Apr 062016


Sorry, you can't make the bed now

Hello, mom.  Haven’t you heard the latest research that you shouldn’t make the bed?  That’s right…some very smart scientists say that making the bed every day may be unhealthy because of the millions of dirty little dust mites that exist in the bed.  Ewwww…gross!  Do you really wanna be sleeping with those things?  But if you leave the bed unmade, it helps to kill off the little buggers.

I'm not done with my nap yet

See?  I’m just thinking about you, mom…and your health.  You’re welcome.  Besides, I’m not ready to get up yet.


  57 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. I think this is very good advice! Your mom is so lucky to have you around to take care of her health.

  2. That is a great tip to give your mom, Wally. My kitties must have heard that scientific tidbit some time ago, because they haven’t let me make the bed in years. Purrs!

  3. Oh Wally, you are just too funny. The whole deal is that you are not ready to get up. But the dust mites is such a good excuse. And of course you are very busy killing those dust mites. You all have a great day.

  4. so THAT’S why mom never makes the bed….. MOL

  5. Oh, yeah, the dust mites! That’s the ticket! Enjoy your bed snoozies, Wally.

  6. What a caring son you are – – – – trying to save your Mom from those Mom-eating dust mites. I hope she appreciates your sacrifice……and I also hope those mites don’t decide to become cat-eating dust mites!

    Hugs, Sammy

  7. You are so wise, Wally! Best excuse for not making the bed I’ve ever heard!!!

  8. Wally, you remind me of a character on old Saturday Night Live shows, whose catchphrase was, “Yeah, that’s the ticket!” Jon Lovitz cracked me up back then, and you sound surprisingly like him…;-)

  9. well….we must have NONE of those little buggers in our house cause Mom NEVER makes the bed! She is disgusting! Love, Cody

  10. The Mom’s bed must be really clean of dust mites, Wally, because she never really makes her bed here, MOL!!

  11. Wally, how astute you are, keeping up with all the scientific researches in the world today…..BAZINGA!!!!!

    Pee ess, you look might cute here.

  12. Lady heard you weren’t suppose to make it when it is still warm, but she does anyway. She says she will risk it:)

  13. Wally, you are so smart! Lucky your mom has you around!

  14. Ooo I like that kind of research! hee hee

  15. How interesting, I didn’t know about that research!
    That gives me good reason not to make bed and my boys not to get up – it’s a win-win 🙂

  16. that’s the reason we don’t make our bed. at least that’s what I tell anyone who notices.

  17. Hm…… let us know if this works.

  18. Good job pal;. I see you have your mom wrapped right around your dainty little paw – right where she should be.

  19. That’s the excuse I was looking for to stop making my bed. Thanks Wally!

  20. Wally, you are so smart

  21. Wally, I’ve never read that study, but it makes perfect sense to me. 🙂

  22. Good fur you Wally eddycatin yur Mumma! LadyMum doess not make thee be till nite time an wee hope there are no mitess lurkin inn our luvely bed!
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx

  23. Wally tell me this is a fable…OMCs do we need to get our peeps mite collars?
    Hugs madi your bffff

  24. And since dust mites can cause allergies, how about cat furs?

  25. My 3 cats definitely agree that the bed should not be made. They climb into bed after we get up and feed them, at least one of the three will stay there all day. I guess they are protecting us from dust mites.

  26. Not making the bed helps to…. I NEVER KNEW! Must go tell the peep, right away.


  27. Very interesting study, thanks for sharing Wally ! We have to tell Mum about it ! Purrs

  28. Okay Wally, we wanna know ifin dat’s real or not? MOL Really we do. Me thinks it’s a good idea to leave da bed unmade, but ifin this be true, mommy sez she’ll never make a bed again.

    Luv ya’


    • It is true…or so these scientists say. Google “why you shouldn’t make the bed” and see what they say about it. 🙂

  29. dood….but now inn sted oh bee in trapped inn side sew they can bite yur mom & dad… they iz looze upon de spread ta bit EWE….tell yur mom ta make de bed then get ewe a fresh blankit ta lay on….on de bed !!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ♥♥♥

  30. You’re very wise Wally! Our mommy always makes sure at least her pillow is covered up because someTortie likes to lay on it. Mommy complains of Tortie furs stuck to her lips but wouldn’t that be better than dust mites? We think so!

  31. It is so good of you, Wally, to teach your anthros about housekeeping.
    Kitties know more about beds than anthros, anyway.

  32. Wally, you are such a thoughtful ManCat! Always thinking of ways to help your Mom.

    The Florida Furkids

  33. I will try this on my mom. I don’t think she has heard of this.

  34. Wally that’s a great argument!!!

  35. WOW ! This is the best news in a long time ! Please research French Fries next – maybe they are healthy, since potatoes are a vegetable !

  36. You are very thoughtful to think of your mum’s health, Wally.

  37. I like what you’re saying, Wally!

  38. Those nasty little boogers! I figure mom shouldn’t make the bed at all….afterall we’re just going to get in it again tonight.


  39. You are so thoughtful Wally, always thinking of your Mom.

  40. Mom never makes up the bed!!! We love you Wally!!!

  41. mol! your mom should be so appreciative of your help, Wally. and in the time she saves with that one less chore, she could do something useful, like go get you some treats 😀

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

  42. Wally, you are ever so thoughtful 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  43. We never make the bed straight away. We let it air, and cats lie on the folded down duvet WINNING!!!!!

  44. What a nice kitty your are Wally! Your mom bean must appawciate your concern for her well-being. Besides you’re keeping it warm for her for later.

  45. My human never makes her side of the bed, and when she read that report a while back, she felt SO vindicated! So if we ever get bedbugs, they will on be on her boyfriend’s side.

  46. You are one helpful dude, Wally! Dust mites … ewwww.

  47. No WONDER TBT is relatively healthy!!!

  48. Mites?? Eeeuuuwwwwwww!
    Wait, what about where meowmy works?? There are lots and lots of beds there..should she let them know no to make them each morning? Then the residents might be a bit healthier:)

  49. Me join your club, Wally !
    and Thanks for your purring

  50. Good for you sweet Wally…way to go keeping your mom safe from all those little aggravating mites. Hugs and nose kisses

  51. Good thing our bed never gets made! MOL!

  52. Wally, you just made EVERYONE’s day around here! Glogirly hates making the bed, and we hate it even more. Except the actual making of it on laundry day. That’s the BEST!

    : ) Katie & Waffles

  53. Kitties do know best!

  54. Wally, you must have worked hard to find that bit of information, but I am sure you mom is glad you did. As a kitty I agree that making the bed can be a little bit overrated.

  55. Oh My Cod!
    Mes Googling why you shouldn’t make the bed right now and mes going to leaves it up so Mommy can reads it! (Mes HATES when she makes the bed)

  56. HOLY CAT – seriouslies?!?! MOMMY! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

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