Apr 012009

 Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

Don’t ask me what I’m doing up here.  I thought jumping up here was a good idea until I realized there was no place to go but down. Fortunately, mom heard me and came to my rescue.  But not before she grabbed that darn flashy box…

Okay, mom, could you stop taking unflattering pictures of me and get me down now?  Guess I won’t be trying this again anytime soon….

  49 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. I think you have taught all cats a valuable lesson today Wally. Look before you leap!

  2. Oh those Mom’s do love to grab that FlashyBox!
    Glad she did finally help you get down.
    ~ Anna Sue and Maggie Mae

  3. That does not look like a fun place to hang out. I’m glad your mom helped you get down!!

  4. Whoa, Wally! What the heck are you doing? HAHA

  5. Wally, that does not appear to have been a good idea.

  6. Wally, you are a nut! How did you get up there?!

  7. Wow. That’s…unusual. I can’t even begin to imagine how you managed that. I’m just glad you’re ok, dude!

  8. Silly Wally!
    I am sorry that there is evidence of this. I bet they use it against you!

  9. Thank goodness your Mom was there to the rescue you crazy guy! That’s so funny. A girl cat would never attempt this ya know.

  10. WoW!!! That is some impressive exploring!!

  11. We’ve never tried that, and now we never will! (We’re glad your mom got a photo of it though!)

  12. Oh my fur! How in the world did you do that, Wally? Did you jump from the toilet?

  13. OH Wally! that is a precarious place to be!

  14. Wally, what ARE you doing?? Be careful!

  15. hey wally, you know your mom…. photo ops and the flashy box always come first!

  16. Boy Wally…that’s kind of a wild place to hang out! I don’t think you will go up there again soon.

  17. Uhuh – Mrs. OZ is REALLY happy now that the maid was in no condition (totally wet) to grab the flashy box when Mrs. OZ jumped up on the shower curtain rod….
    You do have kind of a desperate look on your face there…..

  18. that looks like lots of fun Wally!!!!! – Billy

    you look a little, er, shocked!

  19. dude! be careful. not what you expected huh? we hate when that happens.

  20. Wally, I think that is one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time…

  21. Wally how in the world did you get up there? It is just like a Mom to get the flashy box first!

  22. Oh dear Wally – most definitely not a good move. Tee hee.

  23. PS: What do we have to do to be an Island Cat Club member? The UK is a BIG Island so does that qualify us ‘cos we live on an Island?
    Or is it your own sort of fan club – ‘cos we’re fans of yours – so does that qualify us?
    ‘Cos we like your nifty badge and we would gladly display it if we were members.

  24. Were you trying to clean the glass, Wally?

  25. Wally! Dude! That was a bad decision. Yeah, don’t ever do that again! Your Mom deserves a payback, too! Whoa!

  26. Walleeeeeeeeeeeeee what in the universe where you thinkin,’ jumpin’ up there!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  27. How the heck did you get up there Wally, and why?

  28. Yeah Wally, what ARE you doing?? You silly cat!

  29. How did you do that? We want to try it!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  30. OMG! How you managed to jump up there!
    His mother is very poor, is taking their pictures instead of save you …. hehehe, ;P

    Jas & Gi

  31. That had to hurt, there is no place to sit.

  32. How are you even hanging on?

  33. Good thing your mom heard you.

  34. I can see why you jumped up there, it looks like fun.Too bad there was no way down though.


  35. Yikes, that top looks REALLY narrow. Hope there were no sharp edges up there!

  36. What be you doing?? Hope all is ok!

  37. Wow, you must has thoughts you needed to be up there. Did the momma laughs at you up there and then go runs to get the flashy box? hahaha, well I guess you won’t do thats again if you want to get down right away.

  38. Oh my Wally, WHERE are you? LOL We can’t even tell what you’re trying to get onto.

  39. You only learn from your mistakes Wally! And they wouldn’t call you a kitty if you never tried!
    Hope you are all well. Missed your blog.
    Dad to Snow, Leo n Fairy.

  40. Whoa, Wally! Did you get hurt? That’s a pretty skinny target for your jump. Is that the shower on the other side?

  41. Tell Mom you’re practicing to be an acrobat.


  42. Wow, I’m impwessed. I would nefer have thought to explore like that. That’s daring !

  43. you looks like you is flying!!!!

  44. Wally, you truly amaze us!!!!

  45. You’re so funny! Psst: That’s how I ended up breaking our toilet! 😉

  46. We think you are very brave.

    Abby & Stygia

  47. Wally, we’re impressed by your air of cool – like nothing out of the ordinary happened. We do silly thing all the time but we don’t look as cool as you .

  48. Hahaha Wally your cookie pouch is hanging over the edge!! Unflattering alright! hahahah
    DOOD! Your is very lucky that you did not hurt yourself.. watchwhere you jump buddie I would hate for you to get hurt 🙂

  49. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Ops!

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