A Great Injustice

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Sep 262016


The mom is home from her second girls weekend in the past month…and it better be her last, if you ask me. When she was unpacking her bag…of course, I had to help…I found a great injustice committed. She didn’t bring anything home for us! Zero, zilch, nada! All that was in this bag were dirty clothes and stuff for herself. She said she didn’t see any kitty things. Flimsy excuse! She probably didn’t even look…she was too busy eating, drinking and having fun with her friends. Oh, she gets major demerits for this!

So now we’re taking suggestions on how we should make her pay for this injustice. Leave yours in the comments. Anything goes…make it good.


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  1. nothing for you??? we find it hard to believe she couldn’t find any kitty stuff on her adventure….

  2. Ernie, you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar…or so my mom always said! Give your mom some purrs and headbonks instead of a hairball in her shoe or yakking up your breakfast on her newspaper.

  3. We think you should give your mom ONE more chance to bring you back something on her next girl’s weekend.

  4. We think you should get to pick some things from Chewys! I’m sure you have a wish list. . .

  5. Nothing for the kittehs?! That’s… that’s just not right, y’all.

  6. I think each of you should divide up the night up and take shifts jumping on her bladder. As you can see, I don’t pussy cat around this is serious!
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  7. She didn’t bring you anything? Not one little thing? That is unacceptable!

  8. Uh, did you leave anything in that bag….? No, no forget about it. That’s too gross. Just kiss her and hug her and snuggle her and make her feel that she has received a much-needed MORAL SLAP from her neglected family!

  9. No way? No kitty stuff for you guys? What the what??????

  10. A horking a day makes a GREAT display, boys and Zoey!

  11. Hey Ernie, my human spent both Saturday and Sunday at a cat show without me – and she didn’t bring me home anything either! And she was surrounded by cool cat things!

  12. The LEAST she could have done is pick up some cat treats on the way home!! No respect, I tell you! I’d give you my advice but seeing as I’m grounded well into my ninth life, you’d be wise not to take my advice πŸ™‚ ~Bear Cat

  13. Nothing for the kitties? *shakes head in disbelief* I am so sorry! She just must not have been thinking. What should you do to get back? Hmmmmm Why don’t you be really, really extra nice to her–that will blow her mind! πŸ™‚

  14. We are sorry to hear that she didn’t bring anything back for you. That’s just wrong!

  15. nothing for you?? I say you pee in the bag.. πŸ˜‰ no.. wait.. that might end up getting you a trip to the vet..

  16. What?!? The injustice!

    I’m so tempted to tell you all to give her as many ooey, gooey, juicy hairballs as possible. You could play it off like she neglected your grooming so much while way, that you just have to deposit those hairballs all over the house.

    On the other hand, you could pour your charm and adorableness on really thick, and make her feel really bad for how she treated you. That way, she’ll realize her mistake, and will surely buy you all something new. Better late than never, right?

  17. Nothing?? As in absolutely nothing for you? Hmmm, okay, time to pull out the big guns.

    She should have to leave her bag there, yes, the one with all the dirty clothes in it, open just like in your photo for you to nap and sleep in for…. one whole week! Nope, no getting to clean those clothes, no getting to pack things back away. If she needs something in there, well, she should have thought of that beforehand.

    Next time she goes away, and she probably will and there’s nothing wrong with that, she will be taking a part of you with her. If you roll around in her bag well enough, there should be lots of you in the bag that she couldn’t help but think of you, and remember that you are stuck at home, ever waiting on her return, your little heart breaking perhaps. It might help if you sniffle a bit and act dejected a little. Clearly, only treats and toys will heal this. We predict a change in her behavior! Cheers!

  18. Hmmm, all the good revenges have been used up so we will just ditto to all of them, MOL!!

  19. Hide her car keys!

  20. Make sure you leave lots of fur or a big hairball in that bag next time she goes to the girlies, Ernie. I’m sure she will never forget πŸ˜€ Pawkisses for a Happy Day πŸ™‚ <3

  21. I say you wait for her to wash those dirty clothes and then make sure to get them nice and furry asap! πŸ˜‰

  22. Oooh, we’d kill for girl’s weekend or any time off. She’s probably in a good mood so be nice and she’ll give you a special treat.

