May 222017

The mom is home from BlogPaws

Hi guys! The mom got home from BlogPaws yesterday. She said that even though she was only there for a few days, she still had the best time hanging with all the cat peeps…and some dog peeps, too.

This time she came home with not one but two HUGE bags o’ swags. Holy catnip! Look at these bags…they’re stuffed!

There's a lot of swag here!

*sniff sniff sniff* I can smell the nip! I can’t wait to get into them and check everything out! Stay tuned….

  48 Responses to “She’s Home…and She Brought Swag!”

  1. Can’t wait to see what you have!!!

  2. Swag!!! See, doesn’t that make your mom’s absence even just a tad bit worth it?

  3. Wow, look at those two bags full. Ernie, you and Wally are going to have some fun. Save some for Zoey.

  4. Looks like a lot of good stuff!

  5. Hoping that I can make next year’s BlogPaws! Cannot wait to see the swag, Ernie!

  6. Wow, send her off on MORE of these trips, right? I hope my mama brings something back for me. Maybe a little parmesan chunk or some pancetta, nicely crisped. We’ll see….
    Love from us. Glad your mama is back safe and sound.

  7. so glad she had a most pawesome time! That’s a TON of swag!

  8. We are glad to hear your Mom had a fun trip and we hope your Dad did all the things he was supposed to do to maintain your complete happiness in her absence
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. Nice haul for two days! Enjoy!

  10. It sounds like a win-win guys! Swag for you and friends for your Mom! πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to hear all about it !

    the critters in the cottage xo

  11. You are being too patient–rip into those bags!

  12. Can you believe it…our humans brought home four bags. Mom will be giving Chris lots of stuff for her kitty and sending some to our significant others. We already got some treats, food, a new toy and some meowjuana (don’t know if we spelled that right). But the best is having our humans home again. Mom is always happy to have the opportunity to spend time with Mom Sue. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  13. Amarula is willing to help you sort through the bags as long as you share!~

  14. Mum is thinking maybe next year to go. That way she can party with the rest of the cat mums!

  15. Oh boy – we heard there was a lot of GREAT SWAG to be had so I think you three will be having a BLAST exploring those bags! WOOT!

    Hugs, Teddy

  16. Wow… how exciting for you!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  17. Will you just look at all that? You’re one lucky cat to have a Mom bring all that home for you!

  18. Look at all that swag! How awesome!

  19. Welcome back to the mom. Hope you are happier with her to boss around.

  20. dood…glad yur mom hada safe trip home & WHOA…her did bring home a ton oh swag…..hay, thanx two ewe guyz all sew for hostin de week end long pizza partee N thanx two yur dad for puttin all 635 pizza piez on hiz charge o card…..awesum !! ☺☺β™₯β™₯

  21. Our Chirpy mom (the Lady Cat) met your mom on the last day of the conference and it was cat-fabulous finally meeting her! She wished they had more time to talk. You are going to love the swag, we raided her suitcase the minute she came home!

  22. Catnip YUM. We are glad your Mum had a great time!!

  23. You guys really hit the jackpot, didn’t you! You’ll have a good time finding out what i in those bags.

  24. So, were you more happy to see your mom or the swag? Just kidding, we know the answer. πŸ˜‰ We’re glad your mom had a good time with the cat and dog peeps!

  25. Oohhh stuff.. stuff is fun.

  26. I can’t wait to see what’s inside!!!

  27. I’m glad the Mom made it home safely and Flat Brian and Dad sure enjoyed seeing her again. We got swag too but we can’t have it until the Mom can get some photos…which will be days cause it gonna rain all week.

  28. DOOOOODS. It looks like you guys TOTALLY scored!

  29. Ernie, yay for the mom being back! We can’t wait to see all the swag she got!

  30. MeOW We miss da swag too. Enjoy. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  31. We sense madness ahead, Ernie!

  32. Woohoo, wonder what’s in those bags? You can spend some time looking into the bags my friends.


  33. you are lucky kitties.

  34. You are blessed! Hugs!

  35. Wow, that looks like a lot of stuff.

  36. Oooohh, now I really want dad to go next time!!

  37. Purrfect double swag with CWA ! There is always extra swag available especially if driving πŸ™‚ Had I know there were only 32 attending the gala, I might have gone but at least I had someone scouting brands for me. I heard the cat lounge was huge.

  38. That is a lot of swag!

  39. Looks like you are guarding the goods, Ernie! Better to get first pick for the others start sniffing around, right? We’ve been thinking about Wally and hope he’s continuing to do better. I loved seeing your Mom again and appreciate that she was so patient with all my questions about you kitties.

  40. Look at all that good stuff!! Reminds me that it’s about time I buy my little ones some new knick knacks

  41. I never saw so much swag. Did she rob the place? πŸ™‚

  42. “Stuffed Bags” with stuff YOU like, sounds great!

  43. We hated missing this year’s conference. missed seeing all of my friends and the boys are missing the epic SWAG!

  44. Yahoo! Two bags!

  45. What a haul your mom got! Glad she was able to make it down for at least a couple days.

  46. Score!!
    You sure are keeping close watch over those bags, Ernie.

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