise.

  8. We’ll leave Blog Paws for the humans! Thanks for sharing those great pictures!

  9. I’m so sad I didn’t get to meet your mom. I was there…kinda. The woofs sorta overwhelmed me this year–sure were a lot of them have barkuments–and so my mom let me stay in my room. I did meet Bug–who smacked my head (sheesh!) and Dottie was so determined to sniff me, she stood on a movers cart to look into my stroller. Mom thought Dottie was cute. Me, not so much. I did get to meet Snotface ferret who gave me a kiss. Very sweet! Mom plans to attend Kansas City, so if your mom is there, please make sure you get together! Purrrs!

  10. That’s cool to meet many of the blogging paws! Mom would love for us to travel with her, but she knows we wouldn’t enjoy it. Strolling around the neighborhood is enough adventure for us!

  11. Thank you for the look at Blogpaws Conference. Mom loved it. It sounds like a horrible place to be. Mom would love to go but it is a long way from here for a few days but you never know what can happen.


  12. OOOOHHH! Wally, I surely want to go to a BlogPaws, but the cost this year put it out of my reach. Hoping that I can get to the 2018 version! Also hope I can meet up with your mom somewhere in MetroDetroit this summer, to say hi and show each other our multitude of cat photos! Hope you are feeling okay, Walls!

  13. Whoa! I’m with you. No 14 hour car rides just so I could swat a few dogs. TW said she loved that Dot with the little tutu. Trust me, all those woofies would be scared to come outta their rooms if’n I was there. TW got to see Herman a couple of times. He was one of the Twitter anipals I hung with. In that pic of all the dogs, is that pom (Sophia Loren I believe) wearing the same dress as Coco? GASP!

  14. Wally those little designer kit kats are cute BUT my friend this lady cat says you are the lady cat’s Meow!!! Maturity and pose count a lot
    Hugs madi your bffff

  15. The cats were fabulous this year!

  16. We were so bummed to miss BlogPaws this year. I’m so glad to see there were so many cats in attendance, though!

  17. Wahhh…I never got to hold the kittens! There were definitely lots of animals there this year. My crew is happier at home too, though someday I hope to have a pet that would want to go with me! 🙂

  18. Thank your mom for sharing these wonderful photos.

  19. Mom has never been to Blogpaws but doesn’t discount MAYBE going one of these years but it would NOT be with me – I’m a home boy. My Dad might go with my Mom though……does that count? HAHAHA Love the photos – looks like some mighty fancy dressed pups and cats. The only clothes I want to wear are my harness and leash because then I get to go outside!

    Love, Teddy

  20. Such wonderful photos. We feel the same about BlogPaws … it’s all about friends and like-minded ones, at that.

    We’d love to make it back to BlogPaws again, one of these years. Maybe next year!

  21. Looks like she had a lot of fun.

  22. What a GREAT rundown of the conference and such wonderful photos. THANK YOU.

  23. guyz…pleez ta tell de ladee with de yellow hair ☺☺☺ we said thanx for de ree cap !!! we N joyed thiz post…..N pleez tell yur dad onze again thanx for de best three day pizza partee EVER !!!! ☺☺♥♥

  24. How wonderful that more and more kitties are attending! Mudpie loves people so much that I think she might enjoy it. Maybe one day!

  25. Wow!! Seems like such a great place and fun time! I would love to see all the animals–maybe next year! Glad your mom is energized!

  26. I am glad that everyone had a good time at Blog Paws. I will never get there, just too much life! xo

  27. Looks like your Mom had an amazing time.

  28. Wally, thank the mom for sharing these pictures. It sure was fun to see some we know and some we don’t. Yes, Dot has long legs! The lady would like to go to a BlogPaws conference, but because our blog is just small time and a hobby, she doesn’t think she’s the right fit for the conference. She thinks it would be fun to meet a lot of the humans and pets as well as to learn more about some of the rescue organizations. Like you, I’d much prefer to stay home and look at all the blogs. 🙂

  29. Lexy and I have never been to BlogPaws. Not even as flats! We hope next year Mommy makes flats of us to bring and get pics taken with everyone! But in real life we’ll never leave the house!

  30. Our mommy has been to two BlogPaws and she enjoyed meeting your mom but we sure don’t wanna go. Mommy isn’t going next year but maybe she’ll get to hang out with your mom again somewhere sometime!

  31. How did my flat self & Mom miss your momma?! Oh no! They would’ve loved to have visited with her! So many great kitties & bloggers at the confurr-ence, so little time! Your mom took some great photos! I’m with you, I was happy to stay home & not have to be in a plane or a car! My swag finally showed up in the mail yesterday!

  32. It looked like lots of fun! Our Mama has been to two Blog Paws and really loved meeting all her friends (including your Mama!) as well as meeting new friends. But she couldn’t go this year on account it was too far and two kitties were too sick. Maybe next year!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  33. wow, what a lot of furry attendees 🙂 great pictures of everybuddy. Wally, we’re with you in that we’d rather stay home than travel about. so we haven’t been to a Blog Paws conference but we think we need to send our mom 🙂

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  34. Wally, your mom sure got some great photos of the critters at BlogPaws. Our mom says it was great to see so many kitties this year. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  35. Sob, whimper, boo-hoo! I hated missing this year’s conference but there was too much going on for us to leave. We will be there next year to visit with all of our blogging friends and get kisses from all of the furbabies. I hope you will be there so we can chat ♥

  36. Wow, so many fur friends at Blog Paws! What a fun meeting them in purrson 🙂

  37. Glad your mum had a great time!

    Excellent pics of some of our furry friends too 🙂

  38. We enjoyed those photos! But really, Wally, there should have been one of you for every one of them!

  39. What wonderful shots! I’m so sorry Sinead and I missed the fun this year. But we already have our 2018 tickets, and we’re making big plans for (nonbarking) fun. I can’t wait to see everyone again! The community really is, as you mentioned, the best part.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  40. Hi, Wally! You know, even though you’re not a tiny kitten anymore, you are still adorable. I would love to go to BlogPaws, but I think Abbey, Natasha, and Connor would agree with you–they would rather stay home. I’m glad your Mom had a good time.

  41. So sorry we missed you at BlogPaws! We saw many of the furballs in your pictures. Always love seeing Sophie and those kittens were so adorable.

  42. It was so wonderful that your mom got to go. M has wantede to ho since she had firt heard there was such a thing. She doesnn’t think she could stand the trip and wouldn’t be any fun to he around once she got there.M is going to email your mom and get some tips!!!!

  43. The mom really missed seeing everybuddy. And she missed cuddling Snotface! (But uh, WE didn’t miss him. He hung out at our house last time, and he was a bit TOO friendly, if yanno what we mean….)

  44. What GREAT pet photos! Makes me feel like I was there.

  45. Great photos, as always. So glad we had an opportunity to spend time with your humans at BlogPaws.

    —Purrs (and wags) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  46. We’re glad your mom had wonderful time at BlogPaws, and could meet her blogging friends. Purrs

  47. Wow what a beautiful pictures. I would like to meet them all.Thanks to share.

  48. ZGirl says she really missed seeing her friends at BlogPaws this year, meeting your mom was one of her favorite new friendships! Love all the photos! Coco sure does get the best dresses for all the events, doesn’t she? None of us would like to go there, either Wally but the fact that the humans come back feeling great is a pawsome benefit! Thanks for sharing! Love, Coco, Valentina, Manhattan, Bessie, Lulu and Mimi (and current foster Picasso).

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