Apr 102017

This is a conversation that happened yesterday…

I'm enjoying window whiffies.

What a great day it is today, Ernie! Finally…the sun’s shining…and it’s warmer. *sniff sniff sniff* Just smell that spring air. It’s smells SO sweet!

I wouldn’ t know, Wally…you’re hogging the window all to yourself.

You'll get your turn, Ernie.

Well, I was first up here, Ernie. You need to be a little quicker next time. You’ll get your turn.

When will that be?

When I’m done.

Yeah,  probably tonight…when there’s no more sun.

I'm not holding my breath.

Oh, ye of little faith, Ernie. Don’t worry…I’ll save some whiffies for you. *sniff sniff sniff*

Well, I’m not holding my breath waiting, Wally. How ’bout you guys? Do you have to deal with a window-hogger, too?

  51 Responses to “The Window-Hogger”

  1. Nope. I have it all to myself. Perhaps a small whap might be administered?

  2. Not to worry, Ernie, eventually Wally will need a potty/food break then you can sneak up there.

  3. Oh dear…I do not have any competition for windows or sun puddles in my house. I sure hope you get your time in the sun soon!

  4. thompson is the one who loves open windows the most. he ‘sometimes’ shares it with Diego-san.

  5. Since I’m the only kitty here it’s just me!

  6. Oh yes, we have to get in line to get a view out the window. Some of us take too long and take a nap at the window and that just isn’t fair. Hope you got your turn Ernie. Have a great day.

  7. Looks like there’s plenty of room to share!

  8. Yesterday was glorious, and today is even better! YAY!

  9. Well, I would be happy with a window hogger but I am a single kitty. A bit sad, really.

  10. Well, that’s just rude, a little bit. But he IS an orange, they need extra sun-time.

  11. Oh yeah Ernie we have to deal with window hoggers all the time!!!

  12. Luckily, there’s room for all of us!

  13. Luckily there’s a lotta windows round here.

  14. Yes! Yes, we do too! And we have lots of windows!

  15. Oh, sweet Wally are you sure you want let sweet Ernie get up there too…the window sill looks large enough for both of you. Those are great pics of you two and we hope Ernie got to enjoy the window. Hugs and nose kisses

  16. WTG Wally it is good to see the sun and smell the posies.
    That is for sure a tiny sill for two
    Hugs madi your bfff

  17. Enjoy boys! we don’t get windows any more since two kitties have asthma.

  18. Samantha says that is one of the joys of being an only cat….she gets the windows all to herself! 🙂
    We think it looks like that window sill is big enough for both of you boys, and you should share!

  19. Fortunately not : we can go out as we want in the garden. Purrs

  20. Hazuzu, my kitty brother, gets all the higher up windows fur himself. We share the patio window.
    Yur Furend,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  21. We don’t even have a decent window sill…but there is a kitty condo/seating but of course Minko always is right there whenever I, Pipo am chattering at those burds out there…and he almost always shoves me off…sheesh.

    Can’t you each have one side of that nice long windowsill??

  22. Some of us share–some of us don’t. We can always go out into the catio–who needs a window?

  23. We sure do, Joanie is the window hog. She will growl and slap at anyone that tries to join her.

  24. You guys are so cute. We had a warm, sunny weekend too.

    Ernie, Pierrot likes to hog the window too. We don’t have a nice sill like you but the bed is next to the window. Pierrot takes up the whole sun puddle.

  25. doodz…..noe but when eye wanna sniff air at de vent in de garage de food gurl shooz me a way all de time….like may bee eye due knot want paddy oh door air then… eye went vent air…ya noe !!!!!

    tuna ~ ☺☺♥♥

  26. We have window hoggers here, too, so we know how it goes. But you want to know a secret? Nighttime window whiffs smell even better than daytime ones, even if there is no more sun! Don’t tell Wally and you’ll get all the best whiffs all to yourself.

  27. Whew! I’m sure glad I don’t have to share my sunny windows with any fursibs! –Mudpie

  28. No, but we would love to hog some of that sun after all the rain we have been getting here! You two boys are looking very healthy and happy 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  29. We’re pretty good about sharing the window wiffin’

    The Florida Furkids

  30. Well boys, at least ya’ have a window with sun puddles. We don’t have sun, and even when we do, there are no sun puddles to come thru it. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  31. You need more than one open window. At least one for each cat!

  32. We have many windows No waiting. 🙂

  33. Ernie, my little sisfur is a window hogger but she does share. Sometimes. We hope you got some whiffies in the sunshine!

  34. Ernie, the deal is you just have to get up there too and then make your orange bro leave! That’s what I do.


  35. Actally, we DONT have that problem. We just stand by the deck door an TBT lets us out. Ha-ha-ha…

  36. Ernie, we don’t think we’d be as nice as you and jump onto the sill anyhow and shove Wally over 😀 at least that is what we do with each other 😀

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  37. Rosie sometimes shares the window with me …sometimes.

  38. Our boys are fairly good about sharing. Angel will share with Kirby, but not Max

  39. No, Ernie, I have the sill all for myself…I only have to slap a few things out of my way, but that’s easy 😀 Pawkisses for a Sunny Day 🙂 <3

  40. Fortunately for me, I’m the only window hogger here! I love it. Dad made me something he calls a prototype- I just call it a perch- on which I climb and settle in to enjoy watching the birds and people out the back window. I love not having to share!

  41. No window wars here – – – all 24 of them are MINE ALL MINE!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  42. Window whiffies are the best! Pup Astrid tries to hog all the window space here, but the kitties never let her get away with it for long.

  43. Ernie, it looks like there is plenty of room on the sill as well…hop on up there!

  44. Hmmm. I think that window is big enough for you two to share! Double the whiffies for both of you, right?

  45. Oh, you boys make us laugh every time we visit! MOL Well, sometimes one of us hogs the window and the other one has to sit on the chair or the cat tree. Once in a blue moon Mommy will catch us there together, but hardly ever.

  46. We are thankful for our window seat. Very thankful. Hugs!

  47. Sigh…the only window we have open is in the mom bean’s sleeping room and it’s only open a teeny tiny crack. She says it is still too cool out there. But at least we get to go out to the sunny room.

    Enjoy your whiffs guys!

  48. Now mes remembers why mes LOVES being a only cat!!!

  49. Mickey and Rufus are pretty good about sharing. Nice to see you boys in the sunshine!

  50. Poor Ernie. Look at what you have to deal with!

  51. Ernie, you look a bit picky to us…plenty of room in that window for two. Get yourself up there and have a whiff! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, CalistaJo and Cooper Murphy

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