Mar 142016

Ernie and Wally talking

Ernie, it’s a sad day…the mom went back to work after being home the past couple of months recuperating from her hip surgery.

I know, Wally.  We took way too good of care of her…and now she’s almost back to normal.  You know what this means?  No more late morning cuddles in bed, no more play time whenever we want it, no more afternoon snacks and no more early dinners for us.

Ernie and Wally talking some more

Hey…wayda minit!  It sounds like the mom was taking care of us…not the other way around.

That was the plan, Ernie…that was the plan.  Heheheh.

Pretty sneaky, Wally.  I bet the mom never even realized it, either.  Now we gotta come up with a plan to keep her home all the time.


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  1. Well we are just glad that the Mom is well enough to go back to work although we know that you will miss her. Bet she misses you too. You did help her a lot by giving her something to think about besides that silly hip.

  2. Well played, Wally and Ernie, well played. You two did do a great job taking care of your mom, though. And, she did a great job giving you cuddles and treats while she was home. I’m glad she’s feel better! Purrs!

  3. She’ll probably miss you as much as you both miss her. It’s great to hear that she’s feeling well enough to go back to work, though.

  4. I’m glad to hear that the Mom has recovered. After all, she has to earn green papers for kitty food and treats, boys!

  5. I know you will miss your mom, but it’s great that’s she’s better and can get back to work. You can still cuddle with each other. It’s not the same thing, but it’s better than nothing 🙂

  6. We’re glad your Mom is much better but darn, y’all will have it rough now.

  7. We’re sorry your Mom has to go back to work but we’re glad she is all better!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Aw, guys, that *is* sad! If you think of a way to keep her home, let me know, okay? The Human says it’s a good thing she is so much better now, but really, doesn’t she owe it to herself AND you to take a couple months more to be SURE???

  9. I’m so glad she’s feeling better but you guys are going to miss each other like crazy!!!

  10. Glad to hear your mom is able to get out and about again. good work you guys.

  11. Well guys, sounds like your “dream life” is over with now…..Mom’s back at work and you guys will be fending for yourselves…..nobody telling you “NO”, nobody keeping you off the top of shelves and bookcases where you shouldn’t be……..SAY – WAIT A MINUTE – this sounds heavenly! What are you two complaining about anyway! Seriously, happy your Mom has recovered so well and so quickly from her operation. YAY MOM!

    Love, Sammy

  12. Wally and Ernie, start working on this word to keep your momma home…RETIREMENT. Get her to say it over and over again, and then she’ll be home all of the time! Hehehehehe

  13. Glad your mommy feels better and able to go back to work. I’m sure she will miss you while away for the day.

  14. we hope your mom has a good first day back to work….not sure how you boys will recover though

  15. Be careful what you ask for…heh…heh. I must say that having retired humans at my hourly beck and call is perfect

  16. So glad your mom is well enough to go back to work. You kitties are pretty sneaky. We didn’t suspect a thing.

  17. You two look adorable all cuddle up there.
    We are so glad your mom is up and about and feeling good
    Madi your bfff and mom

  18. Look at it this way kittehz – at least you can go back to sleeping 23 hours a day. MOL!
    Seriously, we are very happy your Mom is all healed up!

  19. Glad your mom is feeling better 🙂

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  20. I’m glad you took good care of your Mom. Apparently you did too good a job. for your Mom. for you kitties.

  21. My comment above had a 🙂 smiley face for your Mom and a 🙁 for you kitties.

  22. Now WordPress isn’t going to let me post my correction. My comment above had a 🙂 smiley face for your Mom and a 🙁 for you kitties.

  23. This is very good news. Remember the walker? I bet she’s bring treats.

  24. Sorry your mom had to go back to work. We bet that will be a big adjustment for everyone. You are welcome to come over here during the day and visit with us – we can all bug the human here for afternoon snacks!

  25. I hate it when my mom has to go to work – so I know what y’all are feeling. It is sad.

  26. I bet if you guys figure out how to make a bazillion dollars with your blog, your human would be happy to stay home!

    Of course, that is easier said than done.

  27. I’m sorry your mom is back to work. I know she misses staying at home with you as much as you do!

  28. hehe Back to normal and out the door. Geesh! This sound familiar. You did an excellent job boys.


