Jul 202016


I'm one tough mancat

Y’know…I’m not just a handsome face…I’m also one tough mancat.  And now I’ve got proof.  Lemme tell you what happened the other night.

It was late and the mom was upstairs getting ready to go to bed.  I was sitting in the kitchen window like I do most nights surveying my territory.  When suddenly, I spotted something outside on the patio.  It was an introoder!  How dare it come into my yard!  I yelled at it and jumped on the window screen…maybe just a little too hard.  But I wanted to get that introoder and make sure it knew whose turf this was.

The mom heard all the commotion and came running downstairs.  She found me really upset…I was growling and my tail was about 3 times its normal size.  I ran from door to window looking for that introoder but it had taken off…in fear of its life, no doubt.

The mom managed to calm me down.  She looked outside but she didn’t see any introoder.  She wondered what I saw.  Was it a raccoon or a vishus deer or something else?  She asked me but I was still a little upset and just couldn’t talk about it.

Then she saw the window screen.

I put a hole in the screen

I really did some damage

Doods!  Look what I did…I tore a 2 inch hole in it!  Whoa!  The mom was not very happy about it but grateful that I didn’t push the whole screen out and end up outside.  The introoder was lucky that’s all I did.

That introoder was lucky

The next day the mom took the torn screen out to have it repaired.  She borrowed a screen from another window and put it in until the old screen was fixed. 

The next night, there I was…sitting in the kitchen window again…but this time the mom was right there, too.  And y’know what? That introoder returned!  What gall!  Oh, I got really really mad this time, but the mom was quick and closed the window so I couldn’t jump at it.  She looked outside and saw the introoder.  It was a cat…one we’ve never seen before.  It ran off again.  Wimp.

I know you're out there, introoder cat

Oh yeah…I am one tough mancat…defending my turf.  I know that introoder is out there…and I’m ready for him if he comes back.  But he wouldn’t dare….


  65 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Oh Wally, you are one tough Mancat, that is for sure. Glad you scared that introoder off. Good job except for the screen.

  2. WOW Wally, mew really are one tough man-cat and what mew did to that screen so furry impressive, we think mew must have pantherene claws like Parsley! MOL


    Basil & Co xox

  3. Wally you sure stuck up for your self when that evil intruder was trying to get in hoping to get your supper.

  4. Wally, I think you and my girl Eddy would make a great sentry team. She also knows how to attack that nasty window when it’s in her way. You know, the other night she got all puffed up over an intruder outside. I looked to see if it was one of the neighborhood cats, or one of those nasty possums that keeps coming around. But, it was a fox! Well, anyway, great job scaring off that intruder of yours, Wally. How dare he come onto your territory!

  5. Good job, Wally, defending your territory. Just don’t put a ding in mom’s pocketbook while you do so.

  6. wow – glad you didn’t get outside (mom says cat fights are NO GOOD). keep a watchful eye out though

  7. Wally you are a mighty mancat defending your turf!

  8. dude, i’m not going to mess with you.

  9. Way to go, Wally! Must keep those introoders off YOUR property!

  10. Oh Walls! We did not need for you to rip up the screen as proof of your toughness, since we all already KNOW you are the toughest, roughest orange mancat around! You must have scared your momma just about as much as that rascal introoder!

  11. The intruder probably ran off because of your impressive show. Just don’t mess up that screen again, ok? You don’t want to freak out your mom too much. 😉

  12. Way to go Wally! even if your mom isn’t totally impressed… shutting the window so you can’t do your thing..

  13. Oh, my! We put window fans in open windows,so no one falls or gets out. Here, it is raccoons, opossums, or skunks, that get the dander up. And, yes, it is George that gets most interested. No one gets angry…just a little freaked out.

  14. You are a tough mancat Wally! Keep those introoders off your patio!

  15. You ARE one tough mancat…but…………….I bet that kitty will be back. Maybe he wants to be your friend?

  16. Wally, DOOD! You are MY kinda mancat! I do the same thing and mommy had to put stuff on several windows to keep me from looking out! It took several years before she could take it down and even so, I get white hot mad if another kitty comes into view. I do NOT like raccoons either.

  17. You are very tough, Wally. You did a good job scaring off the introoder.

  18. Wow, Wally, with that stance in the last pic of you, I was scared off, too, and I’m not even trying to get in!!! But since I’m a female, cute, round, little round eyes, long whiskers, you know, you might not have been so fierce, right? Still, it’s good you keep your territory your OWN. Mama’s other kitty had a cat door and one night a racoon got INTO the house and ate the kitty’s food. Scaring the wits out of mama. So best to have someone like YOU on guard.

  19. Wow, Wally!!! Nice work, buddy! You definitely showed that cat whose turf he crossed into. He better beware!

  20. Holy cat! What excitement! You sure did a good job scaring off that intruder.

  21. That’s an impressive display of territorial aggression! What’s next because chances are the cat will back back.

  22. Oh wow, Wally. That hole you made on the screen is really impressive! You are such a tough mancat!

  23. Whoa Wally! You are one tough Mancat! We can’t believe that introoder came back after that show of your toughness!

    PeeS: Our mommy is so glad you didn’t push out the screen either. She’s a worry wart like that so our windows are never left more than kitty width open when she’s not there watching us. Yeah, she spoils lots of our fun.

  24. Wally! Dood! You are one tough guy breaking right through that screen to try and take down that introoder……..he must have heard there’s a tough guy in town and wants to see for himself. I’m SURE once he saw you and realizes what a He-Man you are, he won’t be hanging out taunting you from the outside! Hang tough buddy.

