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Wally with In Clover logo #incloverpetY’know, guys, I’m 13 years old now…and I’m not getting any younger.  Jumping up on the kitchen counter or windowsill isn’t as easy as it used to be, and the mom has noticed that I’ve been having a bit of a problem lately.  She’s wanted to start me on a glucosamine supplement since glucosamine has been known to help with joints for both humans and animals.  The mom takes a glucosamine supplement because she isn’t getting any younger either.  So when we were recently contacted by In Clover® and asked if we would like to try their pet supplements, one which is for joint support, the mom jumped…pun intended…at the chance.

About In Clover®

We hadn’t heard of In Clover® pet supplements before being contacted by them.  So the mom went to the In Clover® website to find out more about them, and she was really impressed with what she learned.  For nearly 20 years, In Clover® has been creating supplements for cats and dogs using science and the best nature has to offer to help pets live happier and healthier lives.

In Clover logoThere are a lot of companies making pet supplements so why choose In Clover® over them?  Because In Clover’s only focus is on manufacturing pet supplements.  They formulate all their products in house.  The result is thoughtfully researched supplements with unique formulations…containing clinically tested levels of ingredients.

All of the In Clover® supplements are made in the USA under strict quality standards earning In Clover® the right to display the National Animal Supplement Council’s Seal on all of their products.  Their supplements are reasonably priced and are all 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

In Clover® also gives back to the animals…and donates regularly to reputable non-profit organizations that improve the lives of abused or abandoned animals.  We love companies that give back!

In Clover® Pet Supplements

In Clover® supplements support the most common pet health concerns including joint health, dental care, skin & coat, digestive issues and immunity.

In Clover Pet Supplements

Here are just some of the supplements In Clover® offers:

  • Connectin® – a joint supplement for dogs and cats that supports stiff aging bodies or protects young healthy joints.
  • OptaGest® – a daily digestive supplement for dogs and cats that supports normal digestion which sometimes gets upset due to food changes, travel, stress, separation or the usual aging process.
  • Sleek® – a soft chew for cats that increases skin hydration, encourages hair follicle repair, manages shedding and controls hairballs.
  • Glow® – a soft chew for dogs that promotes healthy hair growth and controls shedding.
  • Grin® and Smile® – Grin for dogs and Smile for cats support a healthy mouth, teeth and gums.
  • Flow® – a soft chew for cats that supports urinary tract health by promoting healthy pH, bacterial balance and kidney health.

Our Experience with In Clover® Connectin®

The mom asked to try Connectin®….the joint support supplement…for me.  In addition to glucosamine, Connectin contains chondrotin sulfate and hyaluronic acid as well as some herbs like devil’s claw, yucca root and alfalfa.

In Clover Connectin #incloverpet

It comes in two forms…either a soft chew treat or a powder…and it’s pork-flavored.  Well, you all know how much of a treat snob I am.  The mom asked for the powder knowing I probably wouldn’t eat the chews.  The powder is easy to use…the mom mixes about ½ teaspoon of it into my wet food both at breakfast and dinner and I eat it right up.

In Clover Connectin Powder #incloverpet

I’ve been taking Connectin for a couple of weeks now.  It usually takes 4-6 weeks for it to reach its maximum effectiveness, but already the mom is noticing more spring in my step…and in my jumping as well.  I’ve been spending more time up on top of the cat tree…someplace I hadn’t been hanging out much lately.  I’ve also been more lively and playful, too.  Yep, those wrasslin’ matches between me and Ernie are back on again!

Wally on Cat Tree #incloverpet

Is it the Connectin that’s making the difference for me?  It seems like it but we’ll see.  The mom plans to continue giving me Connectin and we’ll update my progress on it over the next few months.

To learn more about In Clover®, the supplements they offer and where to purchase them, visit their website by clicking HERE.  You can also follow them on Facebook.  We think you will be as impressed with In Clover® as we are.

A Giveaway!

