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Jun 172016


Hi everybuddy.  I’ve got something to show you today.  See these?  Do you know what they are?

These are Zoey's whiskers

If you said whiskers, you’d be right.  More specifically, my whiskers…ones that I’ve shed normally over time.

So why am I showing you all these whiskers?  Well, lemme tell you.  The lady with the yellow hair saves my whiskers every time she finds one.  Just look…she’s got a whole pile of them now.  Some curly, some long, some short.  She also saves Ernie’s and the orange stripey cat’s whiskers, too, if she finds them…but she has way more ones of mine than theirs.


I don’t know about you, but I think the lady with the yellow hair has finally gone off the deep end.  I mean, seriously…what’s with the whisker fetish?  What’s she gonna do with all of them? She says having them is kinda cool.  I just think it’s weird.  She needs to find another hobby.

How ’bout your humans?  Do any of them save your whiskers?


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  1. Those are lovely saved whiskers. TBT saves ours too.

  2. I have a whole baggie full of my angel Rosie’s whiskers. After she passed, I was very glad I had saved them all those years. Purrs!

  3. Wow, our mom never thought of doing this.

  4. We were getting worried that all your whiskers were dropping out Zoey.

  5. That is pretty darn neat to have your whiskers Zoey. Our Mom first would have a hard time telling whose whiskers were whose in this crowd, plus just finding them would be a feat since all but six of us go outside. But we think that is a good idea.

  6. My Human doesn’t look for them and when she *does* happen upon one, she throws it away. I think I should be offended by that, right?

  7. i have a whisker from the late great Mr. Max stored in a special box. so i join the lady with the yellow hair off the deep end.

  8. Zoey, I recently found a Chucky whisker, and I squeed with delight! I do not have nearly as many as the lady with the yellow hair, but she gets two thumbs up from me at her wonderful collection. Guess you’ll have to chalk it up to weird hummin behavior!

  9. mom doesn’t save them, but she says she likes seeing them when she finds them

  10. MOL, Zoey! We think it’s kind of strange when humans save whiskers, too, but our mom thinks it’s sweet.

  11. Oddly enough, I never find many straw whiskas. Now, the bits that shed from claws on the other hand… keeping at would be really weird. Whiskas, meh.

  12. Our mom has read about other cat moms who do this. She thinks it is sort of cool, but with the eight of us and the nine who came before, she’d be up to her butt with whiskers by now. We like your ticked whiskers. They are really cool. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  13. My mommy saves whiskers…starting with Robin who passed in 1997. The brovvers as they moved away following University grads, after Robin went to the Bridge divided hers up among themselves so poor mom only has one. She has a lot of Admiral’s. And mine, being white like yours Zoey, andon a very pale carpet make them hard to find. The ones she finds she saves. She thinks they are sweet gifts. She’s waaaaay deep end.

  14. Um, we think the lady with the yellow hair has way too much time on her hands

  15. We heard our human saved whiskers years ago, but for some unimaginable reason she stopped–she had too many? And with as many cats as she rescued and fostered she was going to have w-a-a-a-y-y too many? She collects a lot of useless things around here but we don’t think that’s one of them!

  16. The human doesn’t save my whiskers. She has threatened to stuff a pillow with all the fur she brushes off me, though.

  17. Our human likes to joke she’s raising us for our whiskers. She has another bad joke about how many cats it takes to screw in a lightbulb. Sigh!

  18. We save whiskers too, in an Altoids tin. We’ve also given a few to someone we know who does paper marbling. Whiskers, dragged across the water’s surface, make interesting ink patterns.

  19. Mee-you Zoey mee Ladymum iss a toe-tall whisker saver!!! Shee putss mine inn mee toy container.
    Shee has whiskers frum Nylablue n Mingflower inn their littul boxes (that sit on coffeetabull). mee finks shee iss sentymental…maybee yur Mumma iss all so Zoey????
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  20. Because of visiting blogs, mom decided to save a few of ours, the ones she can find, but now she can’t remember where she put the vial where our whiskers are kept, hahahahaha!

  21. Mom doesn’t save our whiskers although we heard of this condition. Does the lady with the yellow hair need the name of a therapist? I’m sure we can find someone who will help her with her whisker-fetish!! {MOL}

  22. Yep our Mom saves ’em too. The ones she treasures the most are the ones from Abby & Gracie. She has mixed them all together now so it’s nearly impossible to tell whose is who. But, it doesn’t matter she knows we all have whiskers in her special whisker & furr box.