    Hugs, Sammy

  25. Wally you make me so proud to be a cat!! Bravo Bravo you are one brave mancat and everybuddy better realize it. Oh dear I’m sorry about the screen but you know a guy does what he has to do to Protect his loved ones
    Hugs madi your bfff

  26. Yow! Better to tell him off from inside, even if you have to use HBO words! He’ll think twice before coming back. (we hope!)

  27. Pawsome job, Wally ! You defend your territory like a champ ! That intruder is lucky that the window screen was between you and him. Purrs

  28. We can’t believe he had the nerve to come back! Clearly he didn’t understand you the first time! But we heard you loud and clear Wally. . . on account that screen says it ALL 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  29. I can’t believe the intruder came back after your mighty display of force, Wally!

  30. You are one tuff dood!

  31. What a fine job you did protecting your home. Moms don’t always appreciate this sort of thing, so don’t worry about that. You just keep watch out for introoders of all kinds.

  32. dood…ewe iz az feerce az de tiger…..we iz glad ya dinna punch a two feetz hole in de screen…that wooda been kinda bad all round…ya noe …grate job dee fendin yur prop ur tee { tho we hope iz was knot a gal lookin for a date ;)…her mite knot come bak ~~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  33. Walley, you did a great job protecting your property. Good thing the screen got in your way.

    Sarah and Shadow

  34. Good telling the cat to stay off your land! We have also done some screen damage . . . .

  35. Good job, Wally! You sure showed that introoder who’s boss (and that would be YOU)!

    Maybe Mom can get you some of that extra-strength screen material they sell at home depot or lowe’s?

  36. Good for you. But you’ve got to learn how to scare the intruder w/o tearing up the screen.

  37. “The Cat Came Back…. the Very next Day… ….” It’s a Garrison Keillor song!

    Dude – keep your cool – yowl if you must but screens might run expensive and nibble into treat money!

  38. Wow! I certainly won’t sneak into your backyard, Wally! I’ll ring the front doorbell!!

  39. Wally, you are a MASTER SCREEN KILLER! We are very impressed.

  40. I bet your family feels very safe knowing you’re on guard…but you sure are lucky the screen held!

  41. yoW! Wally you are one tough mancat indeed! and impressive clawrs 🙂 your folks are lucky you are there to guard your territory. we are surprised the introoder cat had the nerve to come back!

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

  42. Yikes, Wally! Good job protecting your territory. Do Ernie and Zoey know about the introoder?
    Be safe big guy.

  43. It should learn not to mess with Wally World!

  44. Great work Wally! We sure hope that kitty has a safe place to go home to. Maybe he was just wishing he could live with you.

  45. My Abbey once cut a hole in the screen and went out prancing around all night. When we got up the next morning she was crying to come in.

  46. Wow- you are very brave.

  47. Wally, you are so fierce and protective! I’m impressed!

    By the way, that’s a great close-up of you!

  48. You made quick work of that screen, Wally! The intruder’s lucky he didn’t have to come paw to paw with you. But he might also not have a nice home like yours and that’s even sadder. As much as he was in your territory, maybe he was just looking for a cool place to sleep and some noms for his empty belly. It makes me sad to think to think that all cats don’t have homes … I know from experience because I didn’t have one for the first 8 months of my life. But that doesn’t mean I want them sniffing around MINE either! ~Bear Cat

  49. Swoon, my goodness you are quite the tough man cat. I am most impressed.

    Rosie (Ruby’s beautiful feline sister)

  50. WTG Wally, we have to keep our yards safe from intooders!

  51. Our question Wally is where was Ernie when all this was happening?

    • He was upstairs with the mom. He came racing downstairs with the mom, too, and wanted to see what was going on. The mom had to lock him up in the bathroom to keep him away from me just in case I tried to attack him. When I get upset like that, sometimes I lash out at the first thing I can get my paws on.

  52. You are a good watchcat, Wally. We surely could need some help to solve the introoder problems with my siblings too 😀 Pawkisses for a not-so-hot Summer Day 🙂 <3

  53. You tell ’em, Wally!

  54. WAY. TO. GO. Ernie!!!!
    You showed thee intruder yur thee boss of thee Island!
    Mee doess NOT like Ranger of Darkboy sneekin round here either an mee letss Ladymum know when they are here! LadyMum wants to feed them butt mee goess beeserk so shee gave uppy that idea 😉
    Hope that kat leevess all of youss’ alone….
    ***Hi-5’sss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  55. Wally, you are a tough dood! Good job at protecting your home and alerting Mom that there was an introoder around.

  56. Oh my stars! We are so glad you didn’t get outside, that would have been so scary! If that cat comes back he’s crazy!

  57. OMC Wally!!! Yous da mancat fur sure. But what ifin da intruder was hungry and homeless and hurt? You know us, worrisome girly girls. MOL Take care and be careful next time. Is dat a bruise on your nose there? )mommy doesn’t have her glasses on.) MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  58. Keep watch Wally! We are very proud of you… Good werk DUDE!

  59. Whoa! You’re as tough as they come.

  60. Gosh Wally you sure are tough. Stoopid introoder shouldn’t have been on your turf anyways. We sure are glad the screen held even if you did give it what for. Maybe next time just call for reinforcements. If everybody puts on the floof suits and growls at the same time I bet the introoder will run away forevers. We used to have one of them introoder cats but she doesn’t come around anymores. Love, Nicky, Dusty & Izzy

  61. You are a very good watch cat, Wally, keep up the good work (but go easy on the screens)!

  62. Good thing you let that introoder know he wasn’t at all welcome, MOL! You go Wally!

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