But wait!  We want to give you the chance to try In Clover® supplements for yourself.  The nice people at In Clover® are allowing us to give away a $20 gift certificate and free shipping to one of our readers to be used towards the purchase of their supplements.  That right!  You can try Connectin like I did, or any of the other great In Clover® supplements.  The giveaway is only available for those in the contiguous 48 states.  Just use the rafflecopter below to enter.  Void where prohibited.  You have through July 19, 2016 to enter.  The winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours in which to claim the prize or else another winner will be chosen.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  We are being compensated by In Clover® to tell about our experience with their supplements, and in particular with Connectin, but that did not influence our opinion at all. The Island Cats will always give a fair and honest review, and will only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers.


  50 Responses to “In Clover® Pet Supplements Review & Giveaway!”

  1. That sounds like great stuff. And what a great review. So glad it is making you feel better Wally.

  2. How great that you already see an improvement in Wally’s condition. It’s so sad when we see our cats start to miss when they jump. Thanks or having a give away. Rufus takes a supplement for his gums so we’d like to try their Smile formulation.

  3. I’m always looking for good supplement options for my furbabies, and these sound fantastic. I am so glad to hear that you take it in your food and that your mom has seen improvement in your mobility, Wally! For my furbabies, it would be a toss-up between the dental or skin and coat supplements. Regardless, these sound great! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, and for the chance to win some for ourselves!

  4. Great review, Wally! Glad it’s helping you feel better and getting that bounce back in your step and jump.

  5. definitely going to try this with Diego-san…

  6. I feel your pain, dude. I’m on Depo shots now, and Mom just started both of us on a gluco. supplement. Too early to tell with those, but they sure are tasty! – Toby

  7. Maybe I need to take some of that Connectin so I could jump out of the renovations.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. Sounds like this has been very helpful for you Wally. We hadn’t heard of this company previously. Mom says that some outhouse supplements sound like things we would want to try. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  9. p.s. We would want to try Sleek for Giulietta.

  10. I am glad it helped you so quickly. If we win, we would try the digestion or dental.

  11. I think I’d pick Flow for my cat, Moko. She’s getting older and I’ve noticed she’s using the litter box more often than she used to. I’d like to keep her happy and healthy for as long as I can, and this sounds like it would be the perfect product for her.

  12. What a great product to have treats and powders…my boys can be treat snobs at times too. I think we would try either the Connectin or Sleek as the black cats tend to show dander more at certain times of the year.

  13. We think we’d try the Opta-gest with Benny. He has constipation and vomiting sometimes, we think due to age (as he’s been cleared by the vet).

  14. Sounds like some good stuff! The mom is always looking for a good joint supplement for Delilah, as she has some knee issues. We will have to look into this stuff! And enter your giveaway 🙂

  15. We will talk to our holistic vet about glucosamine for the cats, since they are 12 years old later this month! Glad you’ve got a spring in your step now, Walls! I too am impressed with this company.

  16. We are glad to hear you are jumping more! Our mom knows that glucosamine can cause blood sugar issues in some humans, and she hopes the same isn’t true for cats!

    • We hadn’t heard that before. Interesting. The mom will check that out.

    • You’ll be glad to hear that Connectin has undergone double-blind, placebo-controlled, university studies conducted by independent researchers at an internationally renowned research facility. Not only did the study show that Connectin significantly improved comfort and mobility in just 15 days (demonstrated by measuring weight bearing, reactions to palpation and range of motion) but blood work showed the product had NO SIDE EFFECTS (woohoo!) on blood sugar, kidney values, liver values, etc. Bonus: The glucosamine used in Connectin is pharmaceutical grade (cool, huh?). Even cooler – if you ever have a question or concern about an In Clover product, you can talk directly to the product developer.

  17. It’s wonderful Connectin seems to be working well for you. I look forward to updates!

  18. Way to go Wally. Glad to hear you are getting around much better. My girls are not quite the age you are but it sneaks up on you and before you know it the top of the ivory tower (that’s our cat tower) is a long ways off the ground. Thanks for a chance to enter the giveaway and hope all it well for the Island Cats.

  19. Me didn’t know you was 13 Wally?. We’re so glad you’re feelin’ better. Those sound like great purroducts.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  20. Thanks for sharing about In Clover supplements, Wally. We’re so glad Connectin is already helping you! 🙂

  21. These sound like really great supplements!

  22. I’ve just recently noticed Mr Jinx starting to have trouble jumping up on things he didn’t have problems with so we would definitely try that same thing Wally is using.

