Aug 262016

I'm not a happy camper

Hey everybuddy. I am not a happy camper. The lady with the yellow hair is going away this weekend…a “girls” weekend, she said. Don’t tell her…’cause I don’t want her to get any ideas that I like her or something…but I hate it when she goes away. Oh, the big guy will be here to take care of me, but it’s never quite the same, y’know what I mean? The food doesn’t get mixed around in my dish just right and my litter box doesn’t get scooped nearly enough.

And then there’s those boycats. Need I say more? Oh, I know…I have to put up with them every day…but when the lady with the yellow hair isn’t here, it’s just that much harder to deal with. I told her she should take them with her, but she said she couldn’t do that. I don’t know why not. It would be a lot better around here without those pesky boycats bothering me.

How ‘bout you? Do you hate it when your humans go away, too?


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  44 Responses to “She’s Going Away…”

  1. We are very lucky in that our Mom doesn’t go away and that is probably because there are so many of us and no one wants to take care of us but that is all right. She doesn’t mind staying home.

  2. it is never the same when the mom is gone…..

  3. well if it’s a girls weekend shouldn’t you be going too?

  4. Since it’s a girl’s weekend, you should be able to go too, Zoey. Starting Monday our mom will be dog/house sitting for her sister for eight days, but will be home a lot during the day to take care of us. You can always teleport here if things get too bad there…or you can teleport the boys! MOL

  5. Sister, I hear ya! I don’t even like it when my mom goes to the store, and all because of the stoopy boys here! Maybe you and I should get a girls-only place to share.

  6. Now, as this is a girls’ weekend, we are not sure why you are not invited, Zoey. Let the men fend for themselves. If you must stay home, we wish you lots of luck! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Lisbeth, Astrid and Calista Jo

  7. Huh. We think it’s pretty strange that you didn’t get an invite!

  8. Poor Zoey; I’m feeling your pain. That’s a rather fetching photo of you today, sweet girl!

  9. Hey Zoey, if you manage it, you and Caroline, may I join you? No stop boys here, no, but I’d like to get away with you girls for awhile.

  10. I HATE IT WHEN THE ANTHROS SPLIT!!! But…my kitty whisperer is so, so nice and gives me little treats (mama doesn’t know about this) and she is so, so good to sleep with that I get to a point that I don’t know the difference.
    Well, not exactly.

  11. It’s never fun when Mom goes away….we feel your pain. Make sure you look really sad and neglected when she gets home.

    The Florida Furkids

  12. Hey Zoey, can you send the boys to catboys camp or sumthing? Tell your mom to have a lovely time and drink lots of bellini!

  13. How could she leave you with those stinky boys with no support?!?! The least she could do it slip you a couple extra treats, right?!?

  14. Mee-you Zoey mee iss sorry you will have to put uppy with onlee mankatss an a Mistur…..
    Hopefullee yur Bfofurss will bee nice to you. An yur Hu’Man will do his best…it seemss thee female of their kind iss all wayss more purrticular….. 😉
    An you know what??? LadyMum has NEVURR leeved mee overnite!!! Seereuslee…..mee knowss shee used to have Lady Anne come inn to care fur Nylablue an Mingflower befur her.
    LadyMum sayss mee iss so Hi-maintenance that even Lady Anne wood have trubbull carin fur mee….
    Have lotss of ‘happy nappyss’ an lotss of treetss an playtime an befur you know it, yellow haired lady will bee back!
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  15. I don’t like it when my peeps leave either….wel no that isn’t entirely true…I do like my sitter. You know why? I will let mom tell you!

    Mom here: Our sitter is always worried Madi wil starve between her once a day visits…so she leaves out extra food!
    Hugs and have a fun trip madi and mom

  16. I feel your pain. Actually, I feel it differently. I was taken along with my mom when she went away last weekend. While my fursibs, the Wonderpurr Gang, had to deal with Dad…who forgot to fill the fish bowls with water (we prefer to drink out of fish bowls) and who fed them the uber expensive Natural & Delicious noms… I had to hang out in a luxury hotel watching the Rio Olympics while mom went to a writers conference. It was a snoozefest, my furend. Sometimes its better to stay home with Dad. That’s all I have to say. Purrrs! Herman!!!

  17. If it is a girl’s weekend then she should take you with her Zoey. We go away about one night a year and their Grammie stays with them so they don’t miss us at all. They always weigh more when we return.

