May 062016


Hi everybuddy.  I know, I know…I’m sitting in the PTU (prisoner transport unit for you who may be unfamiliar with that term).  And I’m going to tell all of you something…well, you older cats probably already know this…but for you younger cats…if you see the PTU sitting out…DO NOT SIT IN IT!  Trust me, no good will come of it if you do.  Because once you climb in and make yourself comfortable, the door shuts and you get carted off to that evil vet place.

Some of you think going to the vet isn’t so bad.  But not this girlcat.  I turn into one wild animal when I have to go.  Which by the way, was earlier this week for me.  The lady with the yellow hair tricked me and shoved me in the PTU and took me to the vet for my annual exam.  But I didn’t go willingly…I hissed and growled and spit up a storm.  I even lunged at the vet and the tech when they looked at me sitting in the PTU.  I heard the lady with the yellow hair talking to them…saying “I know she’s impossible to exam, but do what you can.”  All the vet could do was give me a shot and steal some of my bloods so they could do some tests.  She tried to listen to my heart and my lungs but I was growling so loud, she couldn’t hear a thing except my growling.  She didn’t even try to look at my teeth.  If she had, she might have lost a finger or two.  Oh yeah…a little ol’ 10 pound cat like me really had those vet people quaking in their vet shoes.

So kitties, if you see the PTU sitting there…looking inviting…RUN, don’t walk, under the nearest bed or couch you can find.



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  42 Responses to “Run…Don’t Walk!”

  1. LOL! Angel Annie applauds your feistiness, Zoey! We’re crossing our paws that your test results come back normal!

    • I checked out good…and the tests came back normal. I coulda told them that without having to be subjected to all that!

  2. Oh Zoey, they tricked you with the PTU! But it sounds like you showed them who’s boss once at the vet.

  3. we run too….we figure it gives mom a workout if she is going to drag us to the v-e-t

  4. Can you believe Allie SLEEPS in the PTU? Crazy, huh?

    The Florida Furkids

  5. When I see that evil PTU I run for the hills! Minchie walks right in and takes a snooze.


  6. Oh no, how awful! We admire your dedication to Non Vet Probing, it’s quite impressive. We must confess that we too have been fooled by the PTU… we don’t normally sit in it but Mom will bring it into the open the night before or so and then we kinda forget it’s there. Sneaky.

  7. Girlfriend I hear you loud and clear. It should be against feline law to trick us was a soft cozy blankie in Ptu!
    Sounds like you kept your dignity and the humans kept their digits
    Madi your bfff

  8. Well I have never been in our PTU……when I was a baby I screamed up such a storm and stuck my little legs out in every direction to keep Mom from putting me in it for my first vet visit that she never did that AGAIN. That’s when I became “Mr. Harness/Leash” and that’s how I go to the vet. Mom carries me in like that and they treat me like a little Prince and make a big deal over me and I let them do WHATEVA they want to me!! I’m good as gold….Mom is amazed how good I am….so is the vet but then he’s known me all my 16-1/2 years!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  9. Oh Zoey, you sure do make things difficult for yourself. I hope your teefts are okay

  10. At least the vet will always remember you Zoey! Hope you got good reports on your blood work!

  11. Oh Zoey, you and Mew Mew have your own club. If Mew Mew sees the carrier, she totally gone. No way is she going near it. Sounds like you are getting those vets trained very nicely to leave you alone. Good job. We do hope the tests come back with good results.

  12. Oh my Zoey Mom and I are so sorry that you don’t like the Vet! I don’t love going, but I am real good about it. I don’t “sing the song of my people” in the car, and I am good with Dr.Smiley. I just go kinda limp cause I figure the faster he is able to do his evil deeds, the faster I can get back home. Mom leaves my PTU out all of the time and she will frequently see me sleeping in it. Sorry you had such a rough time. Love, Cody

  13. Oh, Zoey, Abbey hears you. She hates going to the vet too. If she evens SEES a PTU (new term for me, but I like it!), she runs. I know it’s not fun. But us mamas have to make sure you’re healthy and doing OK. I hope you got a good report! By the way, as much as you don’t like the PTU, you look awfully cute sitting in it! 🙂

  14. Zoey, you and I are part of a select and very special sisterhood.
    The gloves come out when I’m in the clinic.
    ; ) Katie

  15. You made us girlcats proud, Zoey!

  16. Zoey
    I am so WITH you on this one. Those silly dog, Noodles and Molly, always think they are going on a vacation when SHE pulls out the PTU. But I know better. I. . . just. . .know. . .
    Sunshine the Cat

  17. Oh my, Zoey, so sorry you had to be taken to the vet! But sounds like you fought bravely!

  18. Zoey – I totally got you there – BobbieSue is like that. She turns into a wildcat, too when the PTU comes out. Angel Piper would end up going to the vet, too, just to keep her from going bat-cr*p-crazy!! Now, mom doesn’t know what she’s going to do when her annual comes up this year!! We’re glad all your tests were good!

