Mar 272017

Is it dead?

I think this toy is dead, Ernie.
It hasn’t moved at all.

You may be right, Wally.

Let me give it a nudge.

Let me give it a little nudge.

Nope…not moving, Wally. Definitely dead.

This toy is no fun.

Too bad…
it could have been a fun toy to play with, Ernie.

Yeah…now it’s just a dead toy.


5 minutes later…

Still dead.

Yep, it’s still dead.

Island Cat Mom here. I must have the 2 laziest cats in the world. I threw this mouse out into the room for Wally and Ernie and all they did was sit and stare at it…only giving it a little nudge at one point. Neither one actually tried to play with it. I think they’ve been spoiled with the interactive toys that automatically move.

How ’bout your cats? Are they this lazy, too?

  49 Responses to “The Laziest Mancats”

  1. Wally and Ernie, I think you two would get along famously with our housemate Toby. He does a lot of staring at dead toys. That’s okay, though, sometimes a good stare down is great exercise. Right?

  2. You silly boys, we would have batted that mouse around and make it move around. But it is just more fun to just stare at it, daring it to move. Have a great day.

  3. yup, Thompson and Diego-san are equally lazy when it comes to toys. theo will rip into anything with catnip but is 50/50 with other toys.

  4. Cody is the KING of lazy MOL (you made a good point about the interactive toys), it’s like kids with laptops on all of the time. I think we need to put the interactive toys away for a bit!

  5. Boys, you got my mommy laughing! That’s hard to do in the morning!

  6. The kitties here have a lazy human and few electronic toys, so they have to make their own fun by waking up those dead toys. One of them peruses through the toy box, strewing most of the contents on the floor, when she’s bored.

  7. No better way to send your human a message! Hint, hint, human.

  8. Oh my, no way do I ignore my special nip toys. TKS and I will walk across a room, notice a toy and grab it and toss it, then roll all over with it. Wally and Ernie probably just weren’t in a playful mood, na’mean??

  9. That dead mouse would sure be running from my Brother Simon!

  10. Yeah, that looks dead to us, too. Quint is so addicted to the red dot he rarely brings his ball to play fetch anymore. Maybe that ball is dead, too?

  11. Mom is ROTFLHAO. She’s laughing so hard, her nose is running. This really is LAZY! Lisbeth is truly this lazy, but the remainder of us aren’t quite that bad. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  12. Nothing worse than deaded mousie toys.

  13. LOL sounds like the interactive toys totally spoiled them 🙂
    Goro loves to pick toys and carry them around. I throw toy for Niko. Then he pounce on it, like 5 minutes later.

  14. Oh this made me giggle……….Teddy is still young enough that he plays with just about EVERYTHING and the only “somewhat” interactive toy he has is one of those balls that lights up if you move it, and a remote control mouse. But he loves “carry around in the mouth” toys too that don’t do a thing. I’m sure he’ll grow out of this but right now – he’s “easy to please” !!

    Hugs, Pam

  15. In the daytime those toys seem to be dead here too, but at night, they must come to life and move around, because they are in different places around the house!

  16. My cats always enjoyed their toys moving or a brown paper bag opened on the floor. LOL!

  17. Mom says Men Cats are from Mars.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  18. I don’t like the dead toys either! I like little lightweight toys that I can toss around… those seem to always have at least a little bit of life in them.

  19. Mew mew mew Wally an Ernie you need to *smack* thee mousie toy!!!!!!
    It iss interactive onlee if you play with it….
    **Hi-5’sss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  20. bwahahaha…that happens here too. And then suddenly Ivy will run down the hall and kill some toy that has been ignored for forever

  21. Maybe they are working their imagination instead.. having a nice conversation with the mouse

  22. That is too funny! Yes, Samantha is the poster child for lazy cat. She’ll usually play with something once, and that’s about it!

  23. Yes, the toy must be jiggling or making noise for anyone to get interested! Although Angel will kick a toy around once in awhile, or try to push it underneath the door.

  24. doodz….lazee iz act shoo a lee a werd that orginated in trout speech; little known ta any one but toona; itz dee rvied frum de ancient …. gram paw dude dialect ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  25. Newton is just that lazy, too. He is excited by a thrown toy until it stops bouncing, then it’s just boring. Does this convince the lady with the yellow hair to toss the toy again? We need to find out how to do that.

  26. MOL! The pictures are fantastic and your kitty convo is hysterical. No, Mudpie is anything but lazy. More like crazy!!!

  27. MOL. You boys are too funny. Pick up that mousie and throw it around!

  28. Guys, you are so funny! The kitties here would do the very same thing. Pierrot will play on his own sometimes with non-interactive toys but not because I toss them at him. He just has to be in the mood. Annie doesn’t even view them as toys. Lately, they’re not even interested in our interactive toys.

  29. Maybe a game of fetch would liven that mousie up?
    The Florida Furkids

  30. Oh yeah! I love interactive toys but not the ones Ernie and Wally have. TW has to be in on the fun. I do love those toys that run on the floor by themselves though. TW doesn’t get them out enough though.

  31. i have long ago stopped trying to figure out what goes on in my felines’ heads! Maybe they think the toy is just playing dead?!

  32. A long time ago our old bros and sisters got a radio controlled mouse toy as a gift. Practically on contact William bit the tail (antenna) off it and it never moved again. So all toys after that were just plain old toys. We do have our favorites, though, and couldn’t care less about others.

  33. OMC! That’s hilarious! You two made us giggle! We can’t believe you forgot what to do with a mousie! MOL!

  34. You boys are too funny. No point in playing with a dead toy 🙂

  35. Max is a two year old! He has learned how to entertain himself and us, too! He will grab a mouse or a ball and throw in the air and them grab it and run. Angel does this, too. Both are either growling or yowling as they play. Kirby is a lazy cat!

  36. It depends upon the day with Gracie and Zoe. Sometimes, they do exactly the same as Wally and Ernie did with that mouse. 🙂

  37. Nope, I only have the one interactive toy. The rest I have to actually play with. Or a wand toy that mum has to help with.

  38. Yeah sometimes they need help moving. No bout adout it.

  39. OMC guys mew had us in stitches, brilliant post, loved it!

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  40. Oh, thank heaven I have company!!!!!! Mama thinks I’m not normal and I just stare at my mouse with great pleasure and when she’s not looking—-ATTACK. But it doesn’t last long. Ever. I think we are just cerebral kitties, we.

  41. We have that same toy! And my cats just stare at it too… though if I give the tail a tug to make it wiggle, they are a little more interested…

  42. If they are like my kitties, they will play with it later when you’re not watching. I’ll find toys that someone has moved from one place to another. And I’ll peek around the corner and see them play. 🙂

  43. we do that with wand toys…our mom doesn’t have the patience to wait out our stares sometimes and it’s game over for us 🙁

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie

  44. Well, it’s no fun to chase your prey when your prey is motionless!

  45. We will ignore some of our mousies/toys fur ages, then suddenly we get this incredible urge to pick them up and toss them and fling them all over the place to teach them a lesson and dead them…until we decide its enough and then we go back to ignoring them again…MOL!

  46. MOL! We have lots of “dead” mice here, too. But every once in a while they do spring to life.

  47. I show the same action, Wally and Ernie Pawkisses☺❤

  48. Depends on the day 🙂 Luckily with the wood floors all I have to do is send something skittering across them to get one of them to give it a good chase.

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