Apr 032009

Lookie!  I got my Turbo Track!!!  It’s really fun cuz the ball just doesn’t go round and round in a circle…it goes around and up and down and around again.  And you can change the shape if you want!!

The lady with the yellow hair sez I hafta let Ernie and that orange stripey cat play with it too…but I don’t think so.  This is MINE…ALL MINE!!

I’m not very enthusiastic in this video…guess I was more interested in stretching than playing…

You know, I didn’t hafta work real hard to get the lady with the yellow hair to buy me this Turbo Track.  I think she feels sorry for me cuz I spent  the first part of my life outside all alone fending for myself…

Hmmm….I gotta work that sympathy angle some more.  Hey, maybe I can convince her to get rid of that orange stripey cat!!!

  36 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Turbo Track!”

  1. Zoey, that looks like a totally pawsome new toy! Enjoy it, you deserve it! We gotta get our mommy to get us one of those!

  2. Oh I am so green with envy right now! That looks like so much fun. I will definitely be headbutting my pet repeatedly until I get one. It shall be mine!!!

  3. Ohhh Zoey, I want to get one of them. I wonder if they ships to New Zealand?

  4. Oh, Zoey, we luvs how you’re hammin it us for the video! We wants one of those tracks very much!

  5. ME too Zoey! The mom lady person feels sorry for me ‘acuase i spended the ferst 6 monfs of my life outside all alone too. now ME gets all the toys ME wants – Billy

  6. Wow! What a totally pawsome toy, Zoey!

  7. That looks like fun. A lot of kitties are getting these. Maybe I can tell Mom that ‘Everycat’ has one, why can’t we have one?

  8. We’re going to stop by and give your toy a test drive. Then we’re going to try chasing YOU and see which one is the most fun!!

    Abby & Stygia

  9. Zoey, that looks like such a fun toy!
    You can’t get rid of Wally. Who would you have to giggle at when he climbed up in crazy places if he wasn’t around? 🙂

  10. Zoey, that looks such fun We’ve just broken out in a jealousy rash ‘cos we want one SO MUCH! We’re gonna hafta nag a lot more – we can see we’re not as good at nagging as we thort.

    Don’t get rid of Wally though – cos we fink he is cute!

  11. PS: We forgot to say WE LOVE OUR BADGE and haf proudly displayed it in our sidebar. Thank you SO MUCH – we’re thrilled.

  12. You’re a great toy model, Zoey – you are making us want one of those NOW (!!!)

  13. I so want one of those! Enjoy.

  14. Buddah’s favorite time to play with his is at 3 am. And since he got 2 kits, there’s 2 balls, and it makes all kinds of noise! And 3 am is the best time to make noise!

  15. We keep seeing all of these Turbo Track videos, they all look so fun. Zoey, we loved how you were stretching and just playing it cool. Aww don’t get rid of the Orange Stripey Kitty, Wally is adorable,and fun.

  16. We wanted to see you make that ball go up the slope! You’re so lucky:)

  17. That turbo track looks like lots of fun Zoey.
    Can we be Island Cats too? We live on the same big Island as Milo and Alfie.
    Zoey, there’s nuffin wrong with stripey orange cats.

  18. Wow! I got to get one of those!

  19. I want one of those! MOMMY, get me one! Zoey has one, I has one too ok???

  20. Sometimes it works to be sort of casual about it…don’t show that you totally love it…then they fuss over you and you can get your humans to play with you….works for me. PS…you gotta keep Wally, he’s awesome!

  21. I noticed in Max’s comment that Buddah’s favorite time to play with his is at 3 AM. Ambrose usually plays with ours in the middle of the night too. But we play with it during the day too, because when Mommy comes home from work she notices that the Turbo Track has moved like we got really crazy playiong with it.

  22. That toy looks awesome, Zoey! I guess we’ll have to turn on the charm and get our mom to get us one too!

  23. That looks like an awesome toy Zoey! You are one lucky ladycat!

  24. hey zoey … a little mor energee! har!
    wally lookz so much like dat kitten joba … it’z disturbin to me. i’m sure he’z much nicer, tho.

  25. That looks like a GREAT toy! We gotta werk on gettin onea those…

  26. Zoey… goodness me girl! My momma would take the right off me with the enthusiasm that you showed.. or lack of… I thinks that Wally could do much better!… challenge much? 😛 haha
    I haves to say though in the thought of honesty and all.. your tummy showing made my knees just a little weak 😉

  27. Zoey, can I come over and play with the Turbo Track with you??? We can each sit at an end of it and bat the ball back and forth to each other, that would be such fun! And I might sneak a kissy while you aren’t looking … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Simon 😉

  28. Great Track!!!!!! Looks like a twisty turny weekend is in store!!!!

  29. Sorry, we forgot you were the ones that introduced Rusty…we should have included you in our blog the other day……..well we will make up for that, don’t worry! Anyway, lots of furends are asking about your club……..so maybe make a blog about that, do you have a club?
    Guess what, Mommy just ordered another Turbo Track for us and a String Fling toy. This should make a good video!=^Y^=Toy

  30. WOW – that looks awesome! We never get fancy toys like that… A whirley bird that we won in a contest is as far as it goes here for fancy.

  31. Zoe, that looks like a great toy.
    Its good that you don’t let the beans know how much you like it when they can see. I bet at 2 AM it’ll be just awesome to play wif. Ya just gotta keep ’em guessin’!

  32. That track looks like great! That ball would be lots of funsies to chase.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  33. I am glads that you finally gots one of the turbo tracks. I has one too now since momma thoughts I would like it and I lets her put it in our store. We already hads one order for one. I hopes you has fun with it and the different shapes.

  34. Playing the sympathy angle is genius!

  35. We are in awe at your mom-dominion, Zoey! That toy is a great one! Maybe when you lose interest in it the others could play a bit with it, too?

  36. What a fun toy and great job working on the lady with the yellow hair!

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