Mar 202017

Frolicat Multi Laser Cat Toy

Hey guys. Ernie here. Y’know, I love chasing the red dot. But I never get to do it as much as I like to because I have to rely on the mom to supply the dot and she never seems to want to play when I do. So when we received this new interactive “red dot” cat toy from FroliCat® called the Multi Laser that doesn’t require a human except to turn it on, I was all over it…literally.

Red Dot is taunting me

Us Island Cats are big fans of FroliCat® interactive cat toys. We have the Bolt which is similar to the Multi Laser. Both are “red dot” toys. But what makes the Multi Laser different is that it has not one but TWO lasers. Now more than one cat can play at a time. Though for this review, I got the Multi Laser all to myself. More fun for me!

I gotta get the Red Dot

The FroliCat® Multi Laser is easy to use. It comes assembled…all you have to do is pop in 3 AA batteries, set it down, turn it on and let the fun begin!

The lasers…or red dots…rotate 360 degrees and move in and out and up and down. They even stop making you think you can really catch one of them.

I'll get you one day, Red Dot

I know…I tried…many times. It’s a sneaky toy…that’s for sure! It really appeals to a cat’s nature to hunt, stalk, chase and kill.

Okay, so maybe these pictures don’t show how much I really love playing with the FroliCat® Multi Laser. I’m a “hit and run” red dot player. I go after it and then run away. Seriously…I was moving so fast at times, I was just a blur…the mom and the flashy box couldn’t keep up with me. I swear, one day I am gonna get that red dot.

The Multi Laser shuts off automatically after about 15 minutes of play so you humans don’t have to worry about turning it off or the batteries running down. But remember, you should always monitor your cat’s play with any toy before leaving him or her alone with it.

Features of the Frolicat Multi Laser

I guarantee…the FroliCat® Multi Laser will get any cat…young or old…moving and playing. For more information about the Multi Laser or other fun FroliCat® cat toys, visit the website HERE.

Now for the best part. We’re giving away FroliCat® Multi Laser of our readers!  That’s right! The giveaway is for those in the U.S. only. Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Void where prohibited. You have through March 26, 2017 to enter. The winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours in which to claim the prize or else another winner will be chosen. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  We received the FroliCat® Multi Laser for free when we agreed to do this review and giveaway, but that did not influence our opinion at all. The Island Cats will always give a fair and honest review, and will only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers.

  58 Responses to “FroliCat® Multi Laser Review and Giveaway”

  1. have you ever actually captured the elusive red dot?

  2. We love playing with the red dot! One of these days we WILL catch it!

  3. you look like you were having a good time Ernie!!

  4. Mudpie has one of these but hasn’t tried it out yet. She’s currently obsessed with her Fox Den…her very first FroliCat toy! Glad you’re having so much fun with it Ernie 🙂

  5. Now, THIS is a toy we would love!! Pawtastic review.

  6. Oohhh… An interactive toy that cuts out the middleman: the peep. EXCELLENT. purrs

  7. We have three cats. My old girl, Moko, isn’t much for playing (she’s a cuddler). My kitten, Kotoha, likes the red dot and is learning to play with it. Arata, our 3-year-old ginger tabby is obsessed with the red dot. He’d chase it all day, if I had the time. This would be perfect for him (and Kotoha).

  8. We love red dot! THat looks like a better toy than the old one we have!

  9. Pipo & Minko LOVE playing ‘red dot’ They will beg and paw at petcretary when they know she is close to where she keeps it, MOL!!!
    An ;automatic’ laser red dot would be pawtastic!!

  10. Bear used to go nuts with the red dot … but I think he got discouraged with never being able to dig his fangs or claws into it. He still comes running when he hears me get it out … he meows until he sees it come on … but then he just stares at the dot, without trying to catch it. Maybe this toy would work better for him?

  11. We really want one of these red dot toys and have been pressuring our Dad into getting one. As usual, he’s dragging his big feet, yet he found time to get us a new scratcher. A scratcher is nice, sure, but RED DOT! Which one would you rather have?

  12. Yes, my kitties love it! They always have so much fun.

  13. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my CATS that is kinda like an “Alexa” for felines. That is way to cool
    and Ernie if your eyes get any more gorgeous I don’t know what we will don
    Hugs madi your bfff

  14. I’d love to win this for Boodie – she is our big red dot fan!

  15. My Brother Simon just discovered the red dot, then he lost it. Cool giveaway gang!

  16. i dont have any cats, but would love this to donate to safe haven for cats for all of the cat, kittens they save and nuture back to health.

