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Can you guess where I was?

I don’t look very happy here.

This was me last week. Can you guess where I was? If you said “at the vet’s” you’d be right. But I wasn’t at my regular vet. I had to go to a special vet that deals with the heart. Y’see, when I was at my regular vet about a month ago, she listened to my heart and said she heard it murmuring. I don’t know what it was saying, but it was talking enough that she wanted a special vet to hear it. So the mom and me went on a road trip to see this special vet…called a vet cardiologist. His office was quite a ways from our island, and I didn’t like being in the car very much. I sang a little to the mom and then she sang some to me. I think I have the better voice.

I have to admit, the special vet was a pretty nice guy. He listened to my heart murmuring, and then he took me in the back room so he could take some pictures of my heart. He brought me back and told the mom that the murmuring wasn’t too bad but he wanted me to start taking some medicine so the murmuring doesn’t get any worse.

I wanna go home!

This is my “I wanna go home now” face.

So now I take a teeny tiny piece of a teeny tiny pill once a day. Don’t worry about me…I feel great. The medicine is just a precaution to make sure my ticker…that’s what the mom calls my heart…keeps on ticking. And I don’t have to go back to see the special vet for about a year. Which is long enough for me.


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  1. WHAT?!?!? And the vet cardiologist didn’t even tell you what your heart was murmuring?!?!? All that listening and taking pictures and he didn’t tell you? I bet it has something to do with fish … or maybe chicken? Catnaps? A lady cat friend? I’m glad your ordeal is over and you’re okay … even if you have to take pills (an ordeal in and of itself!!!). ~Bear Cat

  2. take good care of your ticker. your wanna go home face is very effective.

  3. Huh. We dunno about having bits of us that talk and we don’t know what they are saying. What if they are …making fun of us? How odd would be that be?? Anyways, we hope this pill makes you all better.

  4. we hope it stops talking while you take those pills Wally!

  5. We are sure those tiny little pills will do the trick. What a great stink eye face, Wally!

  6. Wally my sweet you have excellent loving care and we are so glad your vet sent you to the best.
    Mom told me the first family kitty had a heart ultra sound thingie and she watched. It was very interesting and for sure we kitties have great hearts.
    I’m glad your pill is itty bitty
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. Walls! Glad you only have to take a teeny tiny piece of a pill each day. Tell your mom that we’ve had great luck using pill paste; Chuck used to eat it like a treat! You certainly look forlorn and unhappy in those two photos!
    PS Did you mom drive you to Bloomfield Hills? I am curious about where the cat cardiologist is.

  8. Wally, so sorry to hear that you have to take medicine but very happy it is teeny tiny. Lily Olivia has had a heart murmur for many years, and it has never worsened. She doesn’t take medicine. We know you will continue to be a strong and healthy Cat Scout. You were very brave! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  9. YAY for tiny issues that don’t require a lot of car trips. While we are sorry you had to go through any of it, this was probably the best outcome that could have come from it.

  10. Great news it’s not a big deal!

  11. So glad your heart is just murmuring a tiny bit. We have had some cats with murmurs and they did just fine with that little tiny bit of medicine. You sure do look unhappy in that picture. Bet you were so glad to get home.Sending purrs that the murmur goes away.

  12. Thank heaven, Wally, that you have a good vet and tiny once a day pills. We are all so happy for your healthy body and getting-healthier heart. It’s easy to treat a heart of gold and I’m sure the vet will manage.

  13. Wally, I hope the pill helps keep everything OK and you stay OK. I bet your heart murmurs beautiful music. <3

  14. Hello Wally, glad your ordeal is over but at least now you know the pill will keep those pesky murmerings in check! xxx

  15. Wally you and me could be heart brothers. I gotta see the heart vet man too. I go more often- every 8 months. My sister went to the Rainbiw Bridge cause her heart was really sick. Mine isn’t so bad as hers was. You were really brave. I need mom to stay with me while the heart vet man puts goop on my fur and takes pictures and measurements of my heart. I get real upset. Maybe you can tell me how to be so brave? Love, Nicky

  16. Wally are you taking a beta blocker like my mommy?

  17. We bet your ticker was murmuring about chick-hen, and we bet your teensy little pill helps your ticker demand more chick-hen. Because, why not? And no, we’re not just saying this because we’re more than ready for lunch, at which we’re having…. salmon! (Bet you thought we’d say chick-hen, huh?)

  18. I sure am glad you got checked out Wally and a wee pill is no big deal. Purrs to you my friend.

  19. Oh Wally, you look so scared! I wish I could have rescued you. Are they sure you didn’t have innergestion and that was talking? Hope the meds work. TW has been taking them for about a dozen years.

  20. I’m glad you had that checked out, Wally – precautions are good.

  21. Best to take care of that early, yes precautions are good. Take care sweetie.

  22. Even though you had to go on a road trip, we sure are glad you found out that you’re gonna be okay, Wally. 🙂

  23. We’re glad it was caught early so you can prevent any problems. We hope you got treats when you got home!

  24. dood…we iz buzzed happee yur tickerz trubullz waz catched earl lee on N we noe yur mom iz two….plus knot goin two de place oh eeeeeeeeeeevil for another yeer izza troo lee long time…..we think itz like 365 days !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  25. I am glad your ticker is only murmuring a little bit to you, and the tiny bit of pill will help. you don’t look very happy to be there!

  26. He doesn’t look too happy…. lol. I once had a cat too that had a heart murmur, and the vet wanted to refer to an ultrasound, but I never went for it. I mean, I could see all my money go, and it wouldn’t do any good for my cat, only cause him distress. He was fine and a very lively cat so I didn’t worry about it. However, good that he got some medicine that will prevent further problems.

