Jul 182016

wally-petsafelogo-2Hey everybuddy.  Wally here.  Y’know, many pet parents don’t know the benefits of making sure their pets drink enough water.  So, PetSafe®, the maker of many innovative pet products, has declared July as National Pet Hydration Awareness Month to help bring awareness to the importance of proper pet hydration.  And we’re helping to spread the word about it.

Proper hydration can help cats and dogs with things like:
– Preventing urinary tract infections and urinary disease
– Promoting healthy kidney function
– Aiding with energy levels and regulating body temperatures
– Speeding recovery time from sickness or surgery

See??  H2O is really important for us!

Signs of dehydration in cats and dogs

Did you know that cats and dogs need about one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day to stay properly hydrated?  Let’s see…I weigh about 14 pounds.  That means I need about 14 ounces of water a day.  Now some of that water I get through eating my canned stinky goodness.  But another way is by actually drinking water, which most of us cats don’t do enough of.  So it’s important to make water attractive to us cats so we’ll wanna drink more.

Many cats, me included, like the sight and sound of running water.  A fountain is a way to give your cat running water to drink without having to leave the water faucet on all day.

PetSafe Drinkwell Sedona pet fountain

PetSafe® has some pretty cool pet fountains.  One of those is the Drinkwell® Sedona.  PetSafe® sent us a Sedona pet fountain to try out.  It’s got a cutting-edge design with a ceramic tower and an unbreakable plastic bowl that minimizes spills and splashes.  It holds 100 ounces of water that makes it great for cats and dogs…or for multi-pet households.  The filter in it keeps the water fresh longer.  It was really easy to set up…even the mom could figure it out…and it’s easy to clean, too.  You can even put it in the dishwasher if you want.  Are you one of those cats that’s a little scared by the noise some drinking fountains make?  You won’t be scared of the Drinkwell® Sedona because it’s whisper quiet.  Seriously…it really is.

This water tastes great!

This is one stylish fountain that makes me feel like one cool cat when I’m drinking from it.  I give it a big *SLURP*!!

So tell me, humans…do you have a water fountain for your pets to help keep them properly hydrated?

Disclosure:  We received the PetSafe® Drinkwell® Sedona pet fountain as compensation to help spread the word about National Pet Hydration Month, but that did not affect our opinion of it at all.  The Island Cats will always give a fair and honest review, and will only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers.



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  48 Responses to “National Pet Hydration Awareness Month”

  1. We have a drinkwell fountain to drink from and everyone likes it. We also have bowls of water in the bathrooms upstairs so we have options.

  2. Chuck and Angel rarely drink water anymore, because I mix a rather large amount of water into their wet food with every meal. The ‘O’ cats get a fresh fill-up of water twice a day, and that water bowl is used by squirrels too.

  3. Our favorite source of water is from the mug Mom keeps next to the bathroom sink. Funny, but when Mom Trish (Katnip Lounge) came to visit us a few weeks ago, she got excited when she saw our mug in person. Mom also adds a little water to our wet food which we love.

  4. I have a drinkwell fountain…Fancy, hah ?
    anyway mom bought the wrong one. It’s too small for me so every time I drink, it splash everywhere on the floor ( pay back ). Anyhow I have 2 drinking stations. ( First and second floor ).

  5. Ohhhh that is a very pretty fountain…it looks like one of those fancy vessel sinks peeps have in their bathroom vanities!
    Madi your bfff

  6. We had a fountain for years and it finally gave out. Mom never replaced it but she thinks about it sometimes.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Terrific review! Product is now on my wish list.

  8. We love our fountain. Hydration is really important.

  9. Cool looking fountain.

  10. I really love that fountain. Very stylish indeed!

  11. That looks like a very cool fountain! Mommy has been looking for a new one for us and she thinks she may look into this one. We like it, too!

  12. That fountain looks awesome!

  13. Dat’s a really cool fountain Wally and you do look great dtinkin’ from it. We have a fountain, but Raena doesn’t like it, so we’s lookin’ fur a different kind fur her.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  14. Thank you for hydration awareness. Mama has a little syringe that she fills with water every now and then and I drink from it. But I also love the birdbath, when it is just filled and I get there BEFORE the birds, trust me.
    I also love to drink out of her glass she uses to wash her brushes…when it’s clean and BEFORE the brushes get there!
    Great info.

  15. we have tried a couple of fountains but the dang things keep dying…. this one looks interesting though

  16. Cool fountain! We have one that we really like too. It makes a difference for sure!

  17. We love Petsafe fountains and wish we had one. But the cat Rhette would be playing in it all day. Love Dolly

  18. You have such a great fountain to quench your thirst. Our human is keeping a sharp eye on our water intake.

  19. That’s a lot of water! I shall remind myself daily to remind the peep to make sure I get enough fluids to keep me healthy. PURRS.