  18. I totally hate it when my Mom leaves me…………..even if my Dad is still home! There’s just plain nobody like my Mom – she “gets” me……she and I have a psychic connection – Dad and I have – well – something but it’s not the same!!!! I love both my parents really I do. I bet you will be alright – those boys will find something to do and you can find a QUIET spot and nap until your human gets back home (then you can tell her how rotten the boys were!).

    Hugs, Sammy

  19. Well, I don’t go away very much but I like to think the animals miss me when I’m gone. 🙂 They seem happy when I return anyways.

  20. Zoey, we hate it when the peeps leave, but usually (not always) they both leave at the same time. Please! If you find a place for the boys, let me know so I can send Pierrot there too! The lady hopes your lady has a wonderful time! Good luck, pretty Zoey!

  21. We hope you manage to have a calm and snoozy weekend pretty Zoey!

  22. When my human goes away, she usually takes me with her, so I’m lucky! I’m not sure what Binga and Boodie think of that… maybe they’re glad for the break, MOL!

  23. If it’s “girls weekend,” shouldn’t you get to go too? You’re welcome to come visit us if you like to hang with girls. There are eight of us! And only one brother!! MOL!

  24. We hate it when the Momz goes away, but we do have to admit that Dadz takes pretty good care of us. Maybe you hate it most because those boys way outnumber you without your Mom there, Zoey!
    Love the Wag ‘n Woof Pets crew

  25. As it’s a girl weekend, why doesn’t she take you with her ? Purrs

  26. I’m sorry, Zoey, but I bet the weekend goes by in a flash, and the woman with the yellow hair will be back home before you know it. I think my kitties are OK if I’m gone for the work day, but Larry says they start looking for me at my regular get-home-from-work time. So I feel bad if I’m later than that. Sometimes when we get home, we’ll find Connor’s “comfort toy” has been moved to the kitchen or the bedroom, which usually means he’s been dragging it around crying a little bit. I bet your mom will miss you more than you will miss her!

  27. Oh dear, the balance of power is shifting…

  28. my stars girl forget those boys; we can take the red eye to Paris THE fashion capitol of the world and shop the week end away. a flight leeves at 21 hundred so grab your dads charge card and 38 extra suitcases for purchases….lets go ~~~~~~~ hugs from dai$y =^..*=

    heerz two a barbel~~less catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  29. Luckily when my Mommy isn’t around my grandparents take care of me. It’s not the same, but they don’t do a half bad job. I can’t imagine being surrounded by all those boyz, Zoey! –Mudpie

  30. You ought to be able to go along for the girl’s weekend. You’re a girl, Zoey. Hopefully the big guy has taken really good notes from the lady in the yellow hair and will treat you like the princess we all know you are.

  31. Let her go Zoey. She’ll adore you all the more when she realizes life is just no fun without you.


  32. Yes! We definitely hate it when Mom Paula goes away. Hopefully, she’ll be back soon.

  33. Hope she has a blast! Oh yes I HATE when Mom goes away and she is going away in September AND October!!

  34. Wait a second! A “girls” weekend without the head “girl” in the house—YOU! That is the worst thing I’ve heard in a while. I won’t let my peeps go away. I keep all the money.

  35. Luckily, my Mom rarely goes anywhere. But when she’s away, Dad does a decent job of taking care of me. He knows exactly how I like my food (he feeds me breakfast every day) but he’s not as fastidious about the litterbox as mom is. I hope your brothers don’t pester you too much.

  36. The lady with the yellow hair is going without yous!?!? How dare she! Mes gets to goes with my Mommy on Girls weekends, after all mes one of the firls!

  37. We feel for you, Zoey. We know only too well what being abandoned feels like. Hang in there!

    The Chans

  38. Our mom isn’t allowed to go away. Who would serve our meals on time or maybe early? Who would we sit on?

    At least as the only female left in the house, you’re in charge Zoey. It might be fun to keep those boys in line and the lady with the yellow hair will shower you with treats and attention upon her return.

  39. Yes we hate that too…and now its even worse when she goes, cause now we need to go and stay in a boarding place…sheesh:(

  40. Yer male Bein needs training from the lady Bein…

  41. Oh I know exactly how you feel. Dad is a great cuddler, but he doesn’t play as well with us kitties. And his litter box scooping isn’t as often as mom’s. Signed, Ringo, Benny, and Sadie

  42. It is so sad that your mom goes away, but that is a girls weekend, right? Then you should allow her to do that without you. Haha

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