Jun 132016

introvert vs. extrovert sleeping styles

Two distinctly different sleeping styles…
Ernie is more introverted…he likes to curl up into a ball…
while Wally, the extrovert, lets it all hang out.

How ’bout you?
Do you have an introverted or extroverted sleeping style?


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  1. I have seen my furbabies use both the introverted and extroverted styles. But, now that I think of it, I do believe that they all enjoy showing off that extroverted style the most. I guess letting it all hang out is pretty fun and refreshing, isn’t it, Wally?

  2. The Girlz almost always curl up. Raz is mostly like Wally but also curls up a lot. He’s an equal opportunity sleeper.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. We are more introverted in the winter and extroverted in the summer.

  4. Wally, I would have a hard time in keeping my mits off of your belleh!

  5. diego-san is our extroverted sleeping style boy. thompson and theo like to curl up. personality wise however theo is the most extroverted of the group. he greets people at the door.

  6. I, Leia, usually sleep curled up. When Toby was younger he was more of the let it all out type.

  7. Ashton is an introverted sleeper (no surprise there). Newton likes to let it all hang out. And Pierre varies by day.

  8. Pooh prefers the introverted way of sleeping. That picture is just so cute. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. I’m a mixed bag when I sleep…….I start out in a ball……then as I get deeper into sleep I stretch out into a “hanging out” posture…….I like to keep people guessing. Love this photo of you boys!

    Hugs, Sammy

  10. Kitties, the two of us sleep the same way. Emma curls up while Buster stretches out.

  11. Looks like Happyverts to me!

  12. WE have a little of each kind of sleeping around here. They both work very nicely. Looks like you two sure look happy to us.

  13. we tend to curl up….but those kitten sprawl out like they have melted

  14. We get all sorts of sleeping positions with our three cats, but the one peculiar thing is that they each pick a spot away from another cat. As cat mom, after reading your post I am wondering if other cats just want to be alone when they sleep.

  15. My boys sleep in either way – kind of mixed. But when Goro goes introverted, he becomes one big ball of fur 🙂

  16. We go from one extreme to the other. Sometimes we like to stretch out and be comfy, and sometimes we like to curl into a ball. Depends on our mood.

  17. Cute! It depends on my mood and the weather. I am often an extrovert cat, but for regular naps, I can be an introvert. Love, Cody

  18. Wow, I have all of those and more, I guess. Sometimes it’s introverted as in GO AWAY, I AM CURLED INTO A BALL SO YOU WILL NOT WAKE ME UP AGAIN TO RUB MY IRRESISTALBE TUMMY. And then sometimes it is extroverted, as in “Hey, big boy, come on over here and rub my tummy as long as you like.” We kitties want it all.

  19. Funny thing is, I sleep curled up and Boodie likes to sleep spread out (especially in the summer!) – and she’s the introvert and I’m the extrovert!

  20. Pixie sleeps curled up, but for Zorro, it’s hard to explain : curled, semi-curled, dangling, upside down, stretched, … it depends of what (or who) he’s sleeping on (or in) ! Purrs

  21. Aaaaaaw Wally we think you both look so adorable.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  22. As others have said, it could be that temperature come into play. They are in the same room, obviously but if one is more overweight, it could change how hot he feels.

  23. I think Samantha has a split personality, I’ve seen her lying both ways! I think she does tend towards the introverted though, I see her curled up more often than sprawled out.

  24. doodz….we like ta spy on de nayborz all de time sew we sleep covert ~~~~~


  25. It sorts of depends on the sleeping location over here.

    The Chans

  26. I let cllllll hang out most times. xox

  27. LOL@ extrovert.. that is perfect

  28. I’m definitely the extrovert of the family! Simon and BobbieSue are introverts – they never let it all hang out!! In fact, they never let anything hang out!!

  29. The only time I sleep extrovert style is at night, a few hours after going to bed on the lady’s bed. Pierrot on the other hand is extroverted and then some!

    I love this picture. Wally, you are so darn cute. Ernie, you are too but I can see Wally’s face better in this picture.

  30. Mudpie is definitely an introvert. I love how you boys are laying *next to* the cat bed LOL

  31. We think it’s a color thing–that’s how we sleep!

  32. It depends on the weather and whether I’m hot or cold. Usually I curl up but recently I’ve been laying on my side with my paws way stretched out.

  33. Such cuties! We have a mix of both around here.

  34. We take turns being open and closed. It all depends how e= we are feeling that particular moment.


  35. We are all a bunch of introverts in this house.

  36. Introvert, so was Derby.

  37. Cute picture, boys. Dexter and Sophie are extroverts, but Olive is an introvert sleeper.

  38. I think I’m mostly and introvert but I occasionally stretch out and snooze.

  39. Hannah always sleeps with Mum but Lucy prefers to sleep on her own.

  40. This is terrific. Wally’s style is like Calista Jo’s except she turns her upper body even more. You boys are always so cute when your are snoozing. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  41. Hmm, mes a most extroverted cat, but mes sleeps like a introvert!

  42. We like your analogy! Levon lets it all hang out like you do Wally! Esme is more like you when she sleeps Ernie 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  43. Gracie likes to sleep next to Mom. Zoe is more of a Daddy’s girl. 🙂

  44. We just sleep in whichevfur way we feel comfy!

    You two sure do look comfy and cozy:)

    We are now here:

    (We had to change our blog to make us have a real name instead of all those silly numbers.)

  45. My cat is more of an introvert like Ernie. He likes to curl up into a ball 🙂

  46. I could rub that orange tummy.

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