Apr 302016

I'm a handsome orange tabby cat

Hey everybuddy!  I know we don’t normally post on Saturdays but this Saturday is a day I could not let pass by without acknowledging it.  It’s a day just for me and my fellow tabby cats…National Tabby Cat Day!  Us tabby cats have been waiting FOREVER for a day to celebrate us!  I mean, there’re lots of days that celebrate all cats…and black cats already have several days designated just for them.  I say it’s about time there’s a day for the most handsome and beautiful cats in the whole world…tabby cats!  And if you ask me, the best looking tabby cats are us orange ones!

In honor of National Tabby Cat Day, I wanna share some fun facts about tabby cats…and us orange ones in particular.

Fun Facts About Tabby Cats

  • Tabby is not a breed…but describes our appearance.
  • There are typically four patterns of tabbies:
    Mackerals have thin, vertical stripes, and rings around the tail.  I’m a mackeral tabby.
    Classics have broad bands, swirls and spirals.
    Ticked have alternating light and dark furs.
    Spotted have bands of spots rather than stripes.
  • If you notice, us tabbies have an M on our foreheads.  There’s an old tale about how tabby cats got that M.   The story goes that after baby Jesus was born, he was was crying very loud in the manger.  A small cat cuddled up next to him and began to purr.  Baby Jesus instantly stopped crying and fell asleep.  Mary was so grateful to the cat and kissed him on the forehead which branded the cat with an M for her name.  I dunno if this story is true or not, but it’s pretty cool, don’tcha think?
  • Orange tabby cats can have orange, red or yellow furs…and are sometimes referred to as marmalade or ginger cats.
  • Orange tabbies often have freckles.  I know I do.  Just look at my nose!  I also have freckles in my mouth on my gums, too.
  • There are more male orange tabbies than females.
  • Probably the most famous orange tabby…next to me of course…is Garfield the Cat.

You may think there’re a lot of tabby cats in the world…and you’d be right…but every one of us is special.  Happy National Tabby Cat Day!


  37 Responses to “Tabby Cats are Special!”

  1. Great post! I agree, all tabbies are special. Happy National Tabby Cat Day! I have always loved the story of Mary marking one with the M.

  2. Happy National Tabby Cat Day! You are definitely one handsome tabby, Wally. I was never completely sure what made a tabby cat, but I think our cat Don Juan was one. For a while I called him a tiger cat, because his mother and grandmother were tiger cats, but I think he was really a tabby – he was a handsome guy too. I’ll have to look at photos to see if he has that M – what a great story about that!

  3. We have lots of wonderful Tabby cats here, Orange and other wise. They are great cats, that is for sure. Of course the old lady Mom, forgot to post about them. Great post, lots of good info.

  4. Happy Tabby day to you Wally
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. Happy International Tabby Cat Day! Enjoy your day. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my birthday party! – Devi

  6. My first kitty love was a Tabby named Fiat because I found him at a car company who were taking care of him as an abandoned baby and I took him home. I adored him and he lived many years, terrorizing my landlord’s feisty kitty, Puss.
    A grand life.
    Happy Tabby Day!!!

  7. Wally! Happy National Tabby Cat Day to you too my friend! Yep – we gingers are special tabbies indeed…..and our freckles just prove it. I’ve got them everywhere too – paw pads are not excluded either. Mom is going to celebrate by giving me some shrimp tonight for dinner – SCORE!

    Love and Hugs, Sammy

  8. Wally, you are our favorite ginger tabby!

  9. Wally, what a great post. We have no tabbies at present, but we know how special they are, especially the orange ones. Mom says our angel MacKenzie was the sweetest boy. And they are also so handsome. You have proved that. We didn’t know that story about the Virgin Mary. True or not, it is a great legend. Happy Tabby Cat Day. Hope you score some extra treats. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. Here is another fun fact: we Abyssinians are originally tabbies! And we too have a vestigial M on our foreheads!

    The Chans

  11. Tabbies are indeed special. Have a great day Wally.

  12. Happy National Tabby Cat Day our fellow Tabby friend! You are full of Marmie goodness!
    Marty and Ralphie

  13. They certainly are special! And now they have a day to prove it.

  14. Hurray fer us Tabbies! ~ MARLEY

  15. Happy Tabby Cat (and Caturday) Day to you too!

  16. That’s interesting information about Tabby cat markings. And you’re a handsome example!

  17. From one gorgeous orange tabby to another equally gorgeous orange tabby! Tabby rules!!!!

  18. Happy Tabby Day ! Purrs

  19. Happy National Tabby Cat Day, Wally! It’s about time they had a holiday for you guys! (And I guess me too, since I am technically a ticked tabby.)

  20. Happy Tabby Day Wally from one Marmalade tabby to another!

  21. Happy Tabby Cat Day!

  22. Yep we Tabbies sure are special! Happy National Tabby Day!

  23. Happy Tabby Cat Day! I adore your nose freckles and M on your forehead 🙂 And of course your sunny orange tabby coat!

  24. It’s been so long until tabbies have had their own day because every day is a special day if you know a tabby.

  25. Happy Tabby Cat Day!!! Raz says ALL tabbies are pawsome!

    Ellie and Allie say thank you for stopping by their Birthday Party!

    The Florida Furkids

  26. Happy National Tabby Cat Day Wally! Sami and Sasha are tabbies too. We thinks maybe based on the descriptions that Sasha is a Mackeral too, and Sami is a Classic.

    Hope you had a wonderful day!

  27. Wally, Angel Leo was a Mackeral Tabby just like you! And he was very , very , very special! Just like you are 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  28. Interesting !
    M on your foreheads. Thanks for great info.
    and Happy Sunday Wally

  29. You are such an orange goodness tabby Wally!

  30. Wally, can you believe it took this long to celebrate us! I mean, humans should have been down on their knees kissing our paws long before this, don’t you think? Mommy went to the celebration yesterday and will be posting about it.

  31. Mee-you Wally that iss a grate story about how Tabbiess got their “M”!!! LadyMum says shee new about thee “M” butt not thee story behind it!
    Fankss fur xplainin fingss….an did mee menshun yur one hansum Tabby mankat????
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddharta Henry xxxx

  32. We love tabbies and btw the mythology of the M dates to Muhammad and Islam.http://www.wikiwand.com/en/Islam_and_cats. Christians adopted their opinion more recently 🙂

  33. I didn’t realise that our Sienna, a tortie, has tabby markings! Happy Tabby Day!

  34. Happy belated National Tabby Day, Wally! Hope the mom gave you some extra treats 🙂

  35. Too right we’re special!

    Purrs xx

  36. Yup, you are a spawsial kitty, Wally! Yesiree!
    Minko may have some tabby in his heritage, sometimes meowmy can see rings and stripes hiding in his fur.

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