  20. That is one heck of a fountain! It’s absolutely amazing. Yes, having been to a hot part of the USA we can agree that Hydration iis vitally important and cats need lots of water to keep them healthy!

  21. I wish we had that fountain!! Great post about hydration!!!

  22. Excellent post! Hydration is very important. We have 2 fountains plus lots of bowls and a cup on the sink.

  23. dood….we canna haz any thing with a cord on it; coz sum cat tuna who will ree mane name lezz chewz em ~~~~~~ tho him IZ good at drinkin 34 gallonz on hiz own !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  24. That is one cool fountain! We finally got a fountain but not like that one. One of us flicks water all over everything so we’re pretty sure we’ll never have one like that one here. Just sayin.

  25. That’s a beautiful fountain! We have a different model from PetSafe.

  26. The Sedona is a beautiful fountain! We probably need a quieter fountain. Even after a couple months, only Newton will drink out of ours. Maybe the Sedona is just the thing.

  27. Thanks for spreading the word, Wally! Looks like you’re enjoying that fountain.

  28. We’ve had a PetSafe fountain for years and we love it! Sometimes more than one of us will drink at the same time!! (Ours has interchangeable spouts but we keep the 5 one on it…you know, so we can choose different places to drink from.)

  29. Make mine a double Wally! Cool fountain fur sure!

  30. Glad to know the Sedona model is quiet. We tried another fountain and everyone was scared of it because of the motor sound.

  31. That fountain is so cool, Wally. We have the Avalon model, and Gracie and Zoe love it. Of course, Zoe loves water straight from the faucet, too. 😉

  32. That Sedona fountain really is quiet. Brulee likes drinking from it. We also have other fountains in the house to make sure we can get water any time we want it.

  33. Love the look of that fountain! I’ve been meaning to look into a fountain for Bear … but I’d need a stainless steel or ceramic one because of his acne.

    • PetSafe has some great ceramic and stainless steel fountains. We also have the Pagoda and the Avalon is nice, too.

  34. It gets really, really hot here in summer, so it is furry important for Us to drink plenty. Trixie loves it when Mummy turns taps on, and she tries to catch the water. But that fountain looks really cool (no pun intended – mol), so We are going to try and purr-suade Mummy to get something similar.

  35. Great info!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  36. I’ve always wanted to get a water fountain for my furbabies, and this one looks fantastic! The true test, though, would be whether my boy Evan the Water Dumper would have his way with it. Thank you for sharing this with us! Purrs!

  37. Hey Wally! You give a compelling review. The lady has been thinking about getting us a fountain and has been doing some research. This one looks good and she’s intrigued that it’s quiet.

  38. #1 got us a ceramic drinking fountain several weeks and we simply love it! It took a little while for everyone to get around to using it, with Beebs being the pioneer and Sei-Chan the last, but everyone uses it now. So much so that #1 ends up changing/refilling the water every 36-48 hours. It is called the Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain and holds 1.5 litres of water.

    The Chans

  39. That looks like a cool fountain. We have a fountain that we absolutely adore.

    Thank you so much for celebrating my 10th Birthday with me! Purrs, Dragonheart

  40. I just purchased a second water fountain.. with seven cats i figured we couldn’t have too many

  41. What a cool fountain ! We had one (not the same), but it’s out of order, and we’re back to simple bowls. Purrs

  42. It amazes me how much water fountains have improved over the years! The fountain I had for my critters a decade or so ago was a big hulking thing of plastic that was impossible to keep clean. This looks so chic! I may have to get one.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  43. Important post, thank you for this reminder. It happens too easily.

  44. Wally, you are the cutest water logged pet we have ever seen. You must be full of it…water that is, after all the drinking you’re doing. MOL


  45. Mommy always adds warm water to my wet food to encourage mes to drinks more and because me had cut back on the H2O she went out and gotted mes a new fountain…its not as nice as yours but mes likes to drinks the water as it flows from the top into the bowl.

  46. That is a really nice fountain! We don’t have fountains here since Levon already spills/tips over/throws water out of/, water bowls. He likes to play with the water and the puppies also make a mess with the water bowls too so we think fountains would keep LP far too busy with clean-up duties 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  47. We used to have a fountain but it got broken in the move. We really need to get another one. Both Samantha and Luke really liked it.
    Samantha drinks a surprising amount of water for a cat, and we have to be careful to keep her water fresh and full at all times. We definitely need a new fountain!

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