Apr 262017

It can't be pill time already

No! Go away!
I don’t wanna take another pill!

Hi guys. As some of you may have heard, I’m having a flare-up of my pancreatitis. Last week I stopped eating, and there was talk about putting me in the hospital again or putting that nasty feeding tube back in. Well, that talk must have scared me straight because I started eating a little more on my own again. But now I have to take more medicines, and it looks like the mom’s obsession with my eating isn’t going to end anytime soon. Sheesh.

Y’know…pancreatitis really sucks. You never know when it might come back and when it does, it makes you feel lousy. I’m not outta the woods yet, so any good thoughts and prayers you can spare for me and for the mom…she’s all kinds of stressed about this…I’d appreciate.

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  61 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. We’re sending all our purrs and purrayers to you and hope you start eating soon, no nasty feeding tubes necessary again. (((Hugs))) and kitty kisses.

  2. Wally, we hope you feel better soon. Tanner has small flairs every now and then too. Does Wally take any anti-acid regularly…like pepcid?

    • Yeah, I was taking pepcid daily and now they switched me over to prilosec. I also get an anti-nausea medication.

      • I have been on both Pepcid and Prilosec. I get prednisolone too, and b12 and I get a good (human), probiotic as well. (But I still won’t eat on my own…even after almost three years.)

  3. You got it, Wally! And keeping your mom in our purrs and prayers too. We know how they get with worry about us.

    Concats to Kevin H.!

  4. concats to Kevin!!

    Wally, dude, you gotta keep eating. If not then the mom gets stressed and the stabby v-e-t gets involved. Just not worth it….

  5. We’re sorry you’re feeling poorly again, but we know your mom will do everything she can to help you, even if it means yucky pills!

  6. Wally, we know you don’t want to worry your Mama so start eating more! It will be better for the both of you 🙂 Sending you both continued love and good thoughts.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. Oh Wally I am REALLY sorry to hear you’re sick again……Has to be really discouraging and Mom and I will send you a ton of POTP which we hope will help you get back on track. Angel Sammy will visit you and deliver an Angel Hug…….that ALWAYS helps!

    Love, Teddy

  8. Oh, Wally. Sending you so many hugs and purrs. And congrats to Meowmeowmans!!!

  9. Wally we sure hope those meds work and you are feeling better soon, and we couldn’t be happier for Kevin! Congrats!

  10. Being sick sucks. I hope soon you are so far out of the woods that you can’t see a tree.

  11. Cheshire and I are sending lots of purrs and prayers your way, Wally!

  12. Wally, I luvs you. Please eat if you can so you can get better. Prayers for you and mom.

  13. WALLS! I did not know…how did I miss that? My goodness, you eat up, Mr. Wally! The ‘O’ Cats recommend Tuna For Cats from Trader Joe’s; they gobble it up and leave no crumbs behind! That is, if it’s on your vet’s specific food list for you, big guy. Am sending calming and healing purrs and thoughts to the whole family, ’cause if momma ain’t happy, then NOBODY’s happy!

  14. get better soon wally…

  15. Oh no Wally! I had no idea. I’m so sorry to hear this. We will say prayers and send healing energy your way.

    When my Sasha was alive, she had similar bouts of pancreatitis. It got to the point where her internist told us to feed her whatever she loved most just to get something in her. I wanted her to get proper nutrition, so I split the difference by adding some of her favorite things to her regular diet (which at the time was chronic kidney diet). She loved seafood, so I’d get a lobster claw, a small piece of tuna or swordfish, bake in a little butter and sprinkle a little on top. She would eat all the fish and some cat food, and after a few days be back on track. I was lucky she was food motivated and had certain things she loved. I’m sure you already know most tricks, but thought I’d mention it just in case. If you’re worried about seafood or the type of fish, her vet at the time felt getting her eating was more important, and at her age (she was 16 when she had her first bout and lived to 20 1/2) a little of those things would not be the end of the world for her.
    Get well soon Wally!

  16. Oh, Wally and Wally’s mom, our love and good thoughts are with you. You simply. Have to take the horrible medicine and rest and eat well and get healthy again, okay. We love you so, Wally. Coraggio!

  17. stay well

  18. Nothing worse than feeling bad and having to take medicine you don’t like! But you have to understand the medicine will do you good!

  19. Sending all our prayers and the very best purrs to you and your Mum, Wally. Congratulations Meowmeowmans!

  20. Sweet Wally we are so sorry to hear this. We are glad you have felt like eating some again and we hope you get better and better and eat more. Sending lots of purrs and prayers for you and your sweet mom sweetie. Hugs and nose kisses

  21. Wally, feel better. We used to have a dog who had this. Do what the vet and Mom say. Hugs!

  22. I have been sending LOTS of purrs your way, Wally! I hope you are feeling MUCH better soon!

  23. Wally we are so sorry to hear that nasty pancreatitis reared its ugly head….sending lots of purrs and good healthy vibes to you ginger man
    Hugs madi your bfff

  24. Oh dear Wally we are sorry to hear that pal. Mega purrs and prayers from all of us here and hugs to the worried Mom.

  25. Oh Wally, we are so glad that you are eating a little bit. We sure send lots of prayers that you fell a lot better and soon. Big hugs to that Mom Sue too.

