Dec 162016

Hi everybuddy. It’s me…Zoey. Today I thought I’d flashback to December 2008 and re-run my very first Christmas post. I had never experienced Christmas on the inside before, so everything was new to me. I hope you enjoy my flashback.


Zoey close up

So what’s all this talk ’bout Christmas? The guy and the lady with the yellow hair keep talking ’bout Christmas and decorating and presents and stuff. They put some lights and round things that smell like pine trees in all the windows. And they put a tree with twinkly lights up inside the house. Hey! It’s not even a real tree! Who puts a fake tree in their house??? And they decorated the tree with all sorts of purrty hanging things (the hanging things are fun to play with too!). What’s going on???

The lady with the yellow hair told me that last year I spent Christmas outside in the cold and snow. So I missed celebrating Christmas and all this stuff like putting up a tree and decorating and waiting for Santa Claws.

And, yeah…who IS this Santa Claws and can he really see me all the time??? The lady with the yellow hair says I have to be good so Santa Claws will bring me presents. Well, I think I already got the bestest present when I came to live here!

I like napping under the Christmas tree

Oh, yeah…and napping under this fake tree isn’t so bad! I think I’m gonna like Christmas!!


I still like napping under the Christmas tree

And look…8 years later…some things never change. I still like napping under the Christmas tree!


  44 Responses to “Flashback Friday – Christmas Talk”

  1. We enjoyed reading your blog today about Christmas trees and napping. Watch out to make sure you get hold of lots of lovely presents Zoey – keep an eye out for boys.

  2. Merry Christmas Zoey!! a forever home is ALWAYS the best present

  3. Zoey you are the pretties package under the tree too
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. Oh Zoey, we are so glad that you found such a good home. Christmas is a fun time, sleeping under the nice tree and all.

  5. It’s so pawsome you found a fantastic forever home! And you look so much more relaxed now.

  6. Oh, Zoey, I loved reading about your first Christmas inside! And I am so grateful that you have a loving home where you can enjoy sleeping under the tree.

  7. Hi Precious and beautiful Zoey! xoxo

  8. The tree skirt changed, but you, Zoey, are as gorgeous as ever. It’s so much nicer to be an inside cat when winter comes to call. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  9. So much gorgeous floofyness in such a small package! And I bet the best thing under the tree too 🙂

  10. aww Zoey, you sure did hit the jackpot eight years ago, didn’t you?

  11. Zoey you look so much more relaxed under that tree now – and I napped under our Christmas tree every single year I was here – almost 17 Christmases and LOVED it as a nap spot!

    Hugs, Angel Sammy

  12. Zoey, we’re so glad you get to experience Christmas under the tree! You were beautiful then and even more so now!

  13. Zoey I can see the change in your eyes. The first one you still had that wild and scared look. But now the look is one of contentment and love. Merry Christmas.

  14. Oh, we loved that flashback, Zoey! Turns out that fake tree was a good thing after all, huh?

  15. We enjoyed reading your flashback, Zoey ! Purrs

  16. And you’re even more gawjus now Zoey. Me thinks Raena’s gonna luv her furst Christmas too. Big hugs to all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  17. I bet you were your humans’ best gift that year too!

  18. We love this flashback post.

  19. Such beautiful photos pretty Zoey and yes, under the Christmas Tree is magical!

  20. You know what, Zoey? They also got the bestest present when you came to live there. This is a sweet post. You were adorable then and even more gorgeous now.

  21. That was a great post. It was fun to see you from 8 years ago, and then sitting under the tree now.

  22. We love your tree’s skirt, Zoey. It must be the best dressed fake tree in MI. Getting to celebrate indoors IS the best present of all.

  23. Very sweet flashback 🙂 This year is my Brody’s first Christmas inside, he just hung his stocking.

  24. What a great to Christmas past. Glad you have such a great home these past eight years.

  25. Under the Christmas tree is one the best places! I’m glad you’ve spent 8 years taking advantage of that, Zoey!

  26. You have grown up a lot in 8 years. You know all about Christmas now and do not have to be out in the snow and cold

  27. Yes, indeed, Zoey, There’s no topping the gift you gotted 8 years ago?

  28. Zoey! Yous has not aged a bit! Your smile is bigger though! And your girlish figure is still girlish!
    Thanks so furry much for re-sharing your firstest inside Christmas with us!!!

  29. You were beautiful then and you are now. Mom loves those aqua eyes. I know the CB mancats are all wanting to be your mail smuggler.

  30. Holy MOLEY! Main SNUGGLER. Thanks you spell correct!

  31. You haven’t aged a bit, Zoey. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

  32. What a happy flashback! We did notice the first picture of you under the tree there are no ornaments on the bottom and now they are there. You have definitely found the purrfect forever home!

  33. I loved your flashback, Zoey. So happy you found a wonderful home and spending so many Christmasses with your loving family. Pawkisses for a Happy Caturday:) <3

  34. Mee-you sweet Zoe you sure have grown uppy an are a beeuteeus gurl now….Mee can not emagin how you survived outside an mee iss berry happy yur an Island Kitty all these years…..
    An nappinn under a tree seems purrty kewl to mee……
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  35. That first Christmas must have seemed like a miracle Zoey! We’re so glad you found your way into your beans’ house and heart.

  36. i would love to find her under my tree!

  37. Merry Christmas Zoey!
    Looks like you found your spot…

    Noodle and crew

  38. Beautiful Zoey, you are so lucky to have a big fake tree to lay under. You’ve seen that puny little thing my humans dragged home. It’s a disgrace to the word tree!!! Merry Christmas sweetie to you and your family. Do you mind if I come over and enjoy your tree too? I think it’s big enough for both of us if we snuggle a little bit.

  39. You really did get the the bestest present when you went to live there. But so did your mom!

  40. We really enjoyed your flashback, Zoey. And we agree… a forever home is the bestest present ever.

  41. Forever homes are the bestest prezzie.

  42. SQUEE!!! Baby (or, youngun’…) Zoey photo! Look at those big eyes. And you are so beautiful as a grown-up kitty, Zoey. Hugs!

  43. We are glad you are a spoiled indoor kitty now!

  44. We are so glad you have been spending Christmases inside now! Aren’t they lots of good fun??! We sure think so.

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