Feb 262016

Hi everybuddy.  Thanks for all the Gotcha Day wishes last week.  And for all the great ideas of ways the lady with the yellow hair should make it up to me ’cause she forgot it.

Look at what I got

I’m a happy girl again.  I got lots of extra treats…and some tuna!  Those boycats didn’t get any!  And the lady with the yellow hair bought me a new cat perch with a hidey hole.  It’s just like my old one that’s really worn out.  I hope I get to keep this box, too.  Oh yeah…the next time we do a product review?  I get to do it all by myself!  Thanks for that suggestion, Cathy Keisha!

One other thing I get to do all by myself…tell you about an award we…I mean, I…got recently from our good friend, Timmy TomCat.  It’s the One Lovely Blog Award.  Thanks, Timmy!

One Lovely Blog Award

In accepting this award, I need to share 7 things about myself.  You may already know some of these things about me…but they’re worth repeating.

1.  One of my favorite napping spots is under the comforter on the bed.  It’s my own purrsonal cave.  The lady with the yellow hair says I’m gonna suffocate under there.
2.  The lady with the yellow hair has several nicknames for me…like Sweet Pea, Princess and Peanut.  How ‘bout you?  Do you have any nicknames?
3.  I have no interest in going outside.  Must be because I spent my early days out there and I’ve had enough.
4.  I like to chew string which gets me in trouble.  Did you know that I ate the string on our Neko Fly toy?  So now the lady with the yellow hair has to make sure to keep any string away from me.
5.  I hate getting my nails clipped.
6.  Something I hate even more than getting my nails clipped is going to the v-e-t.  I turn into a wildcat when I’m there and all the vet people are scared of me.  It’s funny that they’re scared of a little ol’ 10 pound cat like me.
7.  Some of you suggested that I get extra cuddles from the lady with the yellow hair.  But I’m not much of a cuddler.

Now I’m supposed to pass this award on to at least 15 more blogs.  But y’know what?  I’m feeling really generous today so I’m passing it on to everybuddy!

Time for a nap

Whew!  All that talking about me wore me out!  Time for a nap!  Happy weekend, everybuddy!


  53 Responses to “I’m a Happy Girl Again”

  1. It looks like things turned out really well for you!! ConCats on your award!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Awww! Zoey I’m sorry I missed your gotcha day!! It looks like TLWTYH is sucking up big time, as it should be!! Big ConCats on your award! xxxx

  3. Glad you got your extra treats Zoey. And that cat tree looks great. We need to get one like that for Two Two. She loves her old tree but it is worn out too. You have a great day Zoey and hope the lady with the yellow hair is doing all right.

  4. Wow it sounds like the lady with the yellow hair made up for her mistake big time!

  5. Congrats on the award! My three cats would agree with you on the nail trims and the vet visits for sure!

  6. I learned some things about you. thanks for sharing.

  7. My favorite little girl is happy again. <3

  8. Concats on your award Zoey btw we hate going to the vets too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Zoey, you are just the cutest! Glad you got all kinds of good stuff coming your way.

  10. You look so lovely in your bed, Miss Z. And string…ohhhhh string. Toby LUFFS string, so Mom never lets him have a string toy unsupervised. But he knows where they are kept….

  11. Yay! Looks like you got lots of good stuff to make up for the missed birthday!!

  12. You definitely win the One lovely CAT Award!!! I’m glad you and the lady with the yellow hair made up. Its not good to be on the outs with the one who buys the food!!! Love, Toby

  13. Oh no, I missed your Gotcha Day. Big big hugs to you <3

  14. Well Zoey, looks like you got some goodies even though the lady with the yellow hair FORGOT your GOTCHA! Nice tree house – – – – tuna – – – – AND A BOX!!!!!! Enjoy….and also congratulations on your blog award – you totally deserve it.

    Love, Sammy

  15. I’m glad you’re a happy girl again! And I’m glad you got special treats. That perch with the hidey hole looks cool–my kitties would like that!

  16. Fascinating tidbits about you Zoey. You have the same catitudes as our Emma – she too bit the string in our toy; she too doesn’t like cuddling much; and she sleeps under the bedings too.

    BTW, we hope the yellow haired lady is mending fabulously. We send her our biggest purrs.

  17. Zoey, your Gotcha Day turned out great! Your new perch with the hidey hole looks awesome! I’m happy for you! I chewed through our Neko Fly toy too. I love chewing on strings! The lady tries to be very careful. I loved reading all the other facts about you.

