Apr 072009

It’s time for another one of my great tummy shots!

Just don’t tell my mom I was laying
on the dining room table, okay??

Go see Ernie’s tummy shot over at House Panthers!
Click HERE!!

  31 Responses to “Tabby Tummy Tuesday”

  1. We love your orange tummy there Wally.Then we sneaked over and saw Ernie’s ,very cute.

  2. Great tummy shot! Don’t worry, our lips are sealed!

  3. We sit on the dining room table all the time….shhhh! With a tummy like that you can get away with anything!

  4. That’s an awesome tummy shot! I won’t mention a word to your mom…

  5. What a great tummy shot, Wally!

  6. Our lips are sealed, but DON’T ROLL! You’ll be on the floor if you’re not careful.

  7. Mom wants to put her face right n that tummy! We likes to get on the table, too. But no one eats on our table. just sews and plays on the computer!

  8. Wally, your tummy is gorgeous! We liked Ernie’s shot too. We won’t tell anyone about the dining room table. Our humans have some silly rules like that too – we think it’s ridiculous.

  9. love this shot!
    Bella tummy
    Vivi & AB

  10. I can’t see why she’d object to you on the table. You look so comfy!

  11. You have a very rubbable tummy, Wally!

  12. You have a very ManCatly tummy there, Wally!

  13. Wally, be careful you don’t slide off the table. The only time we aren’t allowed on our table is when Mom has company for dinner.

  14. Nice tummy floof, Wally! Guess what? Mom stopped trying to keep us of the table a very long time ago. Except at meal times, we are Not Allowed at meal times. We’re still working on that, of course.

    We’re on Mom’s blog today.

    -Gandalf and Grayson

  15. Mums the word, Wally……….I hope you didn’t fall!=^Y^=Toy

  16. We’ll say nuffin! We’re not allowed on the table either (in theory!!!) but as you can guess ….

  17. Mom said that is a great desire to tighten your belly ^^’

    Jas & Gi

  18. Oh my, Wally! We are pretty sure you fell off after that picture was taken!

  19. You got a cute tummy!

    I lay on the table, too. All the time.

  20. Excellent tummy shot, Wally! Looks like you’re asking for a tummy rub, and our humans would be glad to oblige!

  21. Nice tummy!!

  22. That’s a pawsome looking tummy! Table? What table? We don’t see a table………

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  23. Wonderful tummy shot Wally! And I won’t say a word!

  24. Mom wants to rub your ginger tummy!

  25. OK, not a werd ta the Mom. Cute picture though…

  26. That is one fuzzy tummy that needs some bigs smooches!! Pssst. We won’t tell you were on the table … What table … Where!?!

  27. I’ll never tell! That’s a fantastic tummy shot!

  28. Love the belly!

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