Easy E Sunday

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Apr 192009

It’s Boogie (mat) Time!!
C’mon!  Let’s Boogie Down!!!

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  1. Soooo cute!
    Wonderful picture!
    Luna and mommy Léia

  2. I think I’m the only kitty in the CB that doesn’t like Boogie mats. I asked my mom to donate mine to a kitty down the road that didn’t have many toys.

  3. Okay, I’m on my mat and I’m boogieing.

  4. Hey Ernie, GMTA! I had a snooze this morning on my boogie mat too!

  5. Ernie, we has the identical boogie mat! Aren’t they the cat’s meow?

  6. Oh, yeah, I feel the beat….
    Gonna Boogie-Oogie-Oogie
    Til I just can’t Boogie no more!

  7. Happy Sunday, Ernie! Our boogie mat is spilling out catnip all over since Franklin broke the zipper (mom is supposed to fix this, but we kind of like it that way.) Yay for boogie mats.

  8. Ernie, you look furry comfy on there. I do not think I would fit on there.

  9. Hey Ernie, Rusty has his mat out today too! Maybe we’ll get ours out:)

  10. Ernie, you are so handsome! I still don’t have a boogie mat…hmmm I need to pester mom. MOM!!!!!!

  11. We’ve seen a lot of kitties on the blogs with Boogie mats and we’re really trying to get our Mom to get us one. Thanks for looking so cute and enthusiastic on your Boogie Mat, Ernie – it makes our mom want to get one more…

    Have fun!

  12. ::dances to the tune:: I am so there…

  13. Oh you look so cute on your mat. I dont think we have those here. Mum is going to look.

    Love your look…. Hugs Ginger Jasper x

  14. Is it a boogeymat party? You look ready Ernie.

  15. Yep – we’ve been boogie-ing today! And your boogie mat is exactly the same as ours!

  16. Can I join the silky and slender crew and haf dat nice picshure in my sidebar please?

    Alfie (very silky and very slender) xxx

  17. Aren’t those Boogie Mats the coolest thing?!

  18. We definitely need to get a boogie mat, so that we can boogie.

  19. We thinks every body is boogieing but us!

  20. We don’t have a Boogie mat but we certainly need one – or two!

    Angel & Isabella

  21. Boogie Fever Ernie! Can we teleport up to the Island to join you! That would be soooo much fun!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon
    And as usual a kissy from Simon to Zoey 😉

  22. Hi Ernie! We have one of those mats too! But where is it? Gotta go search a bit, we haven’t seen it lately.

  23. That is such a great picture of you. I don’t have a boogie mat and mom says after the Drinkwell fountain incident, she doubts she will buy me one. Hee! Hee!

  24. I miss our boogie mat…but one of my brothers got loopy on the catnip and kept peeing on it… Enjoy your boogie time!
    purrs Luke

  25. Such a great little mat your laying in there! It fits you perfectly!

  26. I don’t have a boogie mat and I think I am very seriously deprived.

  27. Ernie, that’s a very nice picture, you look handsome. Boogie mats are the best!

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