Feb 052017

I'm ready for the big game

Let’s see…chips…check…drinks…check…TV remote…check. Looks like I’m ready for the BIG game today. That’s right. I’m ready for the Kitten Bowl! Wait…you thought I meant the Super Bowl? Heck no! Who wants to watch a bunch of humans running around crashing into each other when you can watch cute kittens running around and crashing into each other?

Hallmark's 4th Annual Kitten Bowl

Once again, adorable, adoptable kittens will display their “cathletic” talents in the 4th annual Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark Channel.

The other day, I got to take a selfie with one of the kittens pawticipating in the Kitten Bowl.

I took a selfie with Catsanova

This is me and Catsanova. We look good…don’tcha think? Catsanova is the scratch guard for the Last Hope Lions. His nickname is “Wild Thing.” Yeah, I see that wild look in his eyes. Good luck to Catsanova and the rest of the Lions in the Kitten Bowl!

You can take a selfie with one of the kittens, too, and post it on Facebook or Twitter if you want, by clicking HERE.

Oh, and as for that other Bowl game that’s on today between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons? I guess I have to go with those Patriots guys. I mean…what self-respecting cat would ever root for a bird?!?

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  46 Responses to “Easy E’s Kitten Bowl and Super Bowl Selfie Sunday”

  1. Ernie, you know how to PAR-TAY! There is also the Puppy Bowl, with Kitten Halftime Show on Animal Planet. Have a great time, Ernie Old Bean!

  2. Boy, you sure are all set up for the kitten bowl! Can we join you?

  3. Oh Ernie, you look just terrific with that hat. You sure are ready for the festivities. We are very sad because we can’t watch the kitten bowl since we don’t get that channel. Happy Super Bowl to all of you.

  4. Ernie, you are SO ready for the big (Kitten Bowl) game! We are, too!

    How neat that you got to take a picture with Catsanova.


  5. Looks like you are all ready for the Super Bowl Ernie.
    Have fun 🙂
    WE like the pic of you and Catsanova 🙂
    camilla läckberg

  6. I agree, who wants to watch humans play when you can watch kittens. 🙂

  7. Ernie, you sure are most ready for any kind of pawty!

  8. Wow! You’re all ready for the game for sure! We’re a little disappointed because we don’t get the Hallmark Channel anymore. Mommy cut the cable down to save on bills. We’re not happy about this.

  9. thank you for reminding me Ernie. I’ll be there with my cache of Nip beer. I have bacon beer. You three come on over of you would like to throw back a cold one with me while we watch! .

  10. Ernie you are looking READY for the Kitten Bowl for sure! Love that picture of you – well BOTH of them really. You in the chair AND you advising “Wild Thang” as well!

    Love, Angel Sammy

  11. Wonder who the halftime act is… cat Stevens?

  12. Nice selfie! We’re ready for the Kitten Bowl too!!

    The Florida Furkids

  13. Oh ERNIE….we are cracking up. That hat is PURRFECT!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  14. We are all ready for the Kitten Bowl, too! You be careful drinking to much Nip Beer!

  15. It’s all about the Kitten Bowl around here, too, Ernie. And that selfie you and Catsanova took? Purrfection!

  16. Enjoy the game!!

  17. No Kitten Bowl for us! Super Bowl all the way including half time!

  18. Hey, that looks like the perfect set up there, Ernie, may I suggest an extra item, OK maybe two? Whats you need is some cream cheese and nip dip, and a Niptini bubbly to celebrate a win! With the Kitten Bowl, I sure hope they’re all winners and get drafted for adoption ASAP. Have a great game. Purrs, Erin

  19. Bwahahahahahaha. Too cute.

    Have a purrfect kitten bowl. ☺

  20. You look super handsome and regal in your selfie, Ernie. But that other picture shows us you know how to have fun too! Enjoy.

  21. Wow, you are definitely prepared for the game! Mom bean says we don’t get that channel…we think she might be telling us a fib ‘cuz she wants to watch the hurry hard guys.

    Enjoy the game Ernie!

  22. MOL…someone is ready for the games, right Ernie…MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday 🙂 <3

  23. Ernie that sure is a SUPER selfie!

  24. My human has so much catching up to do with work that we are missing all of today’s festivities! 🙁

  25. Ernie, it looks like you’re ready for a long day of being a couch kitty and watching the Kitten Bowl. We saw one of the playoff rounds this morning and all the kitties were adorable.

  26. My wife is from New England so I have to root for the Patriots. or else. 😉

  27. Mee-you Ernie yur lookin all set fur sure!
    An you an Katsanova look pawsum together.
    Wee not abull to see Kitten Bowl so mee will watch Sue-purr Bowl with LadyMum an wee are goin with Patriotss all so 😉
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  28. Ernie! Way to goes! And mes glad yous told us who yous is rooting for! Mes does NOT has a favorite. Mes was pretty bummed when my team did not win the Canadian Super Bowl (the Gray Cup) in November. Mes going to watch for the commercials and mes can;’t wait for the Kitten Bowl!

  29. oh Ernie -that is the best set up for the kitten bowl ever!! You are sure to have a good time! just don’t go crazy on the nip beer!

  30. Your selfies are just purr-fect for today, Ernie! We’re all about the Kitten Bowl too 🙂 We hear there’s a tortie kitten playing this year!

  31. You both be lookin’ gawjus Ernie. Have fun watchin’ da big bowl game. Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  32. Ernie you know how to gets ready to watch some feetsball! We am furry mad at Hallmark cause they only let folks with cable watch online.

    I mean why can’t us folks who watch broadcast gets a subscription or sumpin?

    Hope all the kittens am winners!
    Purrz Katie Kitty Too

  33. Oh today am moms birthday!! We celebratin all night!! -Katie Too

  34. Hahahaha, the top photo cracked me up! That beer hat is hilarious 🙂
    And Your selfie with Catsanova is so adorable!

  35. LOL. Save me a few chips! Rosie says she will take a nip beer!

  36. Great trading card selfie, Ernie. It sure looked as if those Falcons were going to win, but now it is anybody’s game. Mom watched the Kitten Bowl. It was the best one yet. We really like your beer hat, Ernie. Thanks for hopping with us each week. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  37. Me and mum didn’t watch either bowl. I just was interested in my food bowl!

  38. Well, we was rooting for the Birdies since those Patriots have too many rings already. But alas, they gotted another one. You are looking very comfy and well-fed today. We are super happy to see you . . . those look like some very tasty treats, too.

  39. these are perfect for the day!Who won the Game?xx Speedy

  40. Kitten Bowl we would LOVE to see one day!

    Happy Sunday Selfie.

    The Dash Kitten Crew

  41. The best news is all those kittens were adopted. We’re madly working and only caught a few minutes but always worth it. Ditto the last minutes of the game!

  42. Wow Ernie, you sure were prepared yesterday!

  43. You look very comfy for the game!

  44. And that turned out to be a wise choice! We missed the kitten bowl this year, unfortunately. 🙁

  45. We love your kitten bowl selfie, Ernie!!
    What a fun idea:)

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