  18. you made out Zoey 🙂

  19. It always makes us happy when we see you pretty Zoey! Congrats on the nice award too!

  20. It sounds like your human made things up to you after forgetting your gotcha day… as long as she doesn’t forget again!

  21. And we are happy girls seeing your beautiful eyes and great new perch
    Madi your bffff

  22. I’m glad the lady with the yellow hair made things up to you, Zoey! You more than deserve all the goodies and attention you got. And, congrats on your award! I loved learning all those new things about you. Purrs!

  23. It looks like you got a lot of good stuff for your missed birthday ! Concatulations on your award ! Purrs

  24. Well, I think we have seven things in common!

  25. zoey…CK haza grate suggestionz….noe o fence wally & ernie…..& conga rats on yur award frum tim & crew !! we total lee agreez with 3, 5 & 6…..tho troo lee…any wear iza grate nap spot for uz…hope yur mom iz doin awesum…enjoyz yur new cat tree…itz way kewl….N heerz two a peppered corydoras kinda week oh end two everee one ♥♥♥

  26. Zoey what a great napping spot!

  27. #8 thru 1000000000: You’re totally, 100%, awesomely, genuinely, over the top perfect!!!!

  28. That is a great new tree. Congrats on the Lovely bloggie award- you do have a lovely blog. I liked learning more about you. I hope the feral I have gets to be like you.

  29. Oh yaaay, extra treats and a new cat perch! How wonderful!
    And congratulations on your award! We have several nicknames for our boys, too. I hope I don’t confuse them by using different names 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. Now that gift makes up for her negligence….(we think)…..

  31. it looks like you scored for your gotcha day, Zoey! and concats on YOUR award, too 🙂 we are impressed you ate the Neko fly string. we are always trying to chew through ours to free the Neko bug but so far we haven’t been able too. enjoy your weekend and new hidey hole!

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

  32. It was great getting to know more about you, Zoey!

  33. Score Zoey! You got what you deserved. They’re scared of me at the v-e-t too but not as scared as they were at the other place. My nicknames are sooooo embarrassing I can’t really say to save my reputation.

  34. Hooray! Our favorite kind of Zoey is a happy Zoey!

  35. We’re so glad you got the attention you deserved!

  36. Yeah its all about you today,congrats on the award and Happy belated Gotcha day Zoey,xx Speedy

  37. Now that’s a cat perch that cannot be shared with those bratty brothers of yours, Zoey! Enjoy!

  38. Good to see your mum made up for forgetting your Gotcha Day 🙂
    We liked learning those things about you.
    Sometimes Georgia likes to sleep under cover.
    WE kitties thing we can never be too warm 😉
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  39. Sounds like you are better off if she forgets….maybe you should plan for that every year!

  40. MeOW Zoey you cleaned up. Lookit all dat loot. We’s glad yous mommy, da yellow haired lady made it up to you in so many pawsum ways. And as always we luv learnin’ more ’bout our furiends. Concats on da award. Have a pawsum weekend.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  41. You should let the lady with yellow hair forget your Gotcha day more often!! Great stuff!

  42. Zoey, you really scored big by your mom forgetting your Gotcha Day. Good for you. Always love learning more about our friends. Concats on your award. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  43. Super congrats on your award!
    have a wonderful weekend…

    Noodle and crew

  44. You look so comfottable having a nap there. We have to put sun cream on Jack’s nose and it’s like trimming claws * cue mission impossible music *

  45. Mee-you Zoey conkatss on yur award!! You are a toe-tally pawsum kittygurl. An mee iss glad you are happy beein inside…it iss thee safest place to bee 😉
    Yur perch with hidey-hole iss amazin!!! An tuna snackss are grate all so. Now to teech yur Hu’man to let you have tuna INN yur hidey-hole 😉
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  46. oooooh, there’s nothing BETTER than guilting the human into making it up to you in a BIG way! Way to go, Zoey!

  47. Happy belated birthday Zoey! And mes must say..the make up to you birthday stuff is almost woth the forgetting!

  48. Zoey the lady with the yellow hair did a great job making it up to you 🙂 You so deserve the Lovely Blog award! Thanks for sharing so much about you 🙂

  49. We’re so glad you had a happy Gotcha Day, Zoey, and we loved learning all those little details about you!

  50. I hope you get to keep the box too 🙂

  51. We would be happy too…and furgiving as well, MOL!!

    Concats on that ‘award’!

  52. Telling her to pay no mind to the ladies, Bright advised her not to allow their opinions to ‘dictate’ her relationship and be happy.

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