  19. We’re sorry to read that you had to go through this, Zoey ! We don’t like the vet, but we don’t dare to express it loud and clear : we’re so proud of you ! Purrs

  20. Boy, do I know what you mean. I see that thing and I run like hell even before I can think about getting “comfortable” in it.
    Comfortable??? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING. Mama picks me up and papa holds the door open and the traveling apt (HAH) is tilted toward the floor so that when I’m in the front door I have go all the way in whether I like it or not because it’s going downhill!
    But I have to say, then I’m fine and only gripe a little and at the vet I am an angel.

  21. I’m surprised the VETS don’t go running away when they see YOUR PTU coming through the door, Zoey!

  22. my stars girl, that you should have to put up with such rude behavior from the vet and the assistants; why they were growling and hissing at you is anyone’s guess, but I would so call the……



    boomer just said it was YOU growling and hissing at them

    great job zoey, keep up the good work…hugs girl from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥♥

    heerz two a monkeyface prickleback kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  23. But Zoey, if you have to go through the torture of a vet visit why not let them give you a good exam and get it over with? I can’t believe you’re such a wild child!!!

  24. Oh sweet Zoey me’s so sorry you had to go to da VET. Me woulda never known you was so fierce. Altho’ me’s purroud of ya’ fur tellin’ ’em what fur, me’s sorry they couldn’t do a real exam. Sometimes dat’s da only way to know ifin there’s somethin’ dat needs watchin’. Me’s glad yous okay.

    Luv ya’


  25. our mom leaves our ptus out 24/7 so we just never know when the “stuffing” is going to come. if we get inside it is like a game of ptu roulette 😀

    It makes us smile a bit that you are such a fighter, Zoey. you always look so innocent 🙂 it would seem you can at least excape that stick up the bum bit, right? here’s to a good check up! have some more meowgarittas from yesterday and enjoy your weekend!

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

  26. Tricksters! Glad you gave those vet people some grief. We agree, going to the vet is no fun at all.

  27. Zoey, you look so innocent, I wouldn’t have guessed you to be such a toughie. I never knew what PTU stood for 🙂

  28. Derby would always just walk into the PTU, me, mum has to catch me, and then somehow get me in.

  29. Zoey, I guess you told them who’s boss, huh? Moosey used to sleep in his open ptu from time to time. Go figure…

  30. HAH! I might have let them look in my mouth but they can’t steal my blood or give me shots. We make a good pair.

  31. TBT once left the biggest PTU out in our room thinking we might get used to it. And even nap in it.

    Dint werk…

  32. Hey pretty Zoey, there used to be a kitty here (before me) that had a sign on her PTU (the Vet insisted) that said “DO NOT TRUST THIS CAT”! She would have been proud of you!

  33. Ha, Samantha wouldn’t dream of climbing in that thing willingly. We just wrestled her into it yesterday (yup, it takes two adults to wrestle an 8 lb. cat into a PTU at this house), and then I also had to wrestle her out of it when we got to the vet’s office!
    Luckily for our vet, she was a little more cooperative than you, Zoey, though she was certainly not thrilled with any of it and definitely unhappy after they sucked some blood out!
    I guess you both survived it though, and we’re sorry, but these things are necessary!

  34. My Pooch is the one here that has to be tricked into the PTU. We war sorry they took some of your bloods, but since they did we hope it shows you are doing very well beautiful Zoey. Hugs and nose kisses

  35. actually, no one here minds our vet. I am a bit surprised, too. They actually adore Chloe Jo, and she them, because she is there so often! Maggie likes the attention. Everyone else just takes it in stride!

  36. Run! Run fast, run far…
    Then take a nap.
    Have a great weekend…

    Noodle and crew

  37. Oh you poor dear. You were fooled again! I never sit in my PTU unless forced inside. It sits out all the time with the door open, but I refuse to go into – just in case!

  38. You show ’em, Zoey!

  39. Zoey we understand. We turn into growling hissing monsters at the V.E.T. too. We love to lounge in our PTUs when Mom leaves them on the sunporch, we were not happy when she moved them back to the garage yesterday MOL!

  40. *Helpless giggles * Oh tell me about it, we sing the song of our people EVERY TIME!!!!!

  41. Good job Zoey! Angel Leo would be so proud of you 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

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