  27. I’m very happy that it isn’t serious, Wally, and that you don’t have to return for a whole year. You do not look happy to be there, that’s for sure. I bet it was sweet to get home (hopefully, Ernie didn’t give you a hard time).

  28. Angel Tara had a cardiologist for her CHF. Surprisingly, and thankfully, ours was very close by. Until that time I didn’t know such a specialist even existing for cats and dogs. Glad your murmur is mild, Wally, and that you have meds to help control it!

  29. Hi Wally! I had to go to one of those, too. Did they give you nice drugs there like they did me? I sure was a happy camper by the time I left, MOL!!

    I am glad your heart is not talking too loud. We hope it stays that way ’cause we want your ticker to keep on ticking for a long LONG time!

  30. The human has a murmur too. Like yours it’s tiny and no big deal she even does the gym 2 hours every day! You were very brave at the vet.
    Have a super Wednesday…

    Noodle and crew

  31. I’m sorry to hear that you have a heart murmur, Wally! I’m glad that it seems to have been caught early and that you are getting great treatment. My kitties make that face when they have to go to the vet too. You are super cute even when you are upset.

  32. Bummer, Wally. I have a slight murmur too and I have no idea what’s being said either!


  33. Maggie has heart issues, but the meds have helped. We hope they help you, too. Hugs.

  34. Better to be safe, your Mom was smart to bring you to a specialist.

  35. Please take extra special care of your heart. ♥ ♥ We are sending you some extra special POTP.

  36. Angel Pip saw a very nice Cardiologist for many years. His heart also murmured and did some other things, too. We think heart doctors are usually pretty nice. Take care of your very special heart!

  37. Awww, sorry you had to go to a special vet, Wally. At least it’s not that bad of a murmur, regardless of what it’s saying.

  38. […] (She’s reading The Island Cats’s blog, What’s That Wally Doing edition, about Wally’s visit to the vet. You can read it HERE! ) […]

  39. Take your pill and keep that ticker going and going and going………

  40. You have a truly spawsial heart, Wally, if it talks, Wow! Does it sing too??

    You want to take really spawsial care of that spawsial heart..and we are glad you are. Hope the pill goes down easy each day. Minko gets 4 pills (or pieces of them…) in the morning and one more in the evening. His intestines must really be spawsial, MOL!

  41. Oh BAST, we Sure know that “I wanna go home now” look!

  42. Well Wally, someone said recently that gingers have more than their share of murmurs and maybe it’s true? I have one too……..I just hope when our hearts are murmuring they aren’t giving away all our secrets!!!!!!

    Love, Sammy

  43. Oh, road trips that end you up at any vet are no fun. Well, we’re glad the cardiologist was a nice guy, Wally. And we’re glad you’re on a medicine that will help prevent any issues. One of the in-house kitties at the clinic where I used to work was on atenolol for a murmur and thickening of the wall of her heart. After some time on it, her murmur was no longer audible, and the thickening of her heart had decreased significantly. Well, it sure sounds like you’re in good hands, Wally! And we like hearing that you’re feeling great! Purrs!

  44. Egads…a road trip to the vet. Definitely not fun. A special vet eh? Did he have a party hat with a heart on it? Offer you special treats? NO! Then he is not a fun vet. Glad your heart murmur is not too severe. Take the pill if it’s that small….it can’t taste that bad. Kali and I are thinking bout ya Wally.

    Shoko and Kali

  45. You do not look like a happy camper there, Wally! Well, it’s all over with for a year now, and it will be worth it since the pills will help keep you healthy!

  46. Oh mee KAT mee was so-o worried when mee ferst started readin yur post Wally!!!!
    this Vet dude sounds like hee knows what hee was doin an if all you need iss a teeny tiny peece of pill fur yur heart that iss pawsum!!
    An a hole year to relax befur going back iss a bow-nus……
    ***Hi-5’sss*** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  47. Oh Wally, you poor dear. You look so unhappy in dat foto. We’s sorry to hear ’bout your murmurin’ ticker, but we’s sure your mommy and da VET man are doin’ da bestest they can fur ya’. And of course we purray fur you and your furmily every day. We’s gonna keep dat goin’, so you’s gonna be just fine.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  48. Wally that is very good that they caught it early….hopefully that pill will keep things status quo and you will be as good as new!

  49. Hope this gets you feeling better really soon buddy!!

  50. Take care Sweetie!

  51. Aw, rats. I hope that nasty murmur doesn’t get any worse. And I hope you get treats with those pills!

    (As an aside, most of my senior cats have had some type of heart murmur. I have no idea why it’s so common, but it sure seems to be!)

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  52. We’re sorry Wally that you had to go to the ebil v e t but we’re sure glad you got some teeny tiny pills to take that we keep that ticker going.


  53. Wally, you’re looking “done” in that second photo. I’m glad the cardiologist was nice to you and got you started on some medicine so your murmur doesn’t get worse.

  54. I am sorry to hear that you are not very good but glad to know it is not serious. Hope you will better soon.

  55. You certainly do not look happy in these photos, I knew something was up the moment I saw that kitty scowl! I’m so glad you went to the special Vet, it’s so important to keep on top of the this to make sure the ticker keeps on tickin’!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  56. Oh Wally. You must be so scared when staying at the special vet. Wish you happiness and health to never go to that place again!

  57. Everyone can see your unhappiness here in those photos.Hope you will get better soon, Wally. You deserve better.

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