Mar 182009

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

Hey, not so loud!!!

I musta had too much green nip beer yesterday…
I gotta sleep this one off…

  31 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. We hope you don’t have a headache when you wake up!

  2. Hey Wally, I hope you aren’t drooling in your sleep!

  3. har har! we hopes you doesn’t haf a hangover!

  4. Awww it seems he has a hangover, hope you get rested up.

  5. We find your picture particularly inspiring, so much so that we are dragging our mom back to bed with us.

  6. We think you using any excuse to show of your floofy tummy! (as it’s pawsome!)

  7. This is the best photo- it made me laugh out loud. You look adorable, Wally!

  8. Wally, Mom wants to rub that belly! We don’t let her do that too much!

  9. BELLY RUB! (heh heh)

  10. Wally, you look sooooo comfortable!

  11. You look so comfy Wally. That belly shot is going to drive the ladycats crazy!!

  12. A bit hung-over are ye?

  13. Superb belly “action” there!

  14. As our Nana use to say to all her babies while she tickled their tummies… coochie coochie coo!

  15. You look soooo relaxed! I can’t sleep like that without Mummy waking me up by snorgling my belleh.

  16. Cat pile on Wally! {{giggle}} Tang

  17. {whispers} Enjoy your rest, Wally.

  18. Now, that is one very hung over Wally!

  19. Well, it looks like you had a good time.

  20. Uh, could you be more relaxed?!

  21. You must have had quite a celebration. You sure look cute sleeping it off.

  22. Heehee, lookit dat tummy. It’s just asking fur a snorgle!

  23. Harharhar….that is a comfortable sleeping position to sleep off any hangovers.

  24. You are making all the girlcats swoon!

  25. Oh, we know what you’re doing there, Wally — you’re sleeping off a session fueled by lots of Mother’s Milk!

  26. It does look like Wally is out like a light when the light is off. You do look might comfy there Wally. Sleep tight and have a great nap.


  27. Must have really good dream.

  28. ::whispers:: Hi Wally

  29. That is one cute belly. FAZ

  30. hahah Wally I would just pounce on you!! I know momma wants to also! hehe

  31. We see nothing out of the ordinary…

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