Mar 302009

C’mon, mom!!!  Get that flashy box out of our faces!!
We can’t sleep with that thing flashing!!!
Right, Ernie???

::mumble::  Right, Wall…zzzzzzzzzz…..


  30 Responses to “ManCats – Leave Us Alone!”

  1. You two looked like the flashy box threw off your sleeping. It doesn’t look like you moved a bit.Happy Mancat Monday.

  2. What is it with mums and the flashy beast? Mine never leaves me alone either.

  3. A good napping session is always ruined by that darn flashy box around here. Enjoy your mancat naps!

  4. I think we should organize a rebellion and hide all of the flashy boxes. A cat can’t even take a nap around these humans!

  5. nope, can’t sleep wif the flashy box in the face

  6. That flashy box is a nuisance! We love your cuddly sleepy pics!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  7. Enjoy that great nap you handsome boys!

  8. omg! You are very cute sleeping!

    Jas & Gi

  9. We have the same problem around here – but how else can people see how cute we are?

    We love the paws!

  10. Aww come on, don’t be a wimp. Just put a paw over your eyes. If it’s good enough for us girls, it’s good enough for YOU!

    Abby & Stygia

  11. That is a cute nap pose!

  12. Ban the box! The flashy one, not the litter one.

  13. That sure can get annoying. I know how you feel and I am not even a mancat!

  14. Beans can be so darn annoying when you’re trying to snooze!

  15. I thinks the mommas justs can’t helps themselves with the flashy thing especially when we are sleeping. Just when you is dreamings about some purrfect mice then flash!

  16. Don´t disturb humanssss!!!!

  17. You look very calm (and cute). We wonder why humans always get out the flashy box when us cats are napping…

  18. It is extremely annoying when you are trying to sleep and your Mom is flashing the box in your face!

  19. That’s the problem being so cute, the beans can’t help but take your picture.

  20. That was rude! I think you should sit on her tonight and stare at her face, and maybe tap her, until she wakes up!

  21. Wally, I really like the color of your paw pads!

  22. Mancat Monday should also be no flashy box Monday.

  23. Yeah!!!! Get that flashy thing outta there!!
    Those are super Mancats!!! One of them is a god!!
    (no Mom,it was not ‘just a sunbeam’!!)
    Purrs Mickey

  24. Sounds like Ernie is having a little easier time sleeping than you, Wally. We hope you got your Zzzz’s in, though!

  25. I’ve resorted to hiding under the bed to avoid the flashy box when I want a good nap.

  26. Sheesh…they do that at your house too?!

  27. Mommy says a napping cat is to good to pass up.

  28. Horse shoe curl sleeping positions ey?!

  29. Eh, the picture didn’t load for me. I’ll just ditto what everyone else said.
    Stoopid dial-up!

  30. We hate the flashy, too. Its good that warmer weather is here, cause we’ll be outside more. That means no flashy…

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