Feb 172016


Well this is a less than flattering position

Hey everybuddy.  Don’tcha just hate it when the humans snap a picture of you when you’re in a less than flattering position?  Here I was…washing up just a little when I heard the mom coming with the flashy box.  Too bad she got this picture before I could get away.  

Y’know…just once I’d like to be on the other side of that box and take some not-so-flattering pictures of her.  And then post them…everywhere.  Like on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. Then we’d see how she likes it.


  58 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Sighs. Oh, how often we have endured this! Meanness, that’s what it is. Although usually it’s me (Toby). Leia doesn’t often allow herself to be photographed unflatteringly.

  2. Oh now there’s a thought…

  3. It might be less than flattering but it sure is cute!!! Humans aren’t nearly as adorable washing up…

  4. Wally after my mom stopped loling she said …um Wally has his front leg strategically placed!!
    Hugs to you and your sibs and your lady!
    Madi your bfff and mom

  5. Humans, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

  6. Walls, you are a cutie no matter what!

  7. Would it be nice if we could take photos of the humans when they are doing embarrassing things??

  8. Aww Wally, it’s not such a bad photo – – – you know, it could have been a lot worse – at least you were looking UP and not busy on some part of your anatomy being very thorough in your cleaning!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  9. I think you might be on to something! I would love to capture some embarrassing shots of the humans!

  10. but Mr. Wally….you are so handsome no matter what

    sigh….. love Daiquiri

  11. looks like you have great balance which is very important when you clean your nether region.

  12. Hehehe…me too…Love, Cody

  13. We love to see you Wally even though the position isn’t terribly flattering. But what a good idea to take pictures of the human and see how she likes it.

  14. Wouldn’t that be nice, Wally? Theys need to make cameras for cats – ones you don’t has to has thumbs to use!

  15. LOL I hope you get to do that! It sure will teach her a lesson 🙂
    Though, you are looking mighty cute in that position!

  16. I know how you feel. Mama takes pics of me doing my ablutions IN PRIVATE and then puts them on my blog when I’m not looking and calls it Yoga Kitty.
    That or “You put your right paw out, you put your right paw out, you put your right paw out and you shake it all about”…you get the picture.

  17. Been thinking the same thing buddy.

  18. Uh, oh, I think my kitties would like to do the same thing! They get tired of “that phone thing” and “that camera thing” being pointed at them, constantly according to them. 🙂

  19. *whispers* I think you look very handsome there

  20. I know the feeling, totally!

  21. Oh yea, that happens way too often!

  22. Oh, we bet that would be a big hit! Or not!!

  23. The problem, Wally, is that we’re cute and they’re not. For instance, you look quite cute washing up!

  24. Time for some Candid Camera, huh, Wally? Purrs!

  25. If I was your Mom I would start hiding the camera. I hated having a broken leg and looked a mess getting around!!! Be afraid Mom!!!!

  26. dood…frank lee we thinkz thiz fotoz rocks……..N like who among uz haz knot done thiz…..N then said ha ha ha ….when de peepulz DID get a snapz shotz !! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  27. We’s wiff you Wally. Ifin we’s sed it once we’s sed it a bazillion times, mommy don’t you dare snap da foto. MOL Do they lissen?

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  28. Your awful flexible… LOL

  29. Say you are doing yoga, that makes any pose ok.

  30. Oh we soooooo agree! We are so glad that our Mom is sensitive to that and doesn’t take pictures of us in compromising positions!

  31. I’d totally guess that’s a yoga pose, Wally. Yeah, a yoga pose.

  32. You look cute in any position 🙂

  33. Believe me, don’t I know it!!! That flashy box drives me crazy!!!!

  34. My wife won’t let me post pictures of her without her approval. Maybe you should lay down some ground rules like that, Wally. 🙂

  35. You mean you didn’t get any while she has been home hobbling around?

  36. Yeah, Wally, I don’t recall seeing pics of her post-surgery but I bet the second you’d come home from the Vet, she’d have the flashy box out.

  37. That would show her! Too bad we kitties don’t have thumbs.

  38. If we ever learn to use the camera, our humans are in BIG trouble!

  39. Oh yeah, if only everyone could see what we see right Wally? That’d stop a lot of inappropriate photos of us that’s for sure!

  40. I think you are adorable in any position, Wally! You did a great job washing. Your fur looks great! Cinco and Manna feel your pain. I post funny pictures of them all the time. Of course, they are hams, so they kind of like the attention.

  41. Oh Wally, I’m sorry your mom was so intrusive with the flashy box. I like the idea of posting photos of the humans in less than flattering poses, but they’re almost always looking awkward so it would get boring very quickly.

  42. Good idea, Wally. We’re going to figure out how to use a camera … humans beware!

  43. Wow, we’ve never thought of that! We’re now imagining all kind of different photo sessions – this would really teach them!!

  44. We understand your feeling so well, Wally ! Purrs

  45. We can give that camera a whap so it cannot take these kind of pictures anymore…

  46. Moms are always ever present with that flashy box with no regard to modesty! Or privacy!!

  47. What are you talking about Wally? There are no unflattering photos of you!

  48. Humans should be forbidden of taking not-so-flattering pictures! But you still look cute Wally 🙂

  49. I think you’re very handsome! My mom says she has never had a decent picture taken of her so I’m okay with pictures since I always get treats. Love Dolly

  50. My mom has taken photos while I’m in the litter box! Actually peeing! Sheesh. Signed, Benny

  51. All of us kitties should get together and post embarrassing pics of our humans. BTW, you look cute.

  52. Oh, the humans do not like to have the tables turned on them that way!!

  53. Sadly, the flashy box requires thumbs…

  54. Don’t forget Pinterest. Actually, Wally, this just shows your flexibility and all-around adorableness. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  55. Wally just fink of these fotoss as yur Yogie fotoss! Aftur all could yur Mumma DO that pose??? Mew mew mew…… 😉
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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