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I still love my old nip nanner

Hi everybuddy.  Even though I have a brand new nip nanner to play with, I still like to give my old one some lovin’.  *SLURP*

My old nip nanner still has life

The mom is threatening to get rid of my old nip nanner, though.  She says it’s seen a better day…and is well past its ripeness expiration date.  Not to mention that I chewed a hole in it and she had to sew it up.

My old nip nanner is still nippy

But I say she is oh-so-wrong.  Can’t she see that this old nip nanner still has some nippy-goodness left in it?  *SLURP*

How ‘bout you?  Do you have any old toys that you just can’t part with?


  53 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. WHOA Wally! That’s even MORE well loved than Admiral showed me on her nip nanner! Now me, I have some lovins showing on mine. But yours…whoa Nellie!

  2. Oh my heavens, that is one well used nip nanner! Ya know though, they say the worse a banana looks, the better it is.. in making banana bread anyway, MOL

  3. Your old nanner sure looks “well-loved”. MOL!

  4. Oh Wally, you have that nip nanner just right now. She just can’t throw it away. You spent all that time getting it right.

  5. I sadly had to throw away Thompson’s favorite cardboard scratcher. It had long seen it’s better days and someone urped up on it. he seems to be adjusting to the new one.

  6. Wally, I always enjoy seeing what you’re up to! That nanner looks pretty used. The kitties have some of those nip sardines that look like they’ve seen their best days. But the kitties will still play with them.

  7. Wally mate we have missed you and your Nip nana..we have some great gross toys but pups always do..Mum washes them and they lose all their ‘tang’ BOL..the girls however have kept their things pretty clean..go figure..must be a girl cat thing! paw pats Forrest xx

  8. That has definitely been well-loved! And I’ve sewn up old toys too 🙂

  9. Sometimes older toys are the best!

  10. Moms can be so finicky about everything being just so. Especially our toys. You should hide yours.

  11. We are sure your nip nana is a favourite toy Wally.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. That is definitely one overripe nanner!

  13. OMC! That is one well loved nip nanner!

  14. Lexy here… I have fat cat appeteasers that are my fave! There is a weiner dog and a fish. The weiner dog has lost an ear, but I still love it. Mother won’t dare throw it away.

  15. plus, if she puts it in a plastic bag with some nip, it remarinates!!

  16. We can see that your ‘nip banana has been well loved, and that you still enjoy playing with it! We have some similar ‘nip toys that have our Sphynx oil all over them!

  17. nothing wrong with that nanner that a little more lickin won’t cure

  18. Wally, it’s obvious that humans don’t understand cat toys in the same way that cats do!

  19. The older the better, think my cats !

  20. Wow, Wally! That nanner is definitely overripe! But good for the nanner to get lots of attention 🙂 Goro has several beaten up toys, but I can’t get rid of them ’cause he loves them so much!

  21. Wally that is one well love nanner!

  22. I has a favorite rattle mousie I’ll never part wif!

  23. That nanner surely passed ripeness expiration date Wally! Mr. Cat unlike you prefers new toys. When the toys aren’t a novelty anymore he just forgets all about them.

  24. That nip nanner of yours sure looks well-loved, Wally! My angel Rosie had a nip mousie that she loved – she had it from her youth all the way until she passed at 21 years old. Now I keep the mousie safe for her, in all of its stained and hole-y glory. Purrs!

  25. I have a ball that mom has stepped on at least three times and I’ve dunked in the water dish a million times. She keeps putting fresh tape on (to tape the two halves together) and keeps throwing for me! Your nip nana is kinda gross looking but I understand why you can’t let your mom throw it away.

  26. Umm…. ewwwww!

  27. Wally, you sure love that old nip nanner! We have a yellow Yeowww fish – that’s not so yellow anymore….that we won’t let the Mom get rid of.

  28. Oh Wally that is one well loved and licked nip nanner
    I love all of my Yeow!!! Catnip sardines no matter how old and gross or petrified they get
    Hugs madi your bfff

  29. We have a nip nanner that looks a LOT like yours….and got a hole in it too. Well loved…that’s what we call it!

    The Florida Furkids

  30. oh yeah I have a basket full of them! But Mom mostly gives the ones that I don’t use to kitties less fortunate. Your nanner is well-loved, she should keep it and just get you a backup. Love, Cody

  31. You sure love your old nip nanner ! We love our Yeowww ! toys a lot too. Purrs

  32. Oh my, Wally. That nip nanner has seen better days for sure! That’s the sign of a well-loved toy! Lucy’s nip nanner would look like yours.

  33. HA! You’re sewn up naner looks just like ours! And we could never part with it either.

  34. My original Skinneeez! Your nana looks like some of the ones Pop has in the refrigerator even though he says they’re not too ripe on the inside.

  35. All tho mee not inn to ‘nip toyss mee wood not part with mee stuffiess…mee has Aunty Nylablue’s mouie an LadyMum wants to throw it out…thee hore-roar of it all….mee told her to handwash Govinda 😉 Mee luvss mee stuffiess!!!
    Wally you look mitey ree-laxed!
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  36. That one looks green , but as long as you still like it.

  37. Favourite toys are an issue with some here. Chloe Jo likes her Joey Joe. George the Dude like balls: glitter balls and his cube-balls. There are a few other things, too. But balls are his very favourites.

  38. That nip nanner would be a goner at our house. Since Mom picks up our toys and puts them back in our basket, she doesn’t let anything that gross remain. Wally, you are one lucky dude. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  39. I have a purple stuffie that I arrived with that I still love more than all my new ones combined!

  40. WoW! Yous and Kozmo both has soggy nanners!
    Mes does not indulge much in Nip anymore, my favorite thing in the universe is my heated bed!

  41. Sorry Wally, but I think that nip nanner should have gone to the compost heap by now.

  42. Dang, Wally. That nip nanner sure does look super ripe! 🙂

  43. Oh, Wow…that does seem a bit long in the tooth…um we mean paw, MOL!

    We have some mousies that are in shreds, but Minko esp loves to carry them around…and sing to them…go figure!

  44. Gosh Wally – that is one well-used nanner to be sure….it definitely looks OVERRIPE! But if you’re still loving it, then why not keep the old mangled thing!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  45. Older toys are the best and we like keeping them…forever!

  46. Oh, um, that banana is well loved. Our mom can’t bear to throw away a small wand toy we’ve had for many years, mainly because she can’t find a replacement.

  47. dood….look how long itz taken that nanner ta get TWO that stage…we say it STAYS!!! heerz two a ham samich, dino eggz, happee easturr, kinda week oh end two everee one !! ►◄►◄►◄►◄

  48. Oh, boy, do I ever. Mama made me a Thing stuffed with fresh nip from the garden and I maul that Thing every day and for some reason it’s getting smaller and smaller. Hmmmm….

  49. Nothin’ like those old nip nanners…they just keep on going and going and never get too ripe do they sweet Wally? Keep enjoying that great nip nanner and we hope your mom lets it stay around. Hugs and nose kisses

  50. M says that nip nanner looks pretty ripe! he he I love my nip toys too, but since I has no toothies, I just lick them to death. When they get really bad, M tosses them in the “gasp” garbage, but she always has a new one to replace it for me.

  51. Oh no…the older the nipper nanner…the tastier.


  52. Wally, your Mama is way nicer than ours…if things get too “soggy” around here…they go missing! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  53. dood, seriouslies, what’s up with people who wanna throw away bananas when they’re good and RIPE?

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