Feb 222017

Hey guys. I know this is my day to let you all know what I’m doing, but honestly, I haven’t been doing much…just a lot of napping, eating, playing, being antagonized by Ernie…y’know…same ol’ same ol’. So today I’m turning the blog over to Chip and Slim…our garden center cats. Let’s see what they’re doing.





I hear Chip has quite the routine going these days. Every morning after being fed breakfast in the back-room garage where he and Slim live, he shows up at the side door to the garden center.

Now normally, Chip and Slim aren’t allowed in the store, but Chip is very persistent and the dad-guy can’t say no to that face and lets him in.

Chip does his morning walkabout the store saying hello to all the workers and making sure everything is in order for the day. But then his true motive for wanting to get inside becomes apparent.

He makes a beeline to a back storage room…jumps up into the rafters…and heads to his new favorite napping spot…

…an old red chair that was used in a Christmas display but now has been relegated to storage.

Chip spends the entire day sleeping on that chair. And I don’t blame him. It’s comfy…it’s inside…it’s out of the way…what more can a cat ask for?

There’s been times when the store is closing and Chip is still up there. That’s dinnertime, too…so the dad-guy has to coax him down. Hey, you wouldn’t want to miss dinner would you, Chip?

So what’s that Slim doing all day??

Being lazy…sleeping the day away in his garage room. Rumor has it Slim barely budges from that spot all day. Well…he makes a good point…he does have it pretty nice there.

I hope you all enjoyed this edition of “What’s That Chip & Slim Doing?”

  62 Responses to “What’s That Wally…er…make that…Chip & Slim Doing?”

  1. Looks like Chip and Slim have a pretty great routine. Chip is quite the climber!

  2. We are always intrigued by what career kittehs are up to.

  3. Hello there, Chip and Slim! We always enjoy seeing you two. You sure do have such cozy setup there. You even have your very own comfy chair!

  4. a great episode of what’s chip and slim doing.

  5. Seems as if those two have figured out just what they like and are living a great life. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  6. Wally thank you for the fun update on Chip and Slim…looks like they are top cats at the garden center
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. I LOVED seeing what they are doing. Moare! I hopes.

  8. Loved this post! I think its great when cats have a job…even if its finding the best napping spots!

  9. Two handsome and very lucky garden guys………seems to me Chip wants a part-time job as a greeter in the shop and Slim – well – he feels the need to stay “well-rested”. Thanks for the update on these two – I bet they really do know that they “have it made” !

    Hugs, Angel Sam and Teddy

  10. Chip and Slim have a great garden shop to protect!

  11. we love seeing Chip and Slim and getting an update on them….they sure to look great!!

  12. I totally understand Chip. That red chair looks really comfy 🙂

  13. Garden centers are the best!

  14. We’re so happy to see their routine. They’re well taken care of.

  15. You two really have it made there! We are jealous!

  16. SQUEEEEE!!! Love Chip and Slim…and you too, Wally! The dad-guy is a peach!

  17. Great post! We thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  18. Our cat Whisky is very keen to meet Chip & Sam!

  19. Oh, such darling visitors to have. Maybe they would visit us in France?

  20. Looks like both of them have the proper priorities, right?

  21. It looks like Chip and Slim have a very cozy life.

  22. I’m glad that Chip and Slim have nice, cozy napping spots!

  23. chip N slim; whitefish wavez doodz…itz all wayz grate ta see ewe N heer how yur doin…N we R glad
    ewe both R doin sew well….yur chairz awesum chip N slim yur matt total lee rocks ….thanx for stoppin bye, hope ta see ewe again soon !! ♥♥♥

  24. I enjoyed this edition of Chip and Slim very much 🙂

  25. They be adorable. Hope you’re all havin’ a pawsum week. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  26. It sounds like Chip and Slim BOTH have pretty nice routines!

    The Florida Furkids

  27. It sounds and looks as if Chip and Slim have it made and have Dad very well trained! ☺

  28. That was great! We love seeing what Chip and Slim are up to. Living in a garden center sounds pretty nice, and that one has some comfy features for them. It’s the next best thing to being in a home. ♥

  29. I loved seeing what Chip & Slim are doing! They both are pretty brilliant staking out those super comfy spots for their naps. It’s so nice to see them and how well they’re doing.

  30. Hi there Chip and Slim. You look like you are living the good life. We always like seeing you. We tried this earlier and it wouldn’t let us do it.

  31. I think that maybe that old red chair now belongs to Chip. PURRS.

  32. They are such adorable boys! And so lucky to be cared for by your humans.

  33. You guys are so cute! Enjoy your naps! Hugs.

  34. Hey, they need there own space!

  35. I would have a hard time saying no to those faces too. Chip and Slim are so cute! It looks like they know where are all of the comfy places are in the shop. 🙂

  36. Good to see you guys! We’re sure glad you found purrfect spots to nap.

  37. So do you guys run a garden center near your home? That would be very nice! And lovely for Chip and Slim

  38. Wow, Chip, you really have the place wrapped around your paw, don’t you? It looks like you and Slim both know where the best naps are found.

  39. Nice to see Chip and Slim, they look very happy.

  40. They are so cute and such hard workers!

  41. Nice to see Chip and Slim!

  42. Chip and Slim have it made!

  43. Betcha Slim doesn’t even know Chip was gone.

  44. Our cats are jealous! They only have a wooden sill to lay on!

  45. They look like a couple of happy boys!

  46. Chip and Slim both have a pretty awesome routine! Thank you for letting them show us what they do, Wally!

  47. They are so adorable.

  48. Those are the most pampered ‘outside’ kitties!!! They do have it good, and we thank you for taking care of them. We think they have the store peeps wrapped around ther paws:)

  49. So glad Chip and Slim have a nice there at the garden center. That red chair does look awfully comfy!

  50. It looks like Chip and Slim have things pretty well figured out!

    Rest up, Wally. Spring will be here soon!

    The Chans

  51. Inside is usally better than outside! Mostly. Mebbe. Possibly.

  52. Oooh Chip found a wonderful napping spot! It’s purrfect, no wonder he doesn’t wanna leave there even for dinner 🙂

  53. Nice to have some news from Chip & Sam ! Purrs

  54. Chip and Slim are such characters! I love to see them staking out some cozy napping spaces. Although, I gotta say, that red chair looks a great deal more comfy than a spot on the floor. I know where Popoki would be!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  55. Thanks for the updates on Chip and Slim. Interesting post. If I were Chip I would not bother moving out that comfy chair. Meow meow

  56. How adorable!! These two cool cats have certainly found themselves some prime real estate! Lucky felines!
    Love & biscuits
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  57. Cats always seem super busy – are they?

  58. Wally, we love that Chip & Slim have such a great place to be, and we loved todays update!

    BTW dude I’ll keep mew posted on the homeopathic thingumabob, the P.A. is sorting it next week. XOX

  59. Doods, you guys sure do know how to live the life! And we’re SO grateful for the dad guy taking care of you both!

  60. Chip and Slim look like they’re doing quite well!

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