Nov 212016

I'll take care of you

Wally…I love ya, bro.

Island Cat Mom’s note:  This picture was taken before Wally got sick, but I’m certain Ernie still feels this way. Wally continues to improve and is eating more on his own.


This is the money shot

Hey, Ernie here.  We got some good news the other day. Remember Sadie…the cat we fostered recently while the animal shelter was making some repairs? Well, she found her forever home! Whoohoo! In addition to her human family, we hear she’ll be living with 2 boycats. I’m sure that girl will be showing those 2 who’s boss in no time! We wish Sadie and her new family a whole lotta happiness.


  50 Responses to “I Love Ya, Bro!”

  1. We are so glad that Sadie found such a good home. Ernie, we know that you and Wally will be great friends again.

  2. Yay for Sadie! Ernie, we know that you love Wally, and we are all sending whisker kisses and purrs to help him get better!

  3. What a sweet picture! So glad that Sadie found home too 🙂

  4. We are thrilled that Sadie found her great forever home!

    And that pic of you and Wally has all of our hearts going pitter-patter around here!

  5. Seeing you two boys cuddling makes me and mom extremely happy and smiley! Love you two. Grateful Sadie found her forever home too What a gorgeous girl.

  6. Yay for Sadie and her new family … and Yay for Wally eating more on his own! That picture of Ernie and Wally is heart melting 🙂

  7. are you speaking about sadie becoming the boss based on personal experience?

    love the bro pic.

  8. I absolutely LOVE that photo! It is perfect on so many levels! So glad to hear that Wally is doing better and better! Great news! YAY for Sadie! That is pawesome news too!!!! She got good experience with 2 mancats at your house before heading to her new furever home. Best news!

  9. I too am glad to hear that Wally is doing better, and that Sadie has found her furever home!

  10. What a classic bromance photo of you boys. And yay for Sadie!

    Happy Thanksgiving you guys, just in case the preps for all the foods get too hectic and we can’t blog.

  11. Oh, I feel so happy for Sadie. She is one beautiful calico and we all fell in love with her when we saw her on your blog.
    And hurrah, Wally, you sweet kitty. I’m sure Ernie will put his paw around you when you are feeling better.

  12. Oh, Ernie, thank you for being the best brother ever. Yippee for Sadie! We are thrilled to hear she’s found her forever home!

  13. We’re glad Wally is feeling better! So happy for Sadie!!!!

  14. Woo Hoo!! Wee LUV good newss! Wally keep on improving ok?? Ernie has yur back….
    An conkatss to Sadie gurl fur findin her new home….
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx
    Pee s: See you on thee weekend. Pee Cee iss goin fur reepairss…..

  15. We’re so happy that Sadie found her furever home! Wally, we’re glad you’re eating more too! We know Ernie still loves you!

  16. Wonderful Wally news….and I too am sure Ernie is looking forward to a current photo shoot just like this. We are thrilled about Sadie
    Hugs madi and mom

  17. We love you too Wally, please feel better pal. Hooray for Sadie, that is wonderful news!

  18. That photo is so sweet and we’re glad to hear Wally is still improving
    That is such great news about Sadie too – yay!!

  19. I’m so glad to hear that Wally’s continuing to get better! And paws up for Sadie – that is great news!

  20. What a sweet, sweet photo. <3 Prayers for Wally to continue to improve. Yay for Sadie!

  21. I am glad Wally is improving every day. That is great news that Sadie has her forever home now.

  22. doodz…thiz fotoz iz priceless ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ N wally, we iz total lee happee ta lurn yur eatin better; keep up de good werk dood….even if it meenz yur chowin down on de ewe noe what ~~~~~~~ N saide….conga ratz two ewe anda most happee gotcha day !!! ♥♥♥♥♥

    • N pleez ta pardon R spellin….. SADIE ♥♥♥♥♥~~~~~~~~ wearz spell chex when we knead spellz chex ….bee sidez ona brake ~~~~~~~~

  23. That picture of your two boys is the sweetest *ever*! And such fantastic news about beautiful Sadie.

  24. Pawsum mews ’bout Sadie. And we’re certain Ernie still luvs Wally. Brofurs always luv each other.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  25. So happy to hear all the good news bout Wally eating more and Sadie getting her fur ever home!

  26. That’s such a sweet photo of the two of them! And paws up for Sadie. We’re so glad to hear that she has a forever home of her own now. That has to make your human extra-happy, too!

  27. Aw, Ernie. That reminds us of the special bond our old bro William had with our old bro Russell. (Same colors, too!) Anyway, we’re not surprised Sadie got a home–she is quite the little doll!

  28. Great news for Sadie.
    Ernie, hopefully you can give your brother big snuggle sleeps again soon. I’m glad he’s getting better and we continue to send healing purrs.

  29. Glad Wally is feeling better and Sadie got adopted.

  30. What a sweet photo of you two Ernie and Wally. Great news that Wally is feeling better, and that Sadie found her furever home!

  31. We are so thrilled to hear Wally is making good progress. The Island Bros. will be back in business soon. We’ll be saying a little prayer of thanks for Wally’s improvement on Fanksgiving XOXOXO

  32. Yay for Sadie finding her furrever home. She was beauty-full, a good addition to any home.

  33. We are glad Wally is doing better and will be able to snuggle with Ernie soon!

  34. We always love seeing that brotherly love, Wally and Ernie. And hooray for Sadie!

  35. Aww.. that picture of Wally and Ernie is just the cutest! I’m so glad that Wally is continuing to get better… and yay for Sadie being adopted! I’m sure she’ll keep her brothers in line, just like Zoey does!

  36. Love and caring is allus good. Hold what ya love…

  37. What a sweet photo of Ernie and Wally! Glad Wally is getting better. I hope he fully recovers soon. Great news about Sadie! How nice she is getting brothers, too 🙂 I wish her a happy new life xoxo

  38. What a sweet photo ! We keep purring for Wally, and are doing the happy dance for Sadie ! Purrs

  39. awwww! Love that photos and happy to hear good news for Sadie and Wally!

  40. I saw this picture on instagram and love the big polydactyl hug.
    That’s great that Sadie has a home and Wally is recovering. That’s a lot to be grateful for.

    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  41. Double good news, we love that…and the picture of Wally and Ernie definetely shows the love 🙂 So glad that Wally is improving. Good Luck in your furrever home, Sadie *waves paw* and last but not least we want to thank you for your Birthday Wishes for Granny. They really made her day! Double Pawkiss for a wonderful day 🙂 <3

  42. seriously love that photo and yay for Sadie!

  43. You two are so cute cuddling together. And that is wonderful news about Sadie.

  44. 🙂 Good news! We are so glad for Sadie and send our best love to Wally

  45. That is the sweetest picture ever. Congrats for Sadie and sending Wally-love.

  46. What a great thing for which to give thanks…a new home for the holidays. Congratulations to Sadie. Ernie, you are absolutely the best big brother. That is a memory and photo to be cherished always! We love you all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  47. We love seeing that brotherly love!!

    And hooray for Sadie!

  48. I love the picture of Ernie and Wally and I am happy that Sadie will have a home and that Wally is doing better.

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