Jun 272016

Wally with BlogPaws swag bag

Hey everybuddy.  The mom finally got home from BlogPaws late yesterday.  She said she had the best time hanging with all the cat peeps…oh, and some dog peeps, too.

Look at this BIG bag of swag the mom brought home!  It’s stuffed!  And she said this wasn’t even all of it.  There’s more!  But she won’t let us have any yet.  *said in a whiney voice*  She was too tired to go through it all.

I don’t wanna wait!  *sniff sniff sniff*  I can smell the catnip already…so I know there’s some great stuff in here.  Y’know…when she’s sleeping…I’m gonna figure a way into this bag.  Just wait and see…


  54 Responses to “I Don’t Wanna Wait!”

  1. What a big bag of swag ! Cant’ wait to see what is in ! We’re glad your mom had a blast at BlogPaws Conference. Purrs

  2. At least your mom got it all home. Our mom shipped it and it won’t be here until Friday.

    Mom Paula said she loved hanging around with your mom at BlogPaws.

  3. We’re glad your mom is home and brought lots of goodies! Our mommy brought us nothing from Alaska. Nada. Zip. Can you believe that? *sigh*

  4. Dang, I don’t think waiting is a good option…ever!

  5. It’s just MEAN of your mom to make you wait for your stuff.

  6. What a great bad of stuff your Mom brought home for you from BlogPaws..

  7. Go for it, Wally! Cats and humans don’t operate in the same time dimension, after all.

  8. Omc that is a huge bag of loot….sniff I think I smell nip too
    Madi your bffff

  9. Pull it all out and strew it all over the house…that’ll teach her!

  10. hopefully there is leftover KFC you can enjoy until you get into the swag.

  11. I can tell the suspense is killing you, Wally. Maybe just a little peek inside that bag of goodies while the mom is sleeping…?

  12. does it zip closed? If not, you are in!!

  13. Where there iss a will there iss a way rite Wally??? Happy snoopin to you….
    **Hi-5’ss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  14. Hope you got that bag open Wally. Looks like a lot of great stuff. Drag it out of there.

  15. Love your cat! So adorable!

  16. Oh I bet you got in there by now! Glad Mom had a great time!

  17. We are glad to hear your mom is home. We hope you get some of the swag soon. That’s a big bag full of stuff!

  18. You got claws, don’t you? Surely that bag will succumb to your claws.

  19. WOW what a huge bag of loot! We can’t wait to see what all is in there!

  20. Wally, we are sure you will. Let us know what you find. Our humans (who got home about 2 a.m. this morning) brought just a few toys with them, and everything else was shipped. Mom hasn’t even had a chance to open her suitcase and give us what she has. Dad leaves again early tomorrow morning for a week, and so he’s unpacked and his clothes are getting washed, but he had no goodies to share. Glad Mom Sue made it home safely. We know y’all were glad to see her. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  21. You may be clever, but your mom has lived with you a long time and knows your wily ways..

  22. That looks better than the swag bags they get at awards shows- you are lucky kitties.

  23. Bet dere’s some good stuff in there!

  24. I’m sure there is lots of good stuff in there for all of you guys

  25. I’m glad your Mom had a good trip. I can’t believe she left the bag out like that. That’s animal cruelty. 😉

  26. What a huge bag of loot!! OMC!!
    Did you manage to gain entry whilst the peeps were sleeping off their trip??
    Go fur it Wally!!

  27. Good luck Wally! Tell your mom it was so nice to meet her!

  28. Wowza! It sure looks like it will be worth the wait anyway, Wally!

  29. The three of you need to work together to figure it out!

  30. Let’s hear about the adventure in a blog soon! My anthros are busy watching the European Cup here in Rome so I am on the couch just bearing with it. But I did love it when Italy won over SPAIN. Wow. Glad your mama is back with goodies.

  31. OMC, you’re having to wait? *rolls eyes* Doesn’t she understand that you NEED to see the stuff now? 🙂

  32. guys….glad yur mom hada safe trip anda awesum time…lookin for werd ta see in whatz in de swag bag…. we bet ewe all R gonna loves it !! tell yur mom ta post sum snap shots bout de conference if her can !! { oh…..& total lee awesum partee fry day nite….thanx…& yur dadz two kewl; we noe him coulda called de pole lease on uz all !!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

  33. Oh meow, we can’t wait. We’s feelin’ withdrawels over here. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  34. Hang in there Wally – you’re wait will be over soon enough!!

  35. That looks like a whole lot of swag. Did you figure out how to get into the bag when she wasn’t looking?

  36. Wally, I can imagine how unbearable it must be to wait. I’m dying to see all the swag you guys got!

  37. Oooooh, that bag looks furry big and full! Have fun with the swag.

  38. Glad your mom is back home safe! That’s a big swag bag. Can’t wait to see whet’s in there 🙂 I hope your mom gets a good rest so that she can open it for you!

  39. I know what it’s like to be tired after a trip but she should at least throw you a bone. Well, maybe not a bone…

  40. Ha-ha, Binga hasn’t even seen any of ours yet! The prizes for the giveaway have been hidden in a closed room, and when I did a photo session earlier today with all the gifts given to us by other cat bloggers, she was off asleep somewhere! I bet she’s up and about this evening when I model the outfits I got from Coco the Couture Cat’s human (hee-hee-hee)!

  41. We bet your are happier to see your Mama than that bag of swag! Although we know there will be some nice things in there 🙂 We’re glad your Mama made it home safely and that she had a good time. Our Mama says she hopes to see your Mama next year:)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  42. Holy Cat, that’s a big ol’ bag of swag, for sure! We sure hope your Mom didn’t sleep too long, Wally … there’s swag to be discovered!

  43. So glad your mom had a good time with the other moms and probably met a few furballs too.

  44. Oh! My Cod! And that is only part of the loot!?!?
    Yous guys is so furry lucky!!!
    Don’t overindulge!

  45. Wow. I bet there’s lots of fun stuff in there for you to investigate.

  46. WOW….that’s a big old bag of loot for sure! I bet you figured out a way in too…..right????

    Hugs, Sammy

  47. There is so much swag stuff in the back of our car, there is barely room for me! Since we are driving, we ended up some things others couldn’t take home. The only thing I’ve seen of it so far though is a couple of containers of food. Hope you get into that bag soon!

  48. *giggle*

    We know you will like what you see! Hang in there, it was so much fun meeting your Mum!

  49. Oh, I have heard rumors that the kitty swag bag is chock full of wonderful things! I cannot wait to see what your mom brought back for you from BlogPaws. And don’t feel bad because my Ma has not unpacked my swag bag yet either. What are they waiting for, I ask! Tell your mom that my Ma was so happy to meet her in person!!!!!

  50. Good luck on getting in there, Wally! My cats had their heads in the bags before they even greeted me! It was wonderful meeting the human behind your awesome blog!

  51. We hope you’re enjoying those goodies right this minute, Wally!

  52. That’s a pawsome swag bag….we don’t think it’s fair to make you wait!

    The Florida Furkids

  53. Anticipation. *sigh* That is hard to deal with. XO

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