  26. I hope so much you get well soon!

  27. We send you tons of purrs and hope you feel better soon ! Hugs to your mom. Purrs

  28. Sending good thoughts to you and your Mom. Congratulations to Meowmeowmans.

  29. conga rats two meowmeowmanz kevin… de dood hiz self !

    N wally; ewe betcha; we got blessings frum R pal st francis headed yur way in 3….2….NOW

    sorree de bass terd pancree azz iz givin ya fitz again, N yea dood, ya gotta listen ta yur mom
    ya hafta eat….hafta ….even if itz ……we got de heeebeez…..even if itz CHCKN……ya gotta eat

    984 pawz crossed oh kay …be well N stay well ~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  30. Oh Wally, Please get up and eat!

  31. Oh wally, I hope you fight back really soon. You can do this little guy!

    ConCATS Meowmans!!!!

  32. Sending our best wishes for a speedy recovery to you Wally. Think we’ll have a nap too. You make it look so good.

    Shoko and Kali

  33. We are purring and pawyering our hardest for you, Wally. We want you to be well and happy.

  34. Oh Wally – get better soon ! Purrayers and POTP ! If it makes you feel any better, I take Prilosec every day too, but I never stop wanting to eat !

  35. Dude, this sucks. We hope it passes quickly. And concatulations to the winner!

  36. Oh, Wally, we are so sorry to hear you are not feeling well again. We are sending all of our thoughts and prayers that you feel better very soon. ♥

  37. Wally, we care about you so much and can only imagine how worried your mom is. It’s good to hear that you’re doing some eating and just want you to eat more and be all better. We really, really hope you start feeling better very soon.

  38. YAY for Kevin! And we’re definitely purring for you, sweet boy.

  39. Oh Wally, we’re so sorry you’re not feeling well again. We’re sending lots of head bonks, purrs and nose kisses for you.

  40. We’re bummed to hear you’re under the weather with that nasty thing again, Wally. Being sick is never fun, for us or our moms. We are purring for you, pal. Feel better soon.

    Oh, and we recommend Gerbers Chicken or Ham!

  41. I pray for you every day Wally. I hope you feel better soon. Congrats to Meowmans!

  42. We have been sending you purrs and prayers to feel better, Wally. You had us pretty worried. We’re glad you’re eating a bit and hope you continue to do so. Smooches to you.

  43. Eat eat eat! please! get better!

  44. Oh no Wally! We sure hope you start eating and feeling better soon so your Mom can stop worrying (and we can too!).

  45. Sending lots of purrs to you Wally. Feel all better soonest.

  46. Oh, Wally. We’re sorry you’re having to deal with a flare up of pancreatitis. That sucks so bad, and we hope you start feeling better real soon and eating. We definitely don’t want you to have to get that tube thing again. Sending you and Mom Sue big hugs and lots of purrs and prayers.

    We are so excited about winning the Animal Hearted giveaway! Thank you! 🙂

  47. Wally, you get well, you hear! We’re all behind you.

    Congrats to Kevin.

  48. oh Wally! you and your mom have our purrs and prayers.
    woot! concats to Kevin!

    pip, smidgen, minnie hollie,sharpie, ditto, tl

  49. Wally, I’m so sorry you’re feeling poorly and your pancreas is acting up again. I do hope you are better soon and don’t have to visit the hospital or need the feeding tube. Purrs, purrs, purrs for you my friend. And purrs for your family. I know it’s hard on everyone when one of you is sick.

  50. Wally, we are purring our loudest for you!

  51. Wally, we are sending you all sorts of purrs and prayers! And don’t be too hard on your mom. After all, we bet she’s willing to serve you breakfast in bed, and that’s pawesome.

    And concatulations to meowmeowmans on the win!

  52. Wally, I’m so sorry you have pancreatitis flare up. I don’t want you to go back to hospital to stay or deal with the tube. I hope you eat well..and get better soon. Sending purrs and prayers to you. xoxo

  53. Wally, mom and I send you and your mom loves and hopes and purrs and prayers that you get better. Please…take the medicine Wally. You need it right now. Then, you won’t have to cause you’ll be all better. xxx

  54. Oh, Wally, I am so sorry you are having a flare! I will be keeping you in my prayers and sending healing vibes to you. I hope you will soon feel like eating regularly, Prayers for your Mom, too. I know it’s so very difficult when one of our babies is ill.

  55. Feeding Tube? O.M.C! We hope it doesnt come to THAT again…

  56. We are happy that you’ve started eating and will continue the purrs and prayers.

    The Florida Furkids

  57. We are sorry you aren’t feeling well Wally. Sending lots of purrs and good thoughts that you are feeling better furry soon.

  58. Gosh darn it Wally! We are sending you TONS of POTP and healing karma. Concats to Meowmeowman! We think he is Da Bomb too! Get better soon!
    Marty and the Gang

  59. While I’m horribly behind in my blog reading, I’ve been keeping Wally in my thoughts

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