Jul 292008

We were tagged by Jan’s Funny Farm to do the unspectacular quirks meme.  Hmmmm, this could be interesting…

The rules:  Link to the one who tagged you.  List the rules on your blog.  Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.  Tag some blogger friends with links.  Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been tagged.

Well, there’s three of us, so how ’bout if we give 2 quirks each.  Here goes….

Wally:  Let’s see…for my first quirk, I can hear a window opening in our house from a mile away.  Even if I’m sound asleep, if someone opens a window, I am sitting in it in 2 seconds flat! 

Wally in Window

My second one, well I have some strange litterbox habits.  First, I dig to China.  I mean, really, really, really dig.  Then, after I finish my business, I cover it up.  But I just don’t cover it a little bit, I build me a mountain!!!!  I build it high!!!

Okay, Ernie, it’s your turn…and we know how quirky you are!!!

Ernie:  Wow!!  It’s gonna be hard to give only 2 quirks.  My first one…I like to chew stuff.  Like wooden spoons and the spout on the tea kettle and the edge of the coffee table (which really makes Mom mad!) and Mom’s leather purse (which really, really makes her mad!!).  I don’t know why I like to chew stuff…I just do.  My second quirk, I like to sleep on the sofa table under the lamp.   But only if the light is on.  Once again, I don’t know why I like to sleep there…I just do.  So there!

Okay, Zoey, your turn!

Zoey:  Well, I don’t think I’m quirky at all!  But if I must come up with something…okay, number 1…I like to sleep under the comforter on the bed, even if the bed is made.  I just crawl up underneath and take a snooze. 

Number 2, I like to lick the nice guy and the lady with the yellow hair’s toes.  Wow!  I guess I’m kinda quirky after all!

Okay, who should we tag to do this meme???  We don’t know who hasn’t done this yet so…we tag Sabrina, Sam & Simon and Texas.  Not that we think you guys are quirky….we just want to have some fun!!!!

  16 Responses to “Quirks…”

  1. Very quirky list of quirks!!! We enjoyed it very much! Great pictures!

  2. We know another kitty who is a chewer. His Mom got him a small nylabone and he carries it around and chews on it and mostly leaves the other stuff alone.

  3. Those are some interesting quirks! All three of us kitties love to chew on anything plastic at our house . . . we’ll steal it and run with it and hide it from mommy if we have to!

  4. That is very funny about building a mountain to cover up in the litterbox!

  5. Ernie, you’re laying under the lamp is what we call “lamp bathing” in our family. we cannot go outside to sunbathe, so we stay inside and lamp bathe.

  6. Zoey, you make a very cute lump!

  7. We enjoyed learning more about you! We both like to dig and dig and dig, and we also both like to burrow under the covers. 🙂

  8. Ooh, thanks for taggin’ me. You have interesten qwerks! I gots at least one video to upload first, so I will do my meme tomorrow!

  9. Oh I love to dig in the covers! It’s great to learn more about you guys!


  10. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

    Mommy Bean Laure

  11. You are some of the quirkiest cats I ever met! And I love all your quirks, very interesting!
    Mrs. OZ
    Don’t miss my post tomorrow!

  12. WOW, guys, you sure are quirky!!! We enjoyed that. we are taking it easy on safari right now – but more to come!!!
    Karl and Ruis

  13. Super duper quirks! Grayson gets under the quilt like that, too! Mom calls him the lump.

  14. I’m stowing away on the train!

  15. Ernie, I think you are like a burger under the heat lamps!

    Great meme all!!!


  16. That was cute. We enjoyed your meme.

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