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Ernie-closeup-smallHey everybuddy.  Ernie here.  Well, another BlogPaws conference is in the books.  The mom had great time this year.  Sure, there was stuff to learn, some terrific speakers to hear, brand representatives to meet, and lots and lots of swag, but she said the best part about BlogPaws was being with her blogging “peeps”…like-minded, animal-loving people.  These are people that she’s happy and proud to call her friends.  And not only did she get to hang out with her blogging friends, she got to see and meet lots of the “paws” that are the inspiration for the blogs.

Today we’re sharing photo memories from this year’s BlogPaws…including some of the “peeps” and “paws” that made this year’s BlogPaws such a wonderful experience for the mom.

Cat treats at the front desk #BlogPaws

When the mom checked into the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass Resort where the BlogPaws conference was held, the first thing she saw was these kitty treats at the front desk.  There were also dog treats.  The mom was impressed at how accommodating the hotel was for all the dogs and kitties that attended.

The view from hotel room #BlogPaws

This was the mom’s view from her hotel room.  Pretty, wasn’t it?  Her only complaint?  That it was too hot…115 degrees…and there wasn’t enough time to really enjoy everything the hotel offered.

And now for the “peeps”….

Cat Bloggers #BlogPaws

Here’s the mom with two of her favorite blogging friends…Mom Paula from Sweet Purrfections and Lisa from A Tonk’s Tail.

More Cat Bloggers #BlogPaws

And more Cat Bloggers #BlogPaws

More fabulous cat bloggers and friends….the top photo…Janet from The Cat on My Head, Dawn from Lola the Rescued Cat, Emily from Kitty Cat Chronicles, and Ava from Christy Paws…the bottom photo…Christine from RiverFront Cats, Mom Paula, Deb from The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey, and Linda from Savannah’s Pawtracks.

Didn’t everyone look like they’re having fun?  That’s because they were!

CWA group shot #BlogPaws

The Cat Writers’ Association…of which the mom is a member…joined with BlogPaws this year and held its annual meeting and awards banquet at the same time.  Here are some of the very talented members of the CWA.

The mom would like to thank Mom Paula for allowing her to use a few of Mom Paula’s photos since many of the mom’s photos didn’t come out well.  Thank cod she attended the photography session again this year…though it probably won’t help her photo-taking skills.

And now for some of the “paws” that were in attendance.  You may even recognize a few!

Coco and Dexter #BlogPaws

On the left is the fabulous Coco from Coco the Couture Cat who was attending her 7th BlogPaws.  And once again, she was the best dressed at the conference…out of both human and animal.  On the right is the Wigglebutt himself…Dexter from Fidose of Reality.

Summer and Christy #BlogPaws

We’re sure you recognize these two…on the left, Summer from SparkleCat featuring Summer…and on the right, Christy from Christy Paws.  The mom has met Summer before but this was her first time meeting Christy.  The mom said both of them did really well despite all the dogs around.

Sugar and Kona #BlogPaws

Speaking of dogs, the mom got to meet the famous Sugar the Golden Retriever from Golden Woofs.  The mom says Sugar is as sweet as her name.  Kona, from K9 CarryAll sat next to the mom in one of the sessions she attended.  The mom didn’t learn much in that session because she was paying too much attention to Kona!

Kittens #BlogPaws

There were kittens playing.  And kittens riding with dogs in strollers…though we think this kitten was looking to make its getaway…can’t say we blame him.

Fashionista dogs #BlogPaws

There were other dogs in attendance…like these two fashionistas.

The mom said there were more “paws” than ever at this BlogPaws.  And not just dogs and cats…there were ferrets and even a rat!

Sunset #BlogPaws

And as the sun set slowly in the west…the mom said farewell to BlogPaws 2016.  She’s already looking forward to next year!

Make sure you stop by tomorrow.  We’ll be having our BlogPaws swag giveaway!


  40 Responses to “BlogPaws Memories Featuring the “Peeps” and the “Paws””

  1. My Momma drifted when they brought the kittens in for the demo at the end of the photography session. She got to snuggle two of them and that gave her the cuddle energy to make it home to me. Unfortunately, she also tuned out the demo, but her cuddle tank was on empty and she was in danger of crashing … so you know, good and bad. My Momma was so excited to meet yours and she and I enjoyed the little presents you gave us (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sparkle ball … a cat have never have too much sparkle). Thank you to your Mom for making mine feel welcome – I know it meant a lot to my Momma and when my Momma’s happy, I’m happy (okay, there are a few exceptions but they aren’t relevant here). ~Bear Cat

  2. We’re glad your mom had so much fun with the peeps and paw at BlogPaws! Our mommy missed seeing everyone this year.

  3. what a pleasure to see our furriends and their moms.

