Aug 192016

There's critters in the vent

Zoey, why are you staring at that vent?

There’s critters in there, Lady with the Yellow Hair. I hear them!

I don’t know what you’re hearing, Zoey, but there’re no critters in the vent.

Yes there are! They only come out at night. And I’m gonna catch one when it comes out.

You're scaring the vent critters away

Now go away! All this talking and flashy box clicking is scaring them. They’ll never come out with you around.

The Lady with the Yellow Hair here. Every night Zoey sits and stares at this vent for hours. I’m not sure what she hears, but if there ARE critters in there, I sure hope she’s wrong about them coming out. *shudder*


  53 Responses to “There’s Something in the Vent”

  1. I know you will find those vent varmints pretty Zoey!

  2. Zoey, I do that too…but I am starting at closet doors! You are the tiniest little girl.

  3. When we do that it usually means a lizard is in there!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Cats do have amazing hearing so there just might be something in the vent. I have had cats stare at walls here and they all stare at the same place and soon (days later) we had a mouse in the house, not for long though. Don’t give up Zoey.

  5. You’re a great watch cat, Zoey! Those critters better watch out.

  6. If something does come out, I hope she catches it for you!

  7. Are you making sure that nothing can escape Zoey?

  8. we do that sometimes….mom swears it is just to freak her out

  9. rut roh! SOMETHING must be in there!!

  10. We bet she’s gonna take care of any daring critters that do come out.

  11. Oh Zoey, you look so adorable in that second photo. Good job keeping an eye on the vent.

  12. MOLMOL Zoey mom told me their first cat used to stare up at the ceiling fan at night…and it was not even moving. Use to be rather spooky
    I hope and purr if there are critters in the vents they are not small enough to get through into the house
    Hugs madi your bfff

  13. We kitties know things that even yellow haired anthros cannot fathom…they WILL come out one night and then…..

  14. That’s creepy. 🙂 I sure hope those critters stay put!

  15. Hmm…..I’d say a bug of some sort maybe BUT if they make noise….well…..maybe it’s a five pound bug. (hahahaha just kidding) Maybe the vent “crackles” a little when the A/C comes on??

    Mysteries – Sherlock Zoey will figure it out I bet!

    Hugs, Sammy

  16. Love that look on Zoey’s face in the last picture … “Do you MIND?!?!?.”

  17. You are such a mysterious girl, Zoey! I wonder what critter you are waiting for to come out of the vent. We’ll find out if you catch it and gift it to your mom….:-)

  18. We think she’s trying to scare you. And it’s working. 🙂

  19. Zoey all of us stares at stuff and we make Mom get up to look and then she doesn’t see anything either! Tee hee. We are all masters!!

  20. when our central air conditioner went kablooey it made a sound like the submarine had been hit by a torpedo. diego-san ran to the nearest vent like he was going to save us all…

  21. You have such a cute little face. Maybe there is a ghost.

  22. Let’s hope it’s just a rattling, metal vent noise. Every once in a while, a little spider comes out of ours and Mom has to run to get her bug catching cup before our sister Pia eats it.

  23. I think it would be COOL if there were critters! How fun!

  24. We cats ALWAYS know when there are Evil Invading Things lying in wait. You get ’em, Zoey. Your Human Lady With The Yellow Hair will be furry pleased if you do.

  25. We agree, Zoey. There’s prolly something in there!

  26. She just wants to make you wonder. Cats love messing with our humans’ heads! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  27. Yikes! Keep her on duty just in case.

  28. Cats have such an amazing hearing. If you say there are critters, there must be critters ! Purrs

  29. Mybe there iss an teeny tiny mousie inn thee vent Zoe?? Or a stuck mole…..Do you have moless there? Or maybe it iss just thee wind…….
    Mew mew mew….
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  30. Oh, man. My cats did that for about a week with the chimney in the living room. I was terrified that there was some sort of bird having little babies in there. Thankfully, it had the good sense to get OUT of there before the cats got IN. I never did find out what it was!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  31. Truffle stares at our return vent and meows. I don’t think I want to know what she thinks she hears

  32. We sure hope there are no critters either, but if there are we know you’ll handle them. You might leave some evidence behind to prove it to your mom bean too. 🙂

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  33. high paws two ewe zoey….984 oh em !!! coz yur mom iz now total lee freeked out N her will bee …..everee time her pazzez thiz vent……☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    • oh…N heerz two a ghost pipefish kinda week oh end guys ~~~ ♥♥♥ { N like day ja vue that R fryday fish sign off menshunz GHOSTZ huh !!!

  34. there is something in our vent too, Zoey! we always gotta check. we know for sure we have, erm, tenants, in the attic. our momma is too skeered to go up there and look, mol. she needs to let us at ’em 😀

    ~ditto, sharpie

  35. Don’t worry, whatever it is, Zoey is ready to take care of it! 🙂

  36. Hope ya can catch one!

  37. I hope she’s wrong too! Her face is so sweet in that second picture 🙂

  38. Zoey, your mom may not believe you but we do!!

  39. Are your vents haunted, Zoey? Glad to know you are keeping an eye on things.

  40. Maybe your vent friends are the same ones my furbabies talk to in the closets at our house, Zoey…

  41. Cats have such phenomenal hearing – I’m sure there’s something in there. LOL

  42. Cats are so weird!!

    Our Gabby had us convinced, I mean CONVINCED, that apartment was haunted. She would be looking at you with those sweet eyes, and then all of the sudden shift her head and look over your shoulder or behind you and just…. stare…..

  43. Pretty sure she will catch them if they come out!

  44. But if they do, Zoey will be ready for them!!!

  45. For hours?! I love you, Zoey, in that second picture.

  46. Zoey, I’m *sure* there are critters!

    The Human says: Believe me, I have tried for all 12 years of what Spitty calls his captivity to get him to eat Wellness, Royal Canin, Blue Mountain etc. etc. Hundreds of green papers have been scraped unceremoniously into the trash. For a long time he would ONLY eat Whiskas, in my view a step down from FF, which in at least its pate forms doesn’t have grains (and fortunately the pate “classic” kind is the *only* kind he will eat). Even now I have a couple of “healthy” little cans in the kitchen hoping to slip one in on him when he’s really hungry, but thus far in his life, we has failed. He will just stop eating for days at a time–I have managed to get him to sometimes eat the healthier kinds of dry food. The only “high quality” food he will eat is Human baby food, and that lacks things kitties need so he only gets it as a treat. Mostly, except for the baby food, he is not at all interested in the Human foods–well, he likes butter! I have just given up. I guess I have accepted that at 12 he is probably not going to change much and what will be, will be. Sigh.

  47. Oh dear, Zoey you keep that house safe!

  48. Hmmm
    Does yous really has critters in the vents, or is your spiders practicing tap dancing?

  49. the mama says EEK and we say COOLIO!

  50. Sakes alive!! You don’t need critters running around on the furnace pipes….get the boys up and they can help Zoey. If nobody else sees or hears these critters it’s time to see the kitty shrink. Kali was saying for 5 treats you can get shrink wrapped.


  51. We truly know what you mean,Zoe, we do…cause we sit and stare at our vent sometimes, too…and once meowmy got on her hands and knees and watched with us…OMC! well, there was a mousie in there, a real one! And one evening when we were taking a break from our vigil it ran across our livingroom floor, Whoo! Even dog-guy was after it!! It ran off into a crevice, but in the morning it was deaded in the middle of our toys, MOL!

    We live in an old home in a rural setting, so there are always mousies trying to find warm places come the cold weather. That one was not furry smart…

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