Mar 202009

This is my toy…the Turbo Scratcher.  It’s got this red ball that goes round and round.  It’s a fun toy, but it gets a little boring after awhile.  Sometimes I put one of my mousies in there and let the red ball run over it.  Heehee!!

But when we were visiting the Cat Street Boyz, they had a new Turbo toy called the Turbo Track!!!  Look at it!

Now that’s a fun toy!!  That ball doesn’t just go round and round…it makes a figure 8!!!  And look at the cat in the picture…it looks just like me!!!  Like I was meant to have the Turbo Track!!!

Hey, lady with the yellow hair, can we trade my boring Turbo Scratcher in for this new and improved Turbo Track??  Please???

Well, Zoey, I’ll think about it, okay??

Oh yeah, I’ll keep pestering her and I’ll wear her down in no time!!  That Turbo Track will be mine before the weekend is over!!!

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  1. Zoey, you are a gal that knows what she wants!

  2. Ooh! I want one too. I would have to be on my bestest behaviour for a VERY long time to earn one of those…

  3. That is a cool toy! I hope that you convince the lady with the yellow hair to buy it for you!

  4. We don’t have either of those toys. We demand that your mom get you the new one because we need to know what YOU think of it. So we can persuade our mom to get us one!!

    Abby & Stygia

  5. That Turbo Tracker does look like lots of fun. We hope you get one real soon.

  6. We hope you get the Turbo Tracker and post some pictures.

    Thank you for your kind words about the loss of our KittyBoy. He was so young, and we loved him so much.

    ~ The Bunch and Momma Bobbie

  7. Whoa, that turbo tracker looks like you could race a little race car on that track! We hope you have one soon!

  8. Good luck in getting that pawsome turbo tracker! We know you’ll get it, how could she resist that sweet face!

  9. Wow – that figure 8 turbo-tracker is cool! (it reminds me of a Hot Wheels track!) If you get one, please let us know how you like it.

  10. That does look like a cool toy! We will keep our paws crosssed that you get it!

  11. You are so right . . . I can definitely tell that toy is meant to be yours!

  12. Oh no! Our mom says she is very sorry to hear your mom has jury duty at the end of the month. We are purring it goes by very quickly for her!

  13. I saw this toy originally on Max’s website, and I have to admit: It looks pretty amazing. I definitely want one, but I doubt I’ll get anything for myself any time soon. Have I mentioned I hate my human pet lately? : (

  14. We’re looking forward to pictures of your new toy which we’re absolutely sure you’ll get as you predict.

  15. That looks like loads of fun and made just for you in mind!!!!!

  16. Cool! That looks like such a fun toy!!

  17. We’d like a Turbo Tracker too. Can you give us tips on getting our own way ‘cos we think you’re an expert!

  18. I would say both toys are very awesome, but keep pestering and you will get it.

  19. Oh, yeah! We see one in our future too! Thanks for telling us about it:)

  20. That looks awesome! We keep our Turbo Scratcher under the bed and sometimes Harley decides to play in the middle of the night. But I think the Turbo Track looks like ten times the fun! I hope you get one!

  21. Buddah has one of those Turbo Tracks (we gave one away on my blog! It was very much wanted by LOTS of kitties.) I’m not sure it’s in the stores yet, though. When it is, get at least two of them, cause then you can make LoTS of shapes!

  22. Nice to meet you too ^ ^

    Is always welcome in my blog !!

  23. That looks like a great toy. We hope your mum gets you one.

  24. That figure 8 track looks cool, but we think your scratcher one is really nice, too!

  25. We are convinced it will be yours. No one can resist that face!

  26. We just got some Turbo Tracks. We absolutely adore our old Turbo Scratcher, so Mommy thought we might like the Turbo Track too. We’ve only had the new toy for one day, so we’re not sure how we like it yet. We have a feeling that you will be able to convince your mom to get you one.

  27. We saw it over at Max & Buddah’s and Buddah loves it!
    We think you should have one too, it will add another dimension to your playtime.(Or at least thats a reason to tell your mom to get it.)

  28. Oh boy that is a new toy momma and me has not seen yets. Momma is going to orders it right away so I can review it and we will put it on our store. I hopes you guys gets one.

  29. Wow! Cool!! Keep pestering you mom!!I wish my mom would get me one of those!

  30. How could she say no to your sweet face?
    Smoochies to you today!

  31. Good luck Zoey! I hope you get the toy.

  32. We have the turbo cat too… We really LOVE it! It neFUR gets old! Thanks for visiting us on our blog…

  33. Wow that looks like fun! We will have to ask Mom for one (We already have a similar one but it doesnt have a scratcher in the middle)

    You asked what I was looking at- I was just playin and stuff and so was Cloud and Mom shoved the flashy boxes (without flash) in our faces just because she’s wierd. Cloud’s picture will show up tomorrow.

    -Niko (and Cloud)

  34. Oh Zoey you should get that for sure!

  35. I want one of those turbo tracks, too. Max and Buddah ( got one a while back and it looks like a lot of fun!

  36. well gess wut. max hadda contest an i won da turbo track!!!! i wuz so eksited becuz i entered da contest to win it fer mi bes frend reebok da grate fer hiz birfday.
    now dat turbo track iz in hiz howse … an dey all luv it.
    da end.

  37. Zoey, you know what’s good for ya! That turbo track is meant for you!!!
    Mom just gave us her ‘forget it’ look. Chilli has killed her printer by letting a bowl of glass that held shells and little stones AND a pot with a plant crush on it. There were earth, stones and glass all inside the printer, it just wouldn’t work no more. I hope that doesn’t mean I’ll get no presents for my first birthday in April…shudder. That wouldn’t be fair!
    Zoey, I think you look like a Norwegian Forest Cat!
    Purrs, Siena

  38. Zoey, if I could bring you one of those figure 8 toys I would do it in a heartbeat!
    Kissies to you,

  39. I think I see your mom going into PetSmart right now.

  40. Yellow hair lady, I think you should get out to the shops and buy Zoey a Turbo Track RIGHT NOW, okay? Because she is a furry good and deserving kitty… I wonder if they sell those here? I have never seen one in the shops.

  41. Come on Zoey, use your charm and big eyes 🙂
    Mom’s can’t resist those!! heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  42. hahah Zoey I saw that too and wanted one!!! Oh man.. let me know how yours is.. when you get it hahaha
    Oh boy I wish I had mine momma like you has yours !~ 😉

  43. The Turbo Track looks like such a great toy. I hope you get one, or two, soon.

  44. We are hoping our Lady with the yellow hair will buy us one too!

  45. I have one of those toys, mine’s called a star chaser and it has a red ball that flashes. Mom’s been trying to get me to play with it, but I’m just not interested. I mean, how boring, that red flashy ball just goes round in a circle. I want more action than that. Now, that toy that the Cat Street Boyz has is really cool, but I’d probably not want to get off my butt and play with that either. I really don’t play much anymore. Mom got me a ‘nip carrot, but I just gave that a quick look and said, “ok’. I mostly sleep now and just bug Mom (like I am this morning).

  46. I have this scratch toy too, but I also want the Turbo Track!!

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