  4. looks like everyone had a good time, even the rat.

  5. It looks like BlogPaws was a fun time for humans and furries!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Looks like the mom had an amazing time!!! Sure hope we get to meet one day 🙂

  7. I loved seeing all of these memories from your mom’s trip to the BlogPaws Conference, Ernie. It looks like she had a great time! (115 degrees, though? Good grief!) I hope to go to a future BlogPaws Conference, and to meet wonderful friends like your mom!

  8. wonderful, wonderful recap…………..so glad that it all was fantastic, I can certainly tell that it was………ahhhh the memories of our plane ride home together a few years ago…………..

  9. sounds like a great time was had by all

  10. Everyone looks so happy. What a nice crowd. And the fashionistas are pretty cute, too.


  12. Boy, it looks like such a fun time was had by all!

  13. We sure did enjoy seeing all of the fun times we missed!

  14. It was great to see you at BP this year! Already looking forward to next year 🙂

  15. My human and I really enjoyed seeing you and riding to the hotel from the airport with you! You had a WAY better view from your room than we did! My human may go next year, but it looks like I won’t be able to come, since it is such a long travel day.

  16. guys…thanx two yur mom for sharin all theeze fotoz…we N joyed thiz post…N thanx two yur dad for
    bee inn a total lee kewl dood …& knot callin de copz…. when yur partee getted outta hand on fry day nite ….N thanx two all oh ewe for hostin de best partee de island haz ever seen ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  17. We fanks your mom for taking lotsa pictures of peeps and furballs. These beautiful faces are the ones behind the blogs and it’s nice to see.

    Emma and Buster

  18. Wow, looks like your mom had a fantastic time at BlogPaws! I love that the hotel offers kitty treat at front desk. How nice of them 🙂 It’s so wonderful she got to spend fun time with friends, both peeps and paws 🙂

  19. we bet it is fun to meet up with other blogging peeps…and the paws too 🙂

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

  20. Wow! your human had a great time at BlogPaws! Since the conference is in Myrtle Beach next year mom is planning on going! I wish she’d take me along. I have a year to convince her!

  21. I am glad your Mom had such a great time. I hope to go next year, it would be nice to meet her and all the other bloggers too.

  22. glad to hear you had a great time!

  23. Thanks for sharing those awesome photos! Glad you had fun!

  24. Oh, what fun! I’m sorry I missed it but already got my ticket for next year!

  25. What a great wrap-up post to your mom’s time at BlogPaws! It was so fun to see pictures of bloggers and their dogs & cats. It’s great your mom had such a wonderful time!

  26. That looks like so much fun. Dad really wants to go. Soon too!
    We will be by to see if we can win Swag

  27. The lady with the yellow hair did a great roundup. Mommy says it was great seeing her!

  28. What a great recap – and wonderful pictures!

  29. I loved visiting with your mom. It was terrific to put faces to so many of my favorite bloggers. ♥

  30. Thanks for sharing with us !
    and me have to do special kudos to all kitties who went to Blogpaws. You guys are very brave !!!

  31. We really enjoyed your recap, Ernie! It looks like your Mom had a great time at BlogPaws, especially hanging out with so many awesome blogging pals. 🙂

  32. Nice to see all those memories!
    BlogPaws looks like fun.

  33. Looks like you had a fantastic time meeting lots of bloggers and some of their pets.

  34. What GREAT photos from what sounds like a fabulous Blogpaws this year (other than the heat!). Sure looks like everyone enjoyed themselves………..and it’s always fun to see familiar faces and get to talk to blog buddies in purrrrrson!

    Love, Sammy

  35. Looks like a great time was had by all!

  36. Thank you so much for sharing with us ! Purrs

  37. Our mom sez she sure did have a pawesome time visiting wif you!

  38. Thanks for the great recap ! Our mama was so sad she couldn’t go this year so it was extra special to see everyone she knows enjoying themselves 🙂 She hopes to go next year and will look forward to seeing your wonderful mama then 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  39. I am so glad we ran into each other on the final day at BlogPaws! One of these years, hopefully we will actually have more time to chat!

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