Feb 272017

We're cool cats

Hey Wally, I hear we’re cool cats!

Ernie…we’ve always been cool cats.

Well then, we’re even cooler cats now.

Why’s that, Ernie?

We're wearing Cool Cat Collars

Because we’re wearing our Cool Cat Collars!

Why Cats Should Wear Collars

Hi guys…it’s me, Ernie along with Wally.  Y’know…millions of cats become lost every year. Many of them end up in shelters never to be reunited with their owners again. It’s really sad. Even inside cats can sneak out and get lost. But one way to prevent your cat from becoming lost forever is to make sure they have proper identification either by microchip or a collar with a name tag…or better yet, BOTH! And a great place to get a cool collar to hold that name tag is Cool Cat Collars.

All About Cool Cat Collars

Cool Cat Collars has one of the best collections of cat collars with styles and colors to suit any cat. They come in lots of different designs and almost every color in the rainbow. Now your cat can be stylish while staying safe.

Check out the collars we got from Cool Cat Collars.

Skull and Crossbones Cool Cat Collar

Wally’s wearing the skull and crossbones collar. He says it makes him feel like a tough guy.

Batman Cool Cat Collar

I’m wearing the Batman collar. I always wanted to be a super hero.

Even Zoey is wearing a Cool Cat Collar.

Green Velvet Cool Cat Collar

A pretty green velvet one.

Zoey has pretty green eyes

She says it matches her green eyes.

Okay, I wanna know. Between me, Wally and Zoey…whose collar do you like the best?

Here are some more of the over 300 different styles and designs that Cool Cat Collars offers.

Some Cool Cat Collars

All of the Cool Cat Collars are safety collars with either breakaway clasps or safety elastic. They come with an attached bell, but the bell can be easily removed if you want. The mom removed ours and used the ring to attach our name tags. The collars are light-weight and very flexible. We don’t even know we’re wearing them. They’re very affordable, too.

Do you have a cat that doesn’t like to wear a collar? Cool Cat Collars offers a very soft collar made of fabric…purrfect for the cat with a sensitive neck.

Not only does Cool Cat Collars have a wide selection cat collars, they also offer ID tags, bells and charms, harnesses, and now even cool catnip toys.

Cool Cat Collar Logo

Cool Cat Collars is located in the United Kingdom but they ship worldwide. Visit their website HERE. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A Giveaway!

Wanna try a Cool Cat Collar? We’re giving one away! You can win a velvet Cool Cat Collar…your choice of color. The giveaway is available worldwide. Just use the rafflecopter below to enter. Void where prohibited. You have through March 5, 2017 to enter. The winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours in which to claim the prize or else another winner will be chosen. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  We received the Cool Cat Collars for free when we agreed to do this review and giveaway, but that did not influence our opinion at all. The Island Cats will always give a fair and honest review, and will only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers.

  66 Responses to “We’re Cool Cats in Our Cool Cat Collars”

  1. I wish I wore one! Mom said when she adopted me I didn’t show any signs of one and she figures I would fuss and fume if she tried to put one on me.

  2. These are too cool! How could we even begin to pick a favorite?!? You three certainly look fantastic in yours!

  3. you guys (and gal) are stylin.

  4. Those are totally awesome collars! Dexter said he likes the red collar. 🙂

  5. Green wins hands down! And those eyes, oh,boy!

  6. Muffin could totally use a nice girly collar

  7. Very nice collars! I have several for Angel and Chuck, but the last one’s seemed to make them scritch and scratch, so off they came. The older collars have tags that hang down, and clink against the food bowls, which irritates the heck out of me. But, we know they should have them on, and I could probably even get collars on O’Malley & Sweetie outside too!

  8. Those really are such cool collars. Such good designs. And you three sure wear them well.

  9. Nice collars on all of you. We’d choose green to match our eyes too.

  10. Love these collars. We would get a green one for the ginger boy we have and a red or silver one for our house panther.

  11. We like the leopard print collar!

  12. We think the peace signs would be purrfect for Chloe Jo! She would match her dog, Stella. ❤

  13. I think I’d go wif Spearmint Blue.

  14. We agree you look like very cool cats. Most of us are too rambunctious with collars and go from getting our feet stuck in them or trying to rip them off. One of our sisters won’t even walk if she has one on. Our Mom says she will keep trying to get us to wear collars, but we’ll say we’ll just keep trying to take them off.

  15. These are really cool collars. We want one too.

  16. guyz…we due knot wear collarz; never haz troo lee N ewe will never catch uz in pantz but theeze R way awesum….we wood haza hard time pickin out a fave….de food gurl sayz when her waz in her yooth her weared a peace sign collar ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  17. Bear Cat doesn’t wear a collar right now … but I know he should. Those collars are incredible! I’d love to try the green one on him!