  23. ANYTHING goes? How about leaving a little “MESSAGE” in that bag of hers……that certainly makes it plain that you aren’t a happy dood.

    Hugs, Sam

  24. I think you should poop and kick litter all over the house. Love, Cody

  25. guys…we could say shoves a 15 day ole halibutt in de heet vent but then ewe all…. N dad wood hafta sufferz thiz one two………we will givez thiz sum thought !! β™₯β™₯β™₯

  26. OMC Ernie, you mean she brought home nuffin’? Not even a chicken wing from da chicken place down da street? Dat is rotten. After all, she might not have seen anythin’ on her trip, but dat’s no ‘scuse fur not stoppin’ at da store befur comin’ home. MOL Fur sure this calls fur some major snubbin’ and purr withholdin’. A few whacky paws and even a hairball or ten on her pillow, in her shoes and purrse and anywhere else she might not see.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  27. Absolutely shocking. Like I said yesterday when you had the iPad…shopping spree time!!!

  28. How could she possibly have forgotten to bring something back for you? Surely she got something and it fell out along the way….

  29. Our mommy just got back from a trip and didn’t bring us nothing either. She says we have everything we need. Whatever. I’m paying her back by not letting her sleep in.


  30. Oh my…what a mom! You could pee in her purse or her suitcase. Sharpen your claws on her favourite throw rug. Wake her at 3am with a squeak toy. There are lots of things to get even with her. The question is which one will hold a lasting impression with your mom. All moms are different so choose one that really get through to her and go for it.


  31. Yak is always great payback.

  32. I say smother her with hugs and kisses so she feels guilty and will never leave again!!!

  33. Well she left you her iPad, right? Time to go shopping.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  34. How could she be eating and NOT see anything for you guys? She could have bought you some scraps or a kitty bag.

  35. “Borrow” her credit card and order a few things from Hauspanther. I can’t believe she didn’t bring you kitties anything, I mean we know how deprived you are.

  36. Your mom was gone twice in the last month?! My mom hasn’t gone anywhere in the last two years. I think your mom owes you all lots of petting, playtime, treats, toys, and general indulgence.

  37. Mum didn’t bring anything home for me either on her travels. Well, she did bring herself back home. I guess that will do.

  38. Too bad your mom didn’t bring back anything. Though I’m sure she will make up for it by ordering new toys and treats from paradise called Amazon πŸ™‚

  39. before you leave that bag, Ernie, yak up a hairball. no, wait. save it for her clean clothes πŸ˜€
    she could’ve at least stopped at a local store to get you kitties something and just pretended it was a real soovenire πŸ™‚

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

  40. If you pee in the bag then she won’t be able to go anywhere with it again.

  41. Nothing for you ? What about a nice hairball in her bag ? Purrs

  42. Nothing for you? Poop in the bag then she won’t want to be using it again!

  43. Your Mom didn’t bring you any presents back Ernie so we think you should spread all your black furs over her cleanest clothes and give her a fur ball!

  44. OMC! No souvenirs? How is that even possible? I think you need to send her to your favorite cat store with a loooong list of treats and toys. It is only fair. MOL!

  45. We think your mom is pretty gutsy to continue to go away with the girls. Our mom has always wished she had girls to go away with. That’s sort of what BlogPaws was for her until Dad decided that he needed to go with her. Nothing for y’all is just wrong though. We’ll have to think hard on what y’all can do for payback. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  46. Nothing for you? You should play with all the stuff she bought for herself!

  47. OMC, I think your mom is a sister of my mom. Mom went away for several days and she didn’t brought me anything. I let some spiders loose in the house and stuff like that.
    Next day I got 3 bags of treats…


  48. It could be worse, Ernie, we thought at first that you were inside a cat carrier on your way to the vet….LOL. It’s all about perspective, buddy. πŸ™‚

  49. Hork in her shoe!! One of Mom’s kitties did that once….Mom never forgot it!

    The Florida Furkids

  50. Mee has sumfing that wood get her attenshun butt get youss’ inn BIG trubbull…..
    KNOCK OVER thee flat screen Tee Vee!!!! That will get her attenshun….
    An you inn thee doggiehouse…
    Trust me Ernie…mee KNOWSS!!!!
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  51. a good hork goes a looong way. Just meowing.

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