Easy E Sunday

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Mar 292009

A light shone down on me from the heavens…

Oh, I must be a god!!!

Whaddaya mean it’s just a sunbeam???

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  1. Aw Ernie, it looks like you are enjoying that sunbeam, Happy Sunday

    I’am going sleep the hole sunday !!
    Kareltje purss purrsss =^.^=

  3. That is a nice sunbeam and it is shining just for you.

  4. That’s pretty impressive, Ernie! Before we confirm your divinity, though, we want to know who was there first – you, or the sunbeam 🙂

  5. You look like a god, Ernie, in that light..don’t let them tell you otherwise!

  6. Hey Ernie, you look great in that sunbeam. Is it warm? I bet you should get some sunglasses to sit there.

  7. Wish we has a sunbeam like that! You look great!

  8. What a beautiful picture! Have a happy sunbeam Sunday!

    Rocky & staff

  9. Whoa! Maybe you are really Ceiling Cat!

  10. Ah yes, but a cat can dream, right?

  11. Ernie, you look like a god to us, why else would that sunbean have found you?
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon
    Pee ess … Momma likes your baskets on the hearth!

  12. Just because it’s a sun beam doesn’t mean you aren’t a feline gawd…

  13. Run away from the light!

  14. The humans have a limited understanding of many things. The great feline obviously choose to shine on you.

  15. Who said that?! The lady? Ernie, she’s wrong and you’re right!!

  16. Oh! That is so cool! What do the beings know! It had to be from heaven!

  17. Sunbeams do make us feel special!=^Y^=Toy

  18. That sunbeam looks to me like it was put there just for you!

  19. That’s a great pickshure of you inna sunnybeam! It must feel so warm on yur furs.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  20. Trust us. That sunbeam was directed straight at you by Mr Sun. Its his beam an he KNOWS where it is going!

  21. What a beautiful sunshine touches on you!

  22. Don’t you just love those special sunbeams that come through the door or window just especially for you?

  23. We think the sunbeam came especially for you.

  24. and al those before you bowed down in awe!!!!!

    a very pretty photo too.

  25. Of course you’re a god Ernie. Don’t listen to those naysayers.

  26. Wow! You look very much like a god!

  27. Now that’s what we call a sunbeam!

  28. Yess!!! We cats are gods and the wold is our! Muahahahahaha!


  29. Ernie you certainly suit being in the spotlight! You are so handsome you look like an Egyptian guardian kitteh! 🙂

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