She Went Away…

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May 192017

The lady with the yellow hair left really early this morning for that BlogPaws conference. Well, lemme tell you…I’m not happy about that…not one bit! If it wasn’t bad enough that she left me with those boycats, she’s having some strange person come in to take care of us while she’s gone. Hasn’t she learned yet that I don’t like strangers??

The big guy will be here…but he works long hours. That’s why the lady with the yellow hair is having this stranger come in…to make sure we get fed on time and our litterboxes get cleaned out. So not only do I have to put up with those boycats…now I have to keep my eye on some stranger, too.

This is where I plan to spend the next couple of days. Don’t worry…I’ll come out to eat and use the facilities…but only after that stranger leaves.

With the lady with the yellow hair being gone, you know what that means, don’tcha? Yep, we we won’t be blogging or visiting or anything. We’ll be back next week. I hope you won’t miss me too much. I know you won’t miss those boycats, right?

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  1. We’re sorry that the lady with the Yellow hair left you but we know she’ll have a great time at Blogpaws and she’ll probably bring you some great swag!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Awww wish we could have taken care of you somehow! I’m sure the stranger was well chosen, and even tho their smells will be strange they will make sure you are all taken care of ❤

  3. she better be bringing you back lots of presents and stuff to make up for this…

  4. One of us likes to get under the blankets when it is being made.

  5. You come right over here. We will have a no-tea pawty and gossip!

  6. That lump under the covers…

  7. Hope that Lady with the yellow hair has a good time. Zoey, she won’t be gone too long.

  8. my stars girl I would so totally be right there as well and I would stay hidden just in case the stranger pulls some stunt so make sure until you hear your moms voice you stay right there and we hope she has a great time and a safe journey and between us cats if anyone there would like to be a “ree croot” please let me know with hugs from the codd mother ~~ ☺☺♥♥

    heerz two a flashlight fish kinda week o end ~~~~ ♥♥

  9. Oh, I feel just the same, you sweet kitty. Mama is about to desert, too, but I actually LOVE the kitty sitter who gives me LOTS of attention and a few intermittent treats. Don’t feel too bad about your mama leaving. She is going to recharge her batteries.
    BUT wait a minute. Aren’t YOU supposed to represent HER at Blogpaws. Aren’t YOU THE WRITER?

  10. Zoey, that photo of you is gorgeous! Your beautiful green eyes…
    I’m betting that the stranger coming over to take care of you kitties is wonderful, and will give you extra treats! Bet that will get you out from under the blanket. Hope next year’s BlogPaws is somewhere I can travel to!

  11. Oh dear…..well I totally understand how you feel – really I do. I’d be under the covers or under the bed or hiding with a stranger coming in to take care of me too but just think – soon your Mom will be HOME and she will bring you all a lot of great treats and stuff she got at the conference! Hang in there… won’t be long……..

    Love, Teddy

  12. I hope your human brings home lots of cool things from BlogPaws! I’m missing all that cool swag since we’re not there this year.

  13. So, you couldn’t talk her into taking you with, huh?

  14. SHe should have taken you along for a ladies trip.

  15. Oh so sorry sweetie. I hope your mom doesn’t take long to come home.

  16. Oh no! I’m sure she will be back very soon! 🙂

  17. Come to me Zoey!

  18. You mean Mom didn’t take you with her? For an all-girls trip? I’m sorry. But I bet she is missing you like crazy and will be so glad to see you and Ernie and Wally–yes, even the boycats. 🙂

  19. Being a bed lump is a good way to spend the day.

  20. It’s okay sweet Zoey, she will be back before you know it. The Dad and Flat Me are with her at BlogPaws.

  21. We’ll miss all of you! Um, Zoey…how are you breathing under there???

  22. Your mama will be bringing home some gifties for you Zoey!! We know she’ll let you have first pick since she left you alone with those terrible, awful, boys!! ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  23. Deer Zoey mee iss sorry yur Hu’man went away an leeved you with thee mankatss….
    mee has NEVURR been alone here since LadyMum adopted mee. Mee not sure what mee wood fink if shee went away. Yur Hu’man iss nice to get you a sitter to take care of youss’. Thee stranger lady iss a sorta ‘fill-inn’ Hu’man…
    An you still has yur man Hu’man to cuddle with…..
    Mee will miss you an Ernie an Wally; mee likess all of youss’!
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  24. Oh beautiful Zoey with the seafoam eyes, do you need me to join you and keep you company under your bedspread? The lady with the yellow hair won’t be gone too long. I will be waiting by my transport tunnel in case you need me.
    Your Admirer

  25. Poor kidlet! We don’t like strangers, either, so we totally get it.

  26. I totally understand why you would not be happy with that. You look great in this photo!

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog for posts of the abandoned/feral cat colony I manage.

    Debby in Arizona

  27. Hi guys.

    Mum says she spoke to Mark Watson (Erin’s dad) and he’s met your Mom! He is so thrilled and so are we. we are all big fans of you guys!

    Mum will bre back soon enough and we hope she enjoys BlogPaws!

  28. Eddy here says she completely understands what you mean, Zoey. Absent moms and strangers are simply two of the worst things to have to endure. Especially when you have to keep company with boycats!

  29. Zoey, I’m sorry your mom left and you have to deal with boy cats and a stranger! I hope she will be back soon, and bring lots of goodies for you 🙂

  30. We’re sorry you’re missing your Lady, Zoey, but I was so glad to have a chance to see her and get a hug and say hi! 🙂

  31. Hang in there Zoey, we had to go to the spa, and though it felt like forevfur petcretary did come home…and sprung us out of there.

    Good thing that bed is big so you can hide really well:)

  32. Zoey, you and Dexter have that in common…hiding under the bedspread! I have to be on lump watch…one time I say on him!

  33. You mom will be home before you know it. In the meantime, you sure have a great hiding spot.

  34. We sure hope the lady with the yellow hair made it home safely, Zoey. And that your weekend being on the lookout for that stranger and the boy cats wasn’t too stressful!

  35. I just read that almost everyone is on the road back home, Zoey, so it won’t be long before your mom comes back 😀 You know that you’re the Queen, so you rule the house until then 😉 Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 <3

  36. Oh Zoey! It’s so awful when they travel isn’t it? Although Mother did say she’ll miss seeing the lady with the yellow hair this year – a LOT. BOTH our humans are away for a few days. Completely AWOL, I might add. ~ Allie

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