  23. dood…awesum ree view, thanx for sharin & de linx two In Clover; we R gonna hafta chex them out; we see a lot oh nice “cat helper’s heer !! ♥♥♥ best two all in de give a way all sew !! ☺☺☺

  24. Things that help are great and so was your review Wally!

  25. Gosh – it’s a toss up between Connectin and Opti-Gest………..two of my current “problems” – but if I won, I’d try Connectin……for my “achey breakies” !!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  26. That’s great that Connectin helps you so fast ! That sounds like a great food supplement. Purrs

  27. So glad to hear that stuff is making you move better.

    Sarah and Shadow

  28. I’m so excited for you Wally!!! I’m a *huge* believer in supplements for pets (and people!)

  29. Paws up! So many cats get arthritis as they get older and their humans don’t notice because we hide it so well. We’re so happy that you found something that helps you feel better, Wally!

  30. We had no idea you were13! We’re so glad the supplements are helping you. We would try the dental, because we don’t let Mommy brush out teeth.

  31. You don’t look a day over 9!

  32. our mom swears by the Optagest to keep hairballs away 🙂 we really like the In Clover products we’ve tried. we’ll have to check into the Connectin powder; that sounds great. thanks for the review and sharing, Wally! (we’re gad the Connectin is helping you too. gotta make sure you can jump onto the tippy top cabinets 🙂 )

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

  33. We have several pukers in the family. I wonder if the digestive supplement would help.

  34. Bear’s 10 so I’m always watching for signs that his joints are bothering him. But his biggest problem is his teeth. I’ve brushed them every day for 8 years and he’ll still lost the majority of his teeth (except his fangs and front little ones). I hate that and the vet says there’s nothing I can do. I’d love to try the dental supplement to see if we can avoid anymore loss. Though this year, Bear also really struggled with hair balls for the first time since I started brushing him years ago, so I might go that direction too.

  35. Hi Wally! This is rather timely for us because I’m starting on glucosamine. Unlike you, Wally, I do not like the powder added to my food. The lady bought it from the vet–a different brand than Clover–and I snub even the stinkiest food when it’s in it. She just ordered some chews today in hopes I’ll like those. Anyway, this is a very good review. That is so awesome that your mom is seeing a positive difference in you!

  36. Great review Wally! We’re not going to enter since our mommy won that fabulous tote bag from you but we sure need this stuff. I won’t jump up on the counters anymore because something happened that I’m not telling mommy about. She thinks it’s because my joints hurt though so is going to put me on something like this stuff. We’ll be checking it out for sure though so I can jump on my own instead of being picked up.


  37. I like that they are for both dogs and cats! Ruby would love to try the Connectin or the Grin and Smile.

  38. Our dog takes glucosamine. I’ll have to look into this brand. I’d probably try the dental health for our kitties.

  39. This Connectin sounds great. I want to win it. I have an American address if I win. Ernie, You look good.


  40. This post helps a lot. We (Emma especially) are getting up there in age too.

  41. We use Vetri Science Glycoflex supplements for the kitties with arthritis and it helps. Thanks for your visit and comments for Sweetpea.

  42. Thee Clover companee sure have ALOT of products Wally! Mee iss so happy thee Connecshun powder iss werkin fur you! You look so happy beein uppy frum thee ground…
    Mee entered thee contest….mee wood like to try this…
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  43. I’m glad the supplement is working for you cos you’re just as old as you feel. TW is scared to put anything in my food cos I’m such a picky eater. She won’t even mix water in it. I stopped drinking water when she put dental stuff in it.

  44. I would like to try the OptaGest.

  45. We would love to try the joint supplement for Samantha as well. She can still jump, but not as high as she used to. We had her on supplements for a while but after she got better we stopped them. At 14 years old, I think it’s probably time to get her on them again.

  46. We are glad that stuff is bringing the bounce back to your step Wally! That’s always good news 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  47. I was going to say their digestive enzymes, but with Muffin, maybe I should take that you tried

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