  18. Those are VERY cool cat collars!

  19. For sure 3 very Kool Kats!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  20. Looks like something for every taste. We all must wear our collars!

  21. Angel would pick Purple, Kirby – red and Max- Batman!

  22. Sorry Ernie but Wally wins. That black against his ginger fur just looks very cool. And besides that he’s my patrol leader.

  23. Ohhhhh – GREAT collars! Wally I love your skull and crossbones look – it’s so YOU!! As for Teddy I’d pick the ginger marmalade color for his furs…….don’t you think that would look swell on a ginger boy?

    Hugs, Angel Sammy

  24. We have three cats (indoor-only). My older girl, Moko, has been having some serious health issues, including allergic issues, so I’m not keeping a collar on her right now. My daughter’s cat, Arata, has a cute collar she bought him. My kitten, Kotoha (just was 8 months old just a couple of days ago) doesn’t have a collar, yet. I’d pick the pink one with hearts for her. It would be perfect for her!

  25. Those are really cool collars! I especially love the green velvet one Zoey got. Looks very elegant!

  26. I’ve never liked things around my neck but y’all look really terrific!

  27. very nice. while we all HAVE collars with our chip tags on them, Tommy is the only one still wearing his. Ivy and Mo were getting “ring around the cat” and Daiquiri won’t leave hers alone (and there is no way mom is getting collars on Spud and Junior)

  28. Those are super pawsome and very ManCatly collars!!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  29. I know a few cool cats who might be interested in one of these!

  30. Those are very cool collars!! I like the skull and crossbones the best!!

  31. Super cute! We love the leopard print…it would match Mudpie’s tortie furs 🙂

  32. Since we are Irish kitties, probably a green one.

  33. They are great looking collars! The green one would match our eyes.

  34. Those are great collars, you both look wonderful. Phoebe would love the purple one with the bunnies.

  35. I want one of those!
    You all are fantastic models!
    Love da Batman one! Look pawsome on Black

  36. Brown hard collar is really cute!

  37. Those all look great on you! You boys certainly are cool in yours and Zoey is very pretty in hers! We prefer to be naked though.

  38. Very cool! We always back up all through the house to get out of collars. Our sicko mom thinks this is funny.

  39. Love your collars guys! I think I love the skull and cross bones the best! I too have all my cats micrchipped and wearing collars!

  40. That Batman collar is pawsome, Ernie! I get panicky if I even think something is going around my neck so I’m not going to enter. What’s funny is TW has had better luck putting collars on stray cats than her own.

  41. I like the Angelica Green Velvet Cool Cat Collar. It would look nice with my cat’s black fur.

  42. I love the Batman one! So hard to choose though.

  43. Omgosh! I LOVE the Union Jack collar!!

  44. My three panthers wear collars all the time…mainly so I can tell them apart! MOL They took to wearing them better than I thought they would.

  45. We like them all, but Zoey looks especially beautiful in that green velvet.

  46. MeOW Those are cool. And we think all of you look furbulous in your new collars. We don’t wear collars but mommy would like us too. So we’ve got our paws crossed here. Just maybe we’ll win. Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  47. Love the cherry red!

  48. You all look furry stylish. We are all indoor kitties but We might give it a try.
    Purrs to you all.

  49. Those are pawsome collars! Our mom loves to buy us collars too. ☺

  50. I would choose the Angelica Green Velvet Cool Cat Collar.

  51. […] Have you entered our Cool Cat Collar giveaway yet? For more details and to enter click HERE. […]

  52. We can always use another collar for the brood!

  53. Those really are cool collars. We like all the choices! You two look pawsome and Zoey looks so pretty in her green colloar

    • I just saw your question. I think I like Zoey’s best because it’s feminine, but Pierrot would love the skulls!

  54. I am SO jealous of the Batman one! I’m an insanely huge Batman fan. I have Batman everything, but my girls Tippy and Misha are too princess-ish and insist on wearing girly collars. We absolutely adore Cool Cat Collars! Their quality is really high and at an affordable price – even if they’re international!

  55. We all wear collars 24/7 and don’t mind them. Lisbeth really needs a new one, and she says that she’d like purple if we win. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy.

  56. I wear a collar but Kali doesn’t . Kali never leaves the deck. Yet, it is important for me to wear a collar.


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  58. Those is COOL collars! And they matches your purrsonalities!

  59. […] gotten in our our Cool Cat Collar giveaway, today’s the last day to do so. Click HERE for details and to […]

  60. We love those collars! They are indeed COOL! 🙂

    We would probably choose a pink or red one if we won.

  61. Ernie! That toes makes me wanna say NANANANANANANANANANANANANNANAA … ER-NIEEEE! <– we profoundly apologize for Faraday. He's out of control this week.

  62. Oh-OH!! We missed the chance to win one…but they do look furbulous! And we think you all *do* look cool!

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