Mar 272009

Hey, Ernie!  Wanna share this sunbeam with me???

Yeah, Zoey!  Count me in!!

You should feel lucky that I’m sharing with you, Ernie…
I may not be so generous next time!!

Geez, Zoey…thanks…I think…

(Ssshhhhh!!  Don’t tell Ernie but I kinda like it when he hangs with me!!)

Hey, I finally pestered the lady with the yellow hair into getting off her butt and ordering me the Turbo Track!  The package hasn’t arrived yet but she sez it should be here soon.  I hope  we’ll have some pictures to show next week!  Maybe I’ll even let Ernie and that orange stripey cat play with it!!

  30 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Sharing”

  1. What cute pictures

  2. I can’t WAIT to see your turbo track in action! Oh yeah.

  3. Thank you Island Cats. We didn’t take any recent photos while he was skinny, we wanted to remember him this way and I am so thankful I got the opportunity to get this footage.

  4. We are wearing mom out on that Turbo Track too! It is nice of you to share a sunbeam!!!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  5. Zoey, you are much nicer than Tasha – she is not very good at sharing! (But even she might share with Ernie – he’s so cute!)

  6. What? Do you mean to say you won the lady over wiv your pestering and now you’re getting a turbo track? Can we come round and play wiv it too? We want one of those – but Mom said “you’ve got quite enuff toys as it is!” Any hints on how to be succesful pestering? You lot are obviously much better at pestering than we are – and I thort I could pester for England. Alfie’s still a newbie at pestering but he’s getting the hang of it. Tee hee!

    Nice pics by the way.

  7. I can’t believe you’re getting a Turbo Track! I’m coming over right this instant to play too!

  8. Sunbeans are the absolute bestest thing, especially when they are on the bed!

  9. Maybe you should host a day at the track, or a track warming party!

  10. Mom has already made the different shapes with our turbo track, she even sprayed it with catnip to get me to play with it. Now Mom is thinking of getting another turbo track later to add on more fun! At first, when Mommy put our together, we just wanted to just play in the box………Mom left us alone till she heard the sound of the ball on the track! Ty was the first player and he played till he almost fell over! =^Y^=Toy

  11. We have an award for you at our place! Please take a look! (^_^)

    Zoey, that’s mighty nice of you to share the sunbeam with Ernie. Hope you have fun with your Turbo Track!

    Nermal, Nico, Virgil, Westley, and Mags

  12. I has always said a lady cat shud remain aloof yet crabby to the mancats – it’s what keeps em comin back! hehe

  13. We don’t get very many sunspots this time of year, so sharing them is a good idea!

  14. Bed, sunshine, sharing, nap time. Looks like a good day!

  15. That was nice of her to share her sunbeam with you Ernie.

  16. That was so sweet of you Zoey!!

  17. That sunbeam looks delicious!

  18. Can you guys tell Wally that I’m really sorry I missed his Kitty Fight Club entry? As it’s been so popular we’ll make it an annual event, so he’ll be first on the list next time!

  19. You two share sunbeans very well 😀 That doesn’t usually happen here. Mos times there’s a stare down and hissing until some cat moves and gives the spot up.

  20. Sunbathe on occasion is very good ^^

  21. Does this mean you two are getting along now? I can’t wait to see evidence of the turbo track. I hope your mum gets video.

  22. It looks like you are getting a bit more of that sunbeam than Ernie is, Zoey. 🙂

  23. You both look comfy. What’s a turbo track? We don’t get out much.

  24. That’s very nice of you Zoey. It’s an extra bonus that you kinda like it too.

  25. It´s so nice to share the sunbeam!
    We don´t know much about the turbo track.

  26. I am really excited about your Turbo Track! That looks so fun. You two are nice to share a sunbeam. That is one of Mom’s biggest regrets, that we don’t snuggle together.

  27. I like it when you two lay together, you look so cute, I am sending you purrs and headbutts.

  28. Thats very nice of ya ta share yer sunbeam!

  29. Thats so wonderfur to hear you will just loves the turbo track! I am sure you guys saw my eye of the tiger video showing me offs with the turbo track. You guys sweet for sharing the sunlight together.

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