  23. Your whiskers are beautiful. My mom saves my whiskers and she has lots of whiskers from the kitties who were before me. Luckily, everyone had distinct whiskers and she could tell who it belonged to. Mom thinks they are very special so she keeps them in our vault (a fire proof safe).

  24. Don’t give my momma any more ideas!

  25. This post is so perfectly timed! I just created special “Whisker Collection” bottles for sale. Some bottles are vintage from antique stores. Others are brand new. There are all different sizes. Please check them out!


    My one-of-a-kind bottle for my own cat’s whiskers is an old, tiny Listerine bottle.

  26. Zoey MOL MOL. what gorgeous whiskers.
    My dad is in a model railroad train club. The guys were building a village around the train tracks
    One guy found a model replica of his Suburban. He is also a ham radio operator but he could not figure out what to use for his CB antenna. Dad how about one of Madi’s whiskers. Yep they used my whisker.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  27. OMC this is cool – Mom is going to be doing a post with our whiskers soon too. Yes, she saves them!

    The Florida Furkids

  28. We know meowmy *used* to do this, but not anymore that we are aware of…that is a large whisker collection!

  29. I don’t save whiskers, but I think it is sweet that your Mom does.

  30. My human would save my whiskers – if she ever found them! She never does. She found one of Sparkle’s once and taped it to her Macbook, and it stayed there until it disintegrated.

  31. Our Mom has a plastic snack bag of our whiskers and yes, we think she’s gone off the deep end too. We get rid of our whiskers for a reason. Why would anyone save them? Silly Mom.

  32. hay ewe gorgeous…ewe betcha…..de food servizz gurl haz whiskerz ina book goin bak ta cod noes when…her sayz a shed whisker izza sign oh good for chewn !!! happee week oh end guyz…☺☺☺♥♥♥

  33. Howdy pretty Zoey! Our Dyson collects whiskers here!

  34. My mum has saved some of my whiskers, but nowhere near as many as yours.

  35. Where on earth does mama find my whiskers anyway. I don’t think I’ve shed any in about 5 years! Where does the lady with yellow hair FIND them? Maybe she could weave them into a little whisker rug or maybe knit them into a whisker waincoat?

  36. I don’t usually find them. Either Sam doesn’t shed hers, or she hides them well I guess! I have been known to save puppy teeth though. I’d save kitten teeth too but it’s been an awful long time since we’ve had a kitten around here!

  37. I’ve done the exact same thing with every single one of my cats through the years!!! The other day I was so excited because I found a black one from Mudpie on the bed 🙂

  38. I think that’s sweet. I love finding whiskers, although I don’t keep them.

  39. After Kitty died, I searched the house top to bottom for her whiskers and claw sheathes, on top of the swatch of fur I’d snipped off. It’s not weird at all, it just shows how much the lady with the yellow hair loves you. Unfortunately, kitties don’t live as long as humans, so we like to have a way to hold onto a tangible part of you when you’re no longer there for snuggles. She loves you and there’s nothing crazy about that <3

  40. We don’t save whiskers here. The head peep often finds them when they poke her in the bare feet, and she uses HBO words and discards them.

  41. Oh yeah. TW has whiskers dating back to Faith and she even makes art out of them. Plus Pop sollects my claw sheaths and furs. They have a problem. Wanna know a secret? TW has part of Nicky’s tail clipped to the side of the refrige. Try to top that!

  42. Mommy doesn’t save our whiskers, but now that the idea is in her head she’ll probably be looking for them.

  43. We keep them in flower frogs on the top shelf of a glass cabinet.
    A nice container would be better!

  44. I save a lot of things, but whiskers is not one of them!

  45. Our mom and dad are whisker savers, too! They have ones from Graphite, Sammy, Maggie and Moosey. Oh and us, too!


    Gracie and Zoe

  46. Yes! And I stick them into a little plush frog that I have.

  47. The lady with the yellow hair is not alone : Claire does it too, since she’s a child ! She thinks a whisker is a kind of lucky charm. She has a box with all the whiskers of her cats in it : Mephisto, Biscotte, Mildred, Isis, Hercule, Céleste, Loupi, and us, angels and living kitties, altogether. Purrs

  48. I have a small food dish I bought for my rabbit. I loved it so much I didn’t want to get rid of it when she died, so I have held on to it. Recently I bought some flower foam, and cut it to fit the dish and I’ve been sticking whiskers in that.

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