  17. It’s great that you have such a fun toy and only need a human to turn it on for you.
    I have the same infinity shaped scratcher you have – and I love it.

  18. My cat loves to.

  19. That does look fun, Ernie. We all love chasing the red dot here.

  20. Both my boys love the red dot. They just know they caught it until they look under the paw and no red dot. This would leave me to do other things while they amuse themselves with the red dot. Thanks for the giveaway/

  21. Frodo is still trying ot crawl under the carpet to catch the last red dot we played with!!

  22. my cat goes INSANE with laser toys! he gets so obsessed we have to take breaks haha

  23. That looks like fun. Great giveaway!

  24. Ernie, Can I join you ?
    * shake butt, ready to jump in *

  25. I had the Bolt but gave it away. I made too much noise for me. Nothing beats TW having to take the time to play with me. Good luck to your winner.

  26. Oohhh… Red Dot ! We’d love this.

  27. My cats love the laser pointer. This one looks much nicer then the one I use.

  28. Yesssss loves playing that! And anything that moves. Same with iPad

  29. Good job Ernie! Did you know the CEO is running for Governor of Tennessee? I met him when Petsafe invited me to Knoxville and he’s a good guy. I hope he wins.

  30. Laser toys are so totally cool. Since I have one, I won’t enter the giveaway but I hope some lucky kitty gets it who has not yet learned how FUN they are!!

    Love, Teddy

  31. Two lasers, that is really cool! Great giveaway!

  32. This looks like so much fun, Ernie! Evan here has already informed me that he wants one for his birthday next month.

  33. I was born without the red dot gene. Mom can’t believe it.

  34. Ooooh! That looks super fun!

  35. Looks like a fun toy.

  36. Oh I know we want one of those toy. That looks like great fun.

  37. Yes, my cat loves playing the red dot game.

  38. Genji and Tama are SO disappointed! They would have loved to try this!

    The Chans

  39. That seems like a fun toy Ernie! If I lived in the US I would love to win this for my cat. I bet he would love it!

  40. Great review, Ernie and at least you sit straight watching that laser teaser. I only catch it while I am lying on the ground..MOL 😀 Double Pawkiss❤

  41. It looks like fun, but we hope your human doesn’t forget to give you treats at the end of the game : it’s so frustrating not being able to catch that tricky red dot ! Good luck to our US friends ! Purrs

  42. We wonder – has anyone ever caught that red dot? Sam lost interest in the laser toy we had, just like she does with everything! Our late cat, Don Juan, would have LOVED this – I wish they’d had them back in his day. He had to settle for chasing the reflections from our watches when the sun was out!

  43. This looks like a great toy. Both my kitties like hunting the elusive red dot.

  44. Oh good grief this does look like lots of fun! There was a paralyzed cat that we met last summer when we visited Best Friends who loved the laser pointer. We would love to win his for him!

  45. What a great idea! We bought a laser for Pierre but he had no interest in it. Bentley lost his mind over it though! It is his very favorite thing to do and begs his Dad to play every day. ☺

  46. My two kitties have that toy. They absolutely love it. Beautiful black kitty

  47. This looks great! All three of our cats love chasing the little red dot, so I think they’d like this. Great review, Ernie!

  48. That looks like a lot of fun, Ernie. And we love your review! Some of the shelter cats would love that thing, for sure!

  49. My cats and the dogs do. I have so much fun teasing them all with the laser. I laugh so hard when they think that they have and then realize that they don’t.

  50. My cat goes crazy lol its hilarious

  51. You know that we think this is a great toy. Mom just wants to know how you got such great, in-focus photos of Ernie. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy.

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  53. Me-Ow we had a Bolt too and LOVED it. Dad says it got lost when we had our place painted and that was a sad day fur sure. Thanks fur the oppurrtunity to get an even better one

  54. Our kitty that really loved lasers passed recently. We are now taking care of our mom’s cat too, and I haven’t tried them with her.

  55. […] Our FroliCat® Multi Laser Giveaway ends tonight. Don’t miss out! Enter by clicking HERE. […]

  56. I say, that looks great fun, especially if there are two dots to chase… one for me and one for peep. Clearly I would have to give peep a head start.

    Purrs, ERin

  57. Well, we thought we’d already commented and entered. But alas. Fanks and big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  58. Angel and Chuck caught on quickly that the red dot is controlled by my hand! They’ve never played red dot, can you imagine?

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