  29. We’re glad your mom feels good now, but we’re sorry for you that she had to go back to work Purrs

  30. I’m glad your mom was well enough to go back to work, but I know you miss her. I bet she misses you guys too! I hate to leave my kitties, but I have to make the green papers.

  31. You do both look rather sad. I am glad your mum’s recovery has gone well.

  32. We’re glad you’re well enough to return to work, although it sounds like you’ll be missed during the day!

  33. and de “day lee partee at de island catz place” ree zoomz….

    ta day !!!!!!

    we got de perch pizza piez and a cargo oh surf & turf….get de grill fired up guys …see ya short lee ♥♥♥♥

  34. Oh you two are superb nurses. And the proof of that walked out the door. xoxox

  35. What a sad day for you two indeed! Bet your mom will be really beat tonight when she gets home.

  36. We are happy that your mom is recovered enough to go back to work, but sad that it means leaving you.

  37. Oh you poor boys! On the bright side, that means your Mom is feeling so much better, and that is a good thing! We’re sure she’d rather stay home taking care of …er….being taken care of by…her boys!

  38. You have my deepest sympathy. To lose your mama to that place called work, and on a Monday too! It’s….*sniff* unbearable!!!! *sniff sniff*

  39. Good luck comin up wif a plan for dat!

  40. You scared me, I saw only 2 of you and its a sad day. I am sorry that your Mom is going back to work, but she needs to work to keep you kitties living like royalty. I will be mailing your Downton Abbey book and catnip toys out tomorrow.

  41. Good luck boys and let us know if you figure out how to pull that one off!

  42. Gosh!
    Yous guys knows how to gets what yous wants!!
    (or at least Ernie does!!!! \Rock On Ernie!)

  43. Retirement, that will keep her home from day hunting.

  44. Well, guys, this means she’s doing better which is really great news. I know you’ll miss her, though, and she’ll miss you.

  45. I’m glad your mom is better but I don’t understand why she can’t stay with you guys. Maybe it should be Bring Your Cats to Work time?

  46. Don’t wish it on your Mom Person. I had TW home while she recuperated from her broken ankle. Then she went back to work. Apparently they decided they did OK without her while she was home so after a few month she was home again for good. Now I can’t get rid of her.

  47. A sad day indeed. I’m sure you’ll miss your mom being home and all the extra attention that went with it. I hope you readjust to your new schedule quickly.

  48. Good work kitties, sounds like things were furry good for you the last while. If you figure out a way to keep the mom bean home all the time, let us know. We’d like our mom bean to stay home with us too.

  49. We bet she is going to miss you all so much she’ll be trying to figure out some way to be home with you always!

  50. We can attest to how good it is to have the humans at home. We are so happy that Mom Sue is now healed well enough to go back to work just ’cause we don’t want her to be in pain or have trouble getting around. But we sure do feel sad for you boys and Zoey. Bet you get lots of extra loving everyday when Mom Sue returns home from work. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  51. We are glad that the hip trouble is resolved…and thanks to your excellent care of course…but maybe you could sneak into her briefcase and go to her office for a while…to make sure she does things right there too…while you snoopervise!
    Our meowmy works part time, so we get the best of both worlds…but um; sometimes on her days off she is gone even more than on her working days.MOL!

  52. Absolutely nice conversation, Rosie and Arthur do that too, but they are happy when I am gone because then they get spoiled by Mr. G !

  53. Oh happy day when the mom stashes her walker in storage and starts off on her own two feet again! Couldn’t you two make a kitty climber out of that walker? I’ll bet your mom is feeling really hip now, haha..
    Love, Loulou

  54. Pretty sure you want her to go to work, so she can bring home the gooshey food and keep a roof over your head.

  55. Glad to hear the mom is back to work…now it is time for you boys to catch up on lost sleep!

  56. Glad mum has recovered OK. Sorry you guys are no longer being spoiled tho’

  57. Ut-oh. NOW what nefarious plans will you guys devise to keep her at home with you???

  58. Mebbe try ta get her ta visit some sick friends? We wouldnt suggest (*coff, coff*) tripping Mom down the stairs though…

  59. I bet she really enjoyed her time at home with you all!!

  60. We are so happy to hear your Mama is well enough to go back to work! HOORAY! You all took such great care of her ;p ( Your secret is safe with us! ) 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

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