Aug 082016

It’s World Cat Day!

World Cat Day 2016

A day to celebrate cats and
everything that makes us so special.

A cat’s purr. It’s one of the things that makes us cats unique from other animals. You’ve heard about the Power of the Purr, right? Well, that’s not just some cute saying. A cat’s purr really does have the power to heal. In honor of World Cat Day, we wanna share with you some facts that show how therapeutic a cat’s purr is.

  • Cats create purr vibrations in a range of 20-140Hz which is known to be medically therapeutic for many illnesses.
  • Petting a cat and hearing the purr can calm your nerves.
  • A recent study shows that cat owners have a 40% less risk of a heart attack.
  • You can lower your blood pressure by being around a purring cat.
  • Purr vibrations can help heal infections and swelling.
  • Purr vibrations can also help heal muscles, tendons and ligament injuries.

And now…for your listening pleasure…turn up the volume and hear Wally purr.

There…don’tcha feel calmer now?

Happy World Cat Day!


  50 Responses to “Happy World Cat Day!”

  1. I love kitty purrs! Your purrs are awesome Wally!

  2. Thank you Wally. I’m away from my kitties and really missing their purrs. You have a very soothing and amazingly loud purr. I’m grateful to be able to listen to your purrs today.

  3. Wally, you have a great purr machine. Thanks.

  4. Kitty purrs are the best! You sure know how to purr, Wally. Thank you for sharing this with us, and especially on a Monday morning. It’s just what we needed!

  5. Happy World Cat Day! What a lean, mean purring machine you are, Wally!

  6. Happy World Cat Day to you Waly – you have a wonderful purr.

  7. Oh yeah, our moms LUFFS for us to purr.

  8. thanks wally. i truly feel better now.

  9. so sweet Wally!!!!!! Happy Happy International (World) Cat Day!!! (I read it started actually as International Cat Day, didn’t know that!)

  10. I was just doin’ the purr motor this morning for Mom L…helps her chill’ax. Thanks for visiting my Purina Pro Plan Cat food post today. If you have a moment can I ask you to,paw the share button for Twitter purrlease.

  11. gosh and I thought every day was World Cat Day …that’s what Rosie always tells me.

  12. Oh Wally! You made mom’s DAY!

  13. That is quite the purr machine that you have there buddy. M loved it too, cuz I don’t purr much. I try, but nothing comes out. Sometimes you can feel my body rumble, but that’s it.

  14. oh Wally, now our the mom wants US to purrrr all the time. Maybe we will just make her save this video of YOU purring so she can watch it while we do other stuffs. MOL

  15. Why yes, Wally…I feel much calmer now! Thanks, big guy!

  16. Wally……good buddy you have an 8 cylinder engine! We are smiling
    Hugs Madi and mom

  17. Awwww thank you for sharing your purr, Wally 🙂 Great way to start the week!
    Happy World Cat Day!

  18. Much calmer.. thank you

  19. Great purring Wally!

  20. Happy World Cat Day!! Yes, Wally’s purr made me feel better. 🙂 I love being surrounded by purrs at home.

  21. And purrs heal humans’ soul too… Happy World Cat Day ! Purrs

  22. That’s one of the things that makes us kitties such good therapy cats!

  23. Wally your purr could heal the world.

  24. Cheshire has always been an expert purrer, but strangely my sweet angel Disney was not. She never purred when she was younger, it was only after she spent time with other cats {my former roommate’s cats, then Cheshire} that she learned to purr… and her purr was always a little off, like it didn’t come naturally… but she showed her love in other ways.

  25. happee werld cat day guys….grate purr post !!!! tho thanx… KNOT…. two de pea sea we iz on, we canna heer ya dood ~~~~~~ { thiz masheen sux like a vacuum ~~~~~~


  26. Wally, we loved hearing your purr! You are such a sweetie! Happy World Cat Day to all of you!

  27. The sounds of a cat’s purr can pretty much cure anything that ails you!

  28. Mighty fine purring that Wally my man!

    Hugs, Sammy

  29. That is a great purr, you should have an app for that- instant relaxation. Happy World Cat Day!

  30. What a wonderful purr! You lowered blood pressure everywhere by letting humans listen to you!

  31. Mum loves it when I purr her to sleep at night.

  32. Happy World Cat Day, Wally! Yes, as a matter of fact, I do feel calmer.

  33. Wow! And we thought Izzy was a motor!

  34. Happy World Cat Day sweet friends!

  35. A cat’s purr … one of the sweetest sounds in the world!

  36. Way to go Wally! I don’t ever purr for TW so I deprive her of all those healing vibes.

  37. Oh Wally, our mom bean has also lubbed you from afar, and now after hearing your wonderful purrs she’s just a puddle of squee.

  38. Thanks for the purrs. Happy World Cat Day!

  39. Happy World Cat Day! That is one pawsome purr!

  40. That’s quite a purr Wally has. My Chris is more of a heavy breather. I don’t think he ever learned how to purr the right way. 🙂

  41. Cool facts! Great purr Wally! Happy World Cat Day! …our Mama forgot…but we rule every day over here , so that’s o.k. ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  42. Happy World Cat Day, dear pals! Love that purring, Wally!

  43. Happy World Cat Day! Loved the purring…

  44. Funny that humans need a special day for us , hehe. After all, we rule the world every day.

  45. Our petcretary could have used those calming purrs at her job this past weekend.
    And happy Belated International Cat Day to you!

  46. Great post!

    Love your purrs, Wally 🙂

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  47. Happy belated World Cat Day. Wally has a really great purr. You know what else a purr is good for? Putting your human to sleep C.J. curls up behind Mom’s back at night and purrs her to sleep. Astrid, however, is our champion purrer! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  48. Happy Cat Day!!

  49. I…f.e.e.l v.e.r.y…c.a.l.m…n.o.w…G.o.o.d p.u.r.r..W.a.l.l.y…P.a.w.k.i.s.s.e.sssss 🙂 <3

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