Apr 112016

Hey Wally...there's something in the closet

Hey Wally!  There’s something in this closet.  I think it could be fun to play with.  Wanna help me get it out?

Nope, Ernie…I’m too busy admiring my handsome self in the mirror.  Besides, you know we’re not supposed to be messing in the closet.  You’re just looking to get into trouble and I won’t be a part of that.

Aw…you’re no fun, Wally.  I guess I’m on my own with this.

Hey…Ernie here.  Let me tell all of you how this ended.  I just about had that fun thing out of the closet…but the mom stopped me.  What a spoilsport!  Don’t worry…I’ll be back to get it out…whatever’s in there…when she’s not around.


  51 Responses to “A Determined Cat”

  1. Well Ernie, you have some cousins living here. I discovered this morning that someone, TOOK the dryer flap out of the wall so now there is a huge hole in the wall. Good luck on getting in that closet Ernie. You all have a super week.

  2. Moms are such buzz kills..

  3. Mums are generally kill joys.

  4. What a spoil sport your mom is! Not to worry, though. She eventually has to leave the house sooner or later. hehehe!

  5. Persistence pays, for sure. Trick is to be persistent when the peeps aren’t about. MOUSES!


  6. DRAT! Moms luff to kill our fun, don’t they? Meanies.

  7. Ooh I can’t wait to find out what you find in there! Don’t share with your brother either since you’re having to do all the work yourself!

  8. Wonder what is in the closet, Ernie? I know you’ll be successful someday, but good luck at remaining innocent, with all of this video evidence! Wally, you do look handsome!

  9. what is in there ernie?

  10. Ernie, we gotta know what it was!

  11. MOL MOL MOL Ernie determination coupled with poly dactyl feets makes a great action film
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. good luck Ernie – just don’t get caught

  13. Gosh Ernie – I bet if Wally had been on board with this closet opening project it would have been done BEFORE Mom discovered what you were up to – as it is, waiting for her to be GONE and trying again is a good strategy!

    Hugs, Sammy

  14. Determination is a purrfectly fine trait to have, Ernie. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll show that closet who’s boss soon enough. And, Wally, you’re right in knowing that you’re quite handsome. Purrs!

  15. What is it about those mirrored doors? Our mirrored doors are soooo hard to open, too, and we can open most any cabinet or door. You know the good stuff MUST be hidden behind them, right? Keep trying, and we will, too!

  16. What a cute video! I’m sorry your mom spoiled your fun time!

  17. MOL, awesome work! But here’s a tip.. when there’s a camera pointed at you, just give it the innocent look. Then when no one’s looking, get back to work on that door! Perhaps your brofur could stand look out instead of staring at himself?

  18. With the mirror, it’s double determination!

  19. I wonder what is in there?

  20. Great video and love the poses toward the end. He’ll find a way….

  21. Looks like ya almost got it open!

  22. Ernie, you remind me of my Sophie who loves pulling things out of the closet.

  23. Ernie, I think you should have whatever is in there!

  24. MOL..I wonder what is in there, Ernie…MOL 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 <3

  25. You ARE determined! And a hard worker. Maybe someday mom will show you what’s in there. 🙂

  26. dood….ewe knead a level kinda stix thing…..ore a good hammer….sneek inta de garage N see what yur dad haz out ther; coz curry uz catz like uz wanna noe whatz in ther two !!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  27. Hey! Maybe it’s your Christmas present!!!! Its a little early but who knows?

  28. Don’t open it! There might be monsters there!

  29. Mew mew mew Wally yur funny lookin inn that BIG meer-or!
    An Ernie yur video iss pawsum an LadyMum sayss wee could bee twinss 😉
    Mee tooked THAT as a COMPLEEMINT!!!! No closet door getss thee better of us rite??????? 😉
    ***Hi-5’sss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  30. Don’t give up Ernie, you ‘ll get there in the end.

  31. Ernie, you are both persistent and strong. Do you kitties make noseprints on those great mirrors? Please tell us what was in the closet.

  32. What was it?! You are tenacious!

    MOL on Wally being busy admiring himself!

  33. I know you will get it out Ernie, I just know it!

  34. I was hoping to see what you are so determined to extricate from the closet.

  35. mol! trust moms to spoil any fun 🙂 our momma says you remind her of the two panfur kitties here…hmmm…we’re not sure who she means…you know, though, we do our best exploring and finding of things when our momma is at work. tee hee!

    sharpie, ditto

  36. What is it? What is it? I’ve got to know.

  37. Moms are such party poopers! We hope you get it out eventually Ernie!

  38. Darn the mom bean. We’re sorry your didn’t get what you were looking for…maybe tomorrow?

  39. Why is it that Mom’s love to kill our fun?

  40. I’m with you Ernie…go get it when your mom’s not around…it could be some Colorado pot.


  41. I know you will get it Ernie but ten to one your mom will still crush your victory…
    But she will tell you it’s for your own good and cause she loves you.
    What are ya gonna do? That’s moms for ya.

    Noodle and crew

  42. Ernie you and Cody are licensed cat burglars for sure! Cody is ALWAYS opening the closet!

  43. Great video Ernie!
    Yous is one determined kitty!

  44. There is so many of yous!

  45. Jewel used to open sliding doors all the time. We bet you’ll have whatever it is out of there in no time, Ernie.

  46. Ernie, we cannot believe you worked so hard when you didn’t even know what you were trying to get. Good boy, Wally. You were a true Cat Scout and didn’t give in to hooliganism. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth ad Calista Jo

  47. Ernie it is a good thing you and Marty don’t live together, there would be no end to the mischief!

  48. Ernie, we will send Levon right over! Between the two of you, you should get it out no problem! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  49. We think you want to get in that closet…just because right now you can’t,MOL! But